Battlefleet Gothic Armada Download Steam Key

armada steam activation code

armada steam activation code
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada is a combination of moving fleet management and real-time space battles, the Armada is the first Warhammer 40K game that takes place in deep space. Battlefleet Gothic: Armada is a good attempt to bring the audience closer to the naval aspect of Imperium and unwashed heroes who risk life and reason traveling by warp, transporting troops in combat barges and fighting aliens.

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One of these brave fleets is operating in the Gothic sector, intended by Haos vormaster Abadon the Despoiler, who raises his terrible army and makes a sudden hole in this silent corner of the Empire. The haosa wave attracts other common suspects, who also want to invade planets from a sector that can not receive military reinforcements due to a powerful warp storm that has accompanied the invasion. Admiral Spire gets an order to prevent an invasion.
adaptation of Games Workshop’s tabletop game
Armada is a moving strategy with a combination of real-time space battles, has three basic modes: single-player campaign, skirmish and raw multiplayer. During the challenging segment of the campaign, you will upgrade the fleet and choose missions from a rich supply of invasive situations. Most missions are an optional filler that comes in several defined categories such as blocking the blockade, defending the position or station, eliminating opponent admirals and other targets.

Each successful mission ensures the inflow of admiral glory and experience for ship crew, which has a beneficial effect on the strength and the numerous status of your fleet. Battles are real-time clusters of flotation squads on one level, maneuvering by the 17th-century Navy style ships to bomb your opponents with torpedo blades. Each ship, depending on the class, has one or more special abilities that vary from the possibility of remote reconnaissance and sowing of plasma mines to short-range teleportation, salve torpedoes.
offers deep management of every ship
When you practice a hundred-fold negotiation on the side of enemy ships, everything will go smoothly, and you will be more competitive in multiplayer. Equally important is the quick maneuverability, and above all the timely use of limited boosters for rapid turning or acceleration, since the angles of the attack and the position most depend on the amount and type of damage you are making.

Advancement by rank in a single player opens you slots for new ships and allows you to use multi-class vessels. You start with light cruisers, to quickly start unlocking normal, heavy cruisers and battleships. All vessels level survival in missions, and each new level opens slots for additional equipment and crew levels.
weaponry, defense and support sub-systems
The consequences of defeat, however, are not fatal, as the arsenal does not lose its irreversible. Destroyed ships are not destroyed, but they go on a dry dock to repair during several moves, although there is a chance that they are sometimes lost forever! Battlefleet Gothic: Armada will provide you with hours of good fun, we recommend it to all lovers.

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The Banner Saga 2 Download (PC, Apk, iOS)

download it for PC, Android or iOS

download it for PC, Android or iOS
The Banner Saga 2 is a role-playing game that continues its emotional journey through a breaking world, the award-winning adventure. The caravan composed of people and giants Varlov, is one of the unique scenes in the toy world. Through the whole saga, as a clan leader, you will take care of a large number of people whose fates depend on your decisions.

Peasants, warriors, warriors, the heroes you manage, and those who just go into the story line of the story, are sweating, cursing their fate or glorifying you as a leader, depending on your commandments that affect their wishes, most often unfulfilled for the benefit of the whole clan. The Banner Saga 2 is a game in which decisions are really difficult and will not only burden the players with the empathy of the executioners.
epic, role-playing game
It’s not easy to see how the number of people in the caravan is diminishing because of hunger due to your poor food supply, while defending your authority from the scorching heads that lurk every mistake to replace you as a leader. The Banner Saga 2 returns old tactical strategy games with a square division of the battlefield. The rule of the game that we liked is that the strength of the fighters is at the same time the strength by which the blows are given, but also the life energy.

Full PC, Android or iOS version, download it here

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The wounded opponent often becomes a minor threat and it is smarter to point his sword over to other enemies. The mechanics are much more complex than this case and Stoic Studios has released a special tactical spinoff, Banner Saga: Factions. Different ways of developing the qualities of your heroes, different races and occupations, give you great creativity to approaching skirmishes.
tactics are vital to ensure your clans
Banner The Saga is not so simple and your every decision has consequences, and your closest friends will become traitors or be killed on sleep if you have badly assessed who you are in the wagon. Dialogue selection has a direct impact on, in general, the linear development of the story, in the sense that a pre-set path will be a drastically different experience for players of different temperaments.

Although you will encounter supernatural beings and occurrences in the game, much of it is a low fantasy atmosphere, intertwined with human intrigues and weaknesses. Banner Saga 2 does not differ much from its predecessor at first glance. The story continues to accompany people and Varleys and their cleverness with strange creatures, armored Dredges, they will turn out to be a common retreat to an unknown opponent and often unhypocritical nature that they must overcome on that occasion.
The epic Viking saga, beautifully 2D
Fighting does not always lead to the liquidation of your opponent, but it’s sometimes some more specific tasks you have to do in combat mechanics. When almost every unit in the field has other features, the game becomes a tactical paradise only for lovers of micromanagement and those who have a little more free time. The Banner Saga 2 is a very nice, epic game that will prepare you for making difficult decisions in life.

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We Are the Dwarves Download

pc game download

pc game download
We Are the Dwarves is tactical RPG a refreshing story, an authentic atmosphere, an impressive visual design of the environment, creatures and characters, and hints of a solid system of struggle and character development. The store is located in a fantastic stone universe where there is no cosmic vacuum space, but the pockets of life are found in huge caves in the wall of space proportions.
race at the edge of extinction
During the millennium, the dwarves developed their impressive civilization in the three caves in which the stars are located. The small holes and disputes between the three dwarf kingdoms stop when scientists discover that all three stars gradually, but unstoppably, run out. The only salvation lies in finding a new active star, or a new home for all dwarfs.

Full PC version, download it here

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Representatives of all three kingdoms are sitting in a special spaceship – a drill capable of piercing the cosmic wall and finding new stars giving life. During this mission, on which the fate of all dwarfs depends, a mysterious force stops the ship, and crew members are separated. It is up to you to help them survive in this new, strange environment, to train their ship and continue their research mission.
ancient monsters from the deep space
The game looks beautiful, with dwarfs in mechanized scaffolds, their strange opponents, and a convincing sound and music background that completes a truly high-quality unrealistic experience. Although you are looking at them in a continuous semicircle, each of the three dwarfs is clearly defined.

Since each originates from the second dwarf kingdom, each has unique abilities, appearance, and even accent. Therefore, each has its own weaknesses and advantages. The fight is based on the effective positioning of characters and the use of their skills. Indeed, the necessity of using the ground during combat often turns battles into mini logical puzzles.
Dwarves is an action-based tactical adventure
By default, everything is in real time, with the possibility of pausing. This was supposed to be a moving game with a more careful level design and an opponent’s schedule. In reality, this is the title where you spend most of your time waiting, analyzing the environment, clicking on each opponent individually to scan for more detailed information about him, and then learning his movement and radius.

SUPERHOT Download PC Game

pc game download

pc game download
SUPERHOT is the most innovative FPS that has appeared over the last ten years, and is based on a fantastic simple idea, the time in the game runs only when your character moves. Although this is a first-person shooter, each level of this game presents a more tactical-logical challenge than a test of your reflexes.

Most high-end titles can boast of interesting surroundings, an appealing design, a deep story, or fascinating characters, but what happens when you throw the game to the core, when only the basic idea and rudimentary mechanics are found in front of you? SUPERHOT is a hit which is rarely happening, you have never seen anything like this before, you will be pleased at first glance.
FPS in which time moves only when you move
The time in the game runs only when your character moves, in fact, it runs steadily, but at a very slow pace, enough to avoid bullets, and to look around at each moment, to see the environment and analyze the situation. When one of the opponents sends a shot to you, you have a few seconds to avoid the bullet and position yourself in the shelter, either in the position to shoot yourself, shoot or throw an object on the enemy.

Full PS or Xbox version, download it here

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It should be borne in mind that hitting, taking weapons and objects is also a move and never to be static, as this leads to a quick elimination. In addition, the weapon behaves according to the flow of time. Slow-motion time is not the only bright spot in SUPERHOT, but this aspect has been successfully put into focus. The atmosphere is complemented by a story inspired by the Matrix that unwinds in a strange but effective way.
maneuver through a hurricane of slow-motion
Through the interface you are being contacted by someone, offering you to try an interesting game they have recently found. After you download and run superhot.exe, you have been transferred to the intriguing world of this game, in which the level is leveled from several rooms in which you have to eliminate all opponents before they eliminate you. You resume chatting with your mysterious friend every few levels, gaining access to new challenges and slowly getting drawn into the story of freedom and control.

Each level of this game presents a more tactical-logical challenge than a test of your reflexes. The environments you are in are white, the objects you can use are black, and the opponents are red. As if they were made of animated glass, the enemies would be scattered after only one stroke or shot with a bullet, with yellow and orange tones spreading from the wounds you apply indicating the inner heat that disappears.
fluidity of gameplay and cinematic beauty
Until eventually the enemies become more resilient, your character remains bound by this limitation all the time, that is, if someone hooks you up, you’re done. Each level is reduced to finding an ideal sequence of movement, learning from where all the enemies can appear, which objects to use in what order, and, most importantly, where to find weapons.

While at moments some levels may seem too difficult or unsolvable, they actually teach you the new possibilities and way of thinking that raises all the time the scale of the challenges posed before you. After each passing level, you get a replay, real-time view of the way you crossed the level.
Take on SUPERHOT with your bare hands
In addition to all the delight, SUPERHOT is, unfortunately, a very short game. After you pass through the scripted levels, you remain endless challenges in which you can endlessly try to outdo yourself as you face the constant waves of an opponent.

Hitman Download for PC

pc game download

pc game download
Agent 47 is back with us, this time in more interesting situations, giving him the role of the main actor in a series called HITMAN. Maps this time bring over 300 NPCs by location and maneuver space up to seven times higher than in the previous chapter Absolution.

Hitman in this form is definitely not a game for everyone, the gameplay is completely non-linear, wide-ranging in decision-making and action-taking and, finally, many different ways in which levels can end. The main goal is almost always the same, the elimination of the marked targets!
become the master assassin
Hitman, thanks to the implemented system of opportunity, the player encounters characters and stories that can completely reverse the reach line to the goal, but also to make new tasks when crossing the level. Accepting these mini-missions is optional, and if you want to perform the basic task in a conservative way, you can do it, even if in that case you lose all those goodies that the new Hitman brings.

Full PC version, download it here

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With the mechanics of the game you get to know more than three training missions, much shorter than chapters from the campaign. You can try to complete missions quickly, but you will soon realize that such a shortcut approach leads you to ruin. The action needs to be planned in advance and well planned every move.
Travel around the globe to beautiful locations
You have to make the most decisions on the spot, only when the opportunity comes to light, you can repeat each level several times, as you discover all the ways to reach the goal. Al adapts to the way players play and the decisions they make, which makes the mission very difficult.

The number of treatments you carry with you on missions is limited and usually insufficient to allow completion of the task. Therefore, at the level you can choose a hidden location where you will leave some help, and you can also hide the items you store on locations and use them as needed. Position can be recorded whenever you want.
eliminate your targets with everything from a katana or a sniper rifle
The first mission in the campaign takes place in Paris at a fashion show where it is necessary to eliminate the leaders of an international spy organization that has come up with a list of MI6 agents working in a deep confidentiality. Once you have completed the first mission, you can indulge yourself with some of the embedded game modes, the one that is called Escalation is the one that attracts the most attention. This is where the goal is to fulfill the mission, meeting the predefined conditions.

The elusive targets mode requires the player to count on targets for a specific time period. Due to the enormous space that the levels cover and the large number of characters present, authors have to compromise with graphics, so that the hardware requirement would not be too high.