Total War Warhammer Download (PC, Mac +crack)

full game for pc, mac download

full game for pc, mac download
Total War: Warhammer is a fusion of proven concepts with the Empire, Dwarves, Orcs, Vampires and Empire Man presents a reset of the series. Total War is a great game, because it is significantly different from what we are used to. It is still a combination of global moves strategy and real-time tactical battles, only the actors are radically different.
new grand-scale campaign
Gameplay has four factions that are almost completely different from one another: The Dwarfs, The Empire of Man, Greenskins and The Vampire Counts. There are also Chaos Warriors that come in the form of a DLC that was free in the first week. The concept and behavior of each race is followed by the rules of the Games Workshop, which are shaped in a specific one.

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The empire, led by legendary Karl Franck, is the most classical Total War fraction and, in addition to gryphons, wizards and steam tanks, reminds of late Byzantium. Heavy armors, good diplomacy, the possibility of trade with other civilized factions and other features make it ideal for the first campaign. Dwarves make a significant deflection in several directions. They have superlocated units, the strongest artillery, can use underground paths to navigate the strategic map.
play as all Races from both games
Any defeat in a fight or some other unfavorable circumstance is recorded in Book of the Grudges, and you get the quest that is most often related to the vengeance of the faction or its representative who has resented you. Ignore the building you will receive campaign penalties, and by completing them bonuses.

Orcs and goblins have relatively inexpensive and numerical largest units, but also the concept of fictitiouss that keeps them constantly fighting if they want to avoid a rebellion in their own ranks and combat attrition. The success and maximization of the fight will be caused by the famous WAAAGH, when opponents can shave the skin on the spike because the greeners then receive additional free power.
A fantasy strategy game
Vampire counts, fewer sympathetic villains, can raise units from the dead, have powerful magic, but they do not have any remote units, and campaign success can be ensured by the spread of vampire corruption that causes riots and vampire rebellions in the affected territories.

The forces of the chaos function according to the same principle as the Mongolian horde, they have no settlements, nor can they capture them, and the gameplay is reduced to destruction, plundering and setting up temporary camps. Vampires and their forces are spreading corruption, and the hardest to play because of the relatively weak forces they initially have. A major change in relation to the previous sequels concerns the role of the generals who lead the armies and other heroes / agents fighting alongside the troops.
colossal, real-time battles
Instead of a vulnerable unit that provides a variety of bonuses to the troops, these are now the real heroes to send to the front line, where swords, hammers and magic will disperse opponents, with the retained role of carcass bonuses in a large diameter. A tactical novelty is also offensive, buff and debuff magic that can be useful when thrown by high-level heroes.

You can equip Heroes with weapons, armor, claws, talismans and other aids that you get from the defeated opponents, by which you make those mansions within the army led by the respective hero. Total War: Warhammer will grow by adding other races (scuffed, high, dark, and wood elves, lizardmen …) through DLCs, which will become a worthy substitute for a tabletop in a multiplier.

The Banner Saga 2 Download (PC, Apk, iOS)

download it for PC, Android or iOS

download it for PC, Android or iOS
The Banner Saga 2 is a role-playing game that continues its emotional journey through a breaking world, the award-winning adventure. The caravan composed of people and giants Varlov, is one of the unique scenes in the toy world. Through the whole saga, as a clan leader, you will take care of a large number of people whose fates depend on your decisions.

Peasants, warriors, warriors, the heroes you manage, and those who just go into the story line of the story, are sweating, cursing their fate or glorifying you as a leader, depending on your commandments that affect their wishes, most often unfulfilled for the benefit of the whole clan. The Banner Saga 2 is a game in which decisions are really difficult and will not only burden the players with the empathy of the executioners.
epic, role-playing game
It’s not easy to see how the number of people in the caravan is diminishing because of hunger due to your poor food supply, while defending your authority from the scorching heads that lurk every mistake to replace you as a leader. The Banner Saga 2 returns old tactical strategy games with a square division of the battlefield. The rule of the game that we liked is that the strength of the fighters is at the same time the strength by which the blows are given, but also the life energy.

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The wounded opponent often becomes a minor threat and it is smarter to point his sword over to other enemies. The mechanics are much more complex than this case and Stoic Studios has released a special tactical spinoff, Banner Saga: Factions. Different ways of developing the qualities of your heroes, different races and occupations, give you great creativity to approaching skirmishes.
tactics are vital to ensure your clans
Banner The Saga is not so simple and your every decision has consequences, and your closest friends will become traitors or be killed on sleep if you have badly assessed who you are in the wagon. Dialogue selection has a direct impact on, in general, the linear development of the story, in the sense that a pre-set path will be a drastically different experience for players of different temperaments.

Although you will encounter supernatural beings and occurrences in the game, much of it is a low fantasy atmosphere, intertwined with human intrigues and weaknesses. Banner Saga 2 does not differ much from its predecessor at first glance. The story continues to accompany people and Varleys and their cleverness with strange creatures, armored Dredges, they will turn out to be a common retreat to an unknown opponent and often unhypocritical nature that they must overcome on that occasion.
The epic Viking saga, beautifully 2D
Fighting does not always lead to the liquidation of your opponent, but it’s sometimes some more specific tasks you have to do in combat mechanics. When almost every unit in the field has other features, the game becomes a tactical paradise only for lovers of micromanagement and those who have a little more free time. The Banner Saga 2 is a very nice, epic game that will prepare you for making difficult decisions in life.

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Panzer Corps Soviet Corps Download

download pc game

download pc game
Panzer Corps: Soviet Corps is a modern, but at the same time an archaic remake, probably the most desirable moving war strategy in history, these days it has received its 14th DLC! For the past five years, the Panzer Corps has been enriched with three major expansion sites: the Africa Korps, the Allied Corps, and now the Soviet Corps and 11 small campaign additions.
command of the forces of the Stalin’s Russia
The Soviet Corps brings a campaign with 26 missions, in which you will lead the USSR armed forces from the war with the Japanese at Holchin-Gol to the operation of the takeover of Berlin. Like any original Panzer and a good later Panzer clone, the Soviet Corps has scenarios, of which the most interesting ones are those in which after Germany you conquer the rest of Europe, provided that in most of the later offensive battles you achieve a triumph by fulfilling secondary tasks.

Full PC version, download it here

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To a real offensive, as you know from history, you need to go through a scarlet of defensive operations. At the beginning of the game, besides Halhin-Gola, you get the opportunity for easy training through the invasion of the eastern Poland and the war with the Finns, after which a series of desperate defense missions are waiting for you, which is a bit of a monstrous difficulty.
access to over 60 new regular and special elite units
The earlier Panzars have taught you that core units are being guarded and guarded, but the Soviet Corps defense defenses will successfully cure you from this obsession. In line with the nature of operations on the Eastern Front in the first two years of the war, it is reasonable to expect that at least once you will replace the entire core arsenal. There are sixty new units in the game, including experimental tanks IS-3.

Gremlins, Inc. Activation CD Key

steam cd key download

steam cd key download
Gremlins, Inc. board game it’s one of the kind of titles that seem very simple at first glance, when you start to learn the rules everything seems incredibly complicated, and when you play it all seems to work more easily. The board is very clear, it is squeezed into fields with different symbols that indicate what is there for you and arrows that show directions in which movement is allowed.

You are at the right place. Here you can download Gremlins, Inc. Activation CD Key, with which you’ll activate the game. Below I will explain in details the entire procedure step by step.

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Step by step instruction

Your goal is to collect gears, and they will come in many ways so that you can try a different approach each time. At each moment in your hand you have exactly six cards that are the basis of everything you will be doing. Each card has a number that indicates how much of a field you will move if you play it, but also a field symbol that activates a bonus if you do not use it for moving, but you play when you arrive at that location.
steampunk world of corrupt capitalist gremlins
Each card has a strategic importance, so you will be in doubt – whether you will immediately spend the card or keep it to take advantage of its specialty. Almost all the cards are unique and have very few duplicates in the virtual deck so the number of combinations is huge. Complications bring special fields on the map: it may have a specific motion modifier, some plug-in after you play it, you may have to pay to play it as an action, and you may want to avoid holding it too long in your hand.

you have to be careful that certain bad cards do not stay long in your hand because, if a player sees them, you go straight to a prison where you lose your moves. U Gremlins, Inc. there is no room for friendship and unconditional trust, beware!
for up to 6 players, in multiplayer
In addition to the gears, you will also collect the money that is required for a large number of actions and playing the most valuable cards. Chesa will never have enough, because a large number of fields require you to pay bribes, to the police or other players. You can spend it and increase your reputation and potentially become a governor when you have benefits like the failure to pay bribes in special fields or the police.

If, however, you turn to your own peculiar side, you will accumulate malicious points that increase the value of the bribe you are paying and it is generally not good to have them, however vague it may be for a second player. The presentation is great for one game with a lot of static screens. Everything is hand-drawn and the maps and interface have an excellent steampunk style, and in the menus you will be waiting for an indescribably addictive electro-swing theme.
make decisions at every round!
Gremlins, Inc. It’s totally turned on solo and online gaming, if you lose your internet connection for a moment, the game is thrown out of the game. If you are a fan of online gaming and social games, we recommend that you digrate Gremlins, Inc.

XCOM 2 Activation Key (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

activation key for pc, xbon one or ps4

activation key for pc, xbon one or ps4
XCOM 2 is much better than its predecessor. Changes to the predecessors are numerous and visible in every aspect of the game. Gameplay is more interesting because it offers much more dilemma, alternative and potential. The management of the base, the research of new technologies and the construction of objects are almost identical to the older work, but the engineering part of the whole thing has undergone significant improvements.

XCOM 2 Activation Key, you are at the right place. Here you can download cd key with which you’ll activate the game. Below I will explain in details the entire procedure step by step.

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Step by step instruction

Personalization is literally eight times higher than XCOM, your command team continually comments on situations, recalls the past, talks various topics from the present and the past… XCOM 2 is a unique game, because for the first day after entering the market, there were mods.

Humanity is cluttered up to the leg, and the XCOM organization is thrown into deep trouble after the destruction of the main staff. Humanity has stumbled in the eternal cycle of violence. As their PR agent from the Advent Collaborative Organization says, aliens have us occupied for our benefit. He had to direct it to the right path, take it by the hand, and help him to change consciousness.
tactical map
In urban centers around the globe, well-guarded patrols of hybrid human-alien soldiers, the propaganda persuades the people that everything is fantastic. The last remaining XCOM organization is unwilling to surrender, but takes a decisive action to release the former commander.

The last twenty years of the occupation, a commander was spent hibernate at an alien research center. After coming out of hibernation, he learned that XCOM did not sit barefoot, but that he freed and adapted a massive alien hovercraft, turning it into a mobile base called Avenger.
let you create specific tactical plan
Isolated and without any support, rebels will have to lead a liberation war, get in touch with resistance movements across the globe, and re-launch research and production that will allow them to clash with aliens. XCOM 2 graphics is twice as beautiful and more detailed than its predecessor, which is certainly a result of PC exclusivity.

Your primary task is to eliminate alliances before they complete their apocalyptic project Avatar, which represents the end of human civilization. When you start playing, you will have to fly from the continent to the continent and come into contact with a resistance movement that provides missions and resource inflows on a monthly basis.
tactical flexibility in combat
Building a communication tower will cost you three days, while scaling the zone in search of specific resources or staff will spend from three to seven. The resistance movement will occasionally give you tasks you will be tasked with through tactical missions, whose successful completion will attract the attention of the alien and their criminal expeditions, which you will also have to deal with if you want success.

Things you can do now are divided into serial models and prototypes. The first one is enough to do once so that the whole team will benefit, when you explore the plasma gun technology you will have at their disposal an unlimited number. Prototypes, besides basic consumables and advanced resources (Elerium core), are looking for time to build one single instance, but often represent an elite alternative to serial equipment.
Go on missions around the world
The most useful prototypes will be extremely expensive enclosures with an exoskeleton. The advancement in tactical battles concerns a schooner approach. Your team starts in a concealment mode, within which it can move freely with a map, provided it does not enter into the field of view of the opponent. Ideally, you leave the concealment by opening a fire with one command, while others are placed in overwatch mode to the group of opponents you attacked.

A well-executed ambush attack can help you at the start of a tough mission, because if you position yourself correctly, you are actually getting a free kill of one complete patrol. XCOM 2 is a phenomenal achievement and brought a lot of joy to the fans and to those who never played it, we have not seen this quality for a long time.

Tharsis Game Download (PC Android iOS)

game download for pc, android or ios

game download for pc, android or ios
Tharsis is a turn-based strategy, gameplay takes place in space, using dice and cannibalism! The first human crew was sent to examine the mysterious signal originating from Mars. Shortly before entering the Mars orbit, the ship was hit by meteorites, which destroyed most of the food supplies and kills two crew members.

The four survivors of the cosmonaut have no alternative but to extend to the goal, hoping that the ship will remain in one piece and will find enough food using alternative methods. Ten weeks before entering the orbit of Mars, there are ten moves that the crew and the ship must survive.
turn-based strategy
Happiness in throwing dice … The beginning of every move is brought by the so-called. event phase, in which several ship modules suffer a random damage, indicated by the numerical intensity and type of consequences for the ship, stock or cosmonaut.

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Errors in the navigation computer, a fuel tank failure, the bursting of radioactive liquid pipes, maintenance failures and other problems require engaging a crew member to enter the damaged module and to throw the dice to repair the malfunction.
entering the Mars orbit
Each crew member has a scale of health, a scale of mental stability, and a number of dice that can be dropped in one stroke. If you send a member (with three dice) to solve the intensity problem 28, he can theoretically correct it for 18 points, provided he casts three sixths, so another module member will have to enter the damaged module in order to repair the module .

So the two crew members to the end of the current round will not be able to do anything else. Entering the damaged module often results in a fall in the health line of a member sent to repair it. Depending on the severity of the defect (represented by the numerical value), certain throw results may have one of the three (or two, or all three) consequences: void, stasis or injury.
four survivors of the crew
Void means that the cube is being nullified, stasis freezing on the winning number, and the injury wounded by the cosmonaut for the value obtained on the cube. Imagine now a situation in which a cosmonaut with a lot of HP points, (with five available dice) sent to repair a motor that was hit by a meteor, and in which the throke, fifth, and sixth throws involve immediate injury.

Of the five dice cast, there will always be one that does not need, and if the cosmonaut has only one segment of the HP line, it will die before it does anything. Does the game have any tactics or is it all diced? There are, but in minimal doses. Each cosmonaut has one specialty that he can activate if he gets a fifth or sixth in his modulus repair.
ship was hit by meteorites
The mechanic, therefore, can repair one segment of the ship’s HP, the specialist has the option of one additional reroll cube, the captain can provide one additional dice for all the cosmonauts who found themselves in one module, the doctor curing himself a segment of the HP- and other members.

Dice that is surplus and for some reason can not be used for the “trigger” special abilities, you can put in a special repository research to get random bonuses. You can feed the crew to the remains of a fallen crew member, this will permanently reduce HP, but will allow them to survive the next move.

UnderRail PC Download

pc game download

pc game download
Stygian Software has made a hard-core post-apocalyptic RPG, a massive RPG in the style of the first Fallout! The authors of UnderRail inspiration were drawn from the Metro 2033 / Last Light of the World, primarily in terms of an environment in which the remains of humanity found shelter after cataclysm.

Tunnels and subway stations form the foundation of a new civilization, which, in addition to internal conflicts and political turmoil, is threatened by the mysterious cult of the Faceless, which legend says that they come from the unexplored depths of the underground world and never leave their dead on the battlefield.
skills tree
As an anonymous newcomer to one of the smaller independent cells / policies, you will have to prove yourself to your hosts in solving their accumulated problems, during which you will find yourself on the tracks of wider conspiracy that threatens to endanger the fragile balance of the rest of the civilization.

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UnderRail is based on a complex RPG system that is systemically almost identical to S.P.E.C.I.A.L.’s that existed in Fallout. Here we have primary characteristics, a table of skills with numerical value and their common derivatives through the system of feats.
In the initial linear phase that lasts for about ten hours, the gameplay is heavy, especially when your world does not open a little, so I’m sure you’ll restart it at least once when you figure out you’re wrong.
complexes inventory
Fighting in the game is moving and based on the cooldown system, grenades and special attacks, and depending on individual affinities, you can carry out fire and cold weapons, with the addition of incomparably more efficient PSI attacks. At the beginning of the game you have an extremely interesting choice: you can opt for a normal inflow of XP through quest and killing opponents, and you can also choose the so-called. A “oddity” system through which you advance by finding interesting artifacts.

The other system is interesting because it deepens the gameplay and somewhat performs the function of literary and audio logs. Artifacts vary from the “ancient communication device”, through fragments of old encyclopaedias, to parts of the body of mutated animals from which our hero extrapolates the experience with the outside world.
conversation with npc
The first ten hours of the gameplay serve as a kind of exercise room for horrors that await you below and a test of patience. If you successfully solve the quest in the starting station and the Junkyard settlement, you will have the opportunity to explore, without limitations, the oiled and dangerous world of the underworld. The game has a number of big problems, complete weight imbalances and an extremely clumsy interface.

UnderRail is a game in which you will spend more time digging in inventory than walking around the world, typing in small objects icons, crafting materials, grenades, first aid injection, and everything else you may need in and out of combat. An endless inventory punch with hundreds of objects is something you will need to get used to unconditionally.