XCOM 2 Activation Key (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

activation key for pc, xbon one or ps4

activation key for pc, xbon one or ps4
XCOM 2 is much better than its predecessor. Changes to the predecessors are numerous and visible in every aspect of the game. Gameplay is more interesting because it offers much more dilemma, alternative and potential. The management of the base, the research of new technologies and the construction of objects are almost identical to the older work, but the engineering part of the whole thing has undergone significant improvements.

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Personalization is literally eight times higher than XCOM, your command team continually comments on situations, recalls the past, talks various topics from the present and the past… XCOM 2 is a unique game, because for the first day after entering the market, there were mods.

Humanity is cluttered up to the leg, and the XCOM organization is thrown into deep trouble after the destruction of the main staff. Humanity has stumbled in the eternal cycle of violence. As their PR agent from the Advent Collaborative Organization says, aliens have us occupied for our benefit. He had to direct it to the right path, take it by the hand, and help him to change consciousness.
tactical map
In urban centers around the globe, well-guarded patrols of hybrid human-alien soldiers, the propaganda persuades the people that everything is fantastic. The last remaining XCOM organization is unwilling to surrender, but takes a decisive action to release the former commander.

The last twenty years of the occupation, a commander was spent hibernate at an alien research center. After coming out of hibernation, he learned that XCOM did not sit barefoot, but that he freed and adapted a massive alien hovercraft, turning it into a mobile base called Avenger.
let you create specific tactical plan
Isolated and without any support, rebels will have to lead a liberation war, get in touch with resistance movements across the globe, and re-launch research and production that will allow them to clash with aliens. XCOM 2 graphics is twice as beautiful and more detailed than its predecessor, which is certainly a result of PC exclusivity.

Your primary task is to eliminate alliances before they complete their apocalyptic project Avatar, which represents the end of human civilization. When you start playing, you will have to fly from the continent to the continent and come into contact with a resistance movement that provides missions and resource inflows on a monthly basis.
tactical flexibility in combat
Building a communication tower will cost you three days, while scaling the zone in search of specific resources or staff will spend from three to seven. The resistance movement will occasionally give you tasks you will be tasked with through tactical missions, whose successful completion will attract the attention of the alien and their criminal expeditions, which you will also have to deal with if you want success.

Things you can do now are divided into serial models and prototypes. The first one is enough to do once so that the whole team will benefit, when you explore the plasma gun technology you will have at their disposal an unlimited number. Prototypes, besides basic consumables and advanced resources (Elerium core), are looking for time to build one single instance, but often represent an elite alternative to serial equipment.
Go on missions around the world
The most useful prototypes will be extremely expensive enclosures with an exoskeleton. The advancement in tactical battles concerns a schooner approach. Your team starts in a concealment mode, within which it can move freely with a map, provided it does not enter into the field of view of the opponent. Ideally, you leave the concealment by opening a fire with one command, while others are placed in overwatch mode to the group of opponents you attacked.

A well-executed ambush attack can help you at the start of a tough mission, because if you position yourself correctly, you are actually getting a free kill of one complete patrol. XCOM 2 is a phenomenal achievement and brought a lot of joy to the fans and to those who never played it, we have not seen this quality for a long time.