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pc, mac game download
Pollen gameplay is placed in an alternative past in which computers have never moved into everyone’s home, but the privilege of short-sighted scientists in laboratories has remained. Furious in November 1963, John Kennedy survived the assassination attempt in Dallas, which resulted in the removal of obstacles to co-operation between the US and the Soviet Union, especially on the question of space exploration.
exploration game set on Saturn’s moon
Shortly thereafter, a joint US-US mission successfully lands on the Moon, which encourages four companies united under the name RAMA to expand the operation on other planets in the solar system. Half the eighties of RAMs are coming up with major discoveries in the field of anti-gravity technology that made it possible to build a base on Jupiter’s satellite Europe, but things go wrong and there’s an accident where two hundred scientists lose their lives except one that manages to deliver research results back to Earth.

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Instead of losing hardships, RAMA decides to use these findings and launch another mission, this time to Titan. Of course, with the devil of the pumpkin seed, scientists disappear, so in 1995, every contact with the base M on Titan is lost, and RAMA sends you.
The backbone of the event makes a walk through the present and the past, before everything has gone downstream, then solving simple physical puzzles, the M-event events unwind the soundtracks left behind by engineer Karen Kovalski.
futuristic world is an incredibly detailed
The phenomenal music, coupled with almost perfect sound effects, keeps tensioning while playing. The actress who gave voice to Kovalsky did her job maestrally, and by listening to the audio tape Karen left behind she clearly noticed a gradual and inevitable fall in depression and hopelessness.

It is possible to interact with all the objects that you encounter, a huge percentage does not serve anything. It’s hard to give up the impression that Pollen is just a tech presentation designed to demonstrate the benefits of VR sets, as evidenced by the voyage option that opens after completing the game and allows a re-passive experience of the final scene.

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