Hitman Download for PC

pc game download

pc game download
Agent 47 is back with us, this time in more interesting situations, giving him the role of the main actor in a series called HITMAN. Maps this time bring over 300 NPCs by location and maneuver space up to seven times higher than in the previous chapter Absolution.

Hitman in this form is definitely not a game for everyone, the gameplay is completely non-linear, wide-ranging in decision-making and action-taking and, finally, many different ways in which levels can end. The main goal is almost always the same, the elimination of the marked targets!
become the master assassin
Hitman, thanks to the implemented system of opportunity, the player encounters characters and stories that can completely reverse the reach line to the goal, but also to make new tasks when crossing the level. Accepting these mini-missions is optional, and if you want to perform the basic task in a conservative way, you can do it, even if in that case you lose all those goodies that the new Hitman brings.

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With the mechanics of the game you get to know more than three training missions, much shorter than chapters from the campaign. You can try to complete missions quickly, but you will soon realize that such a shortcut approach leads you to ruin. The action needs to be planned in advance and well planned every move.
Travel around the globe to beautiful locations
You have to make the most decisions on the spot, only when the opportunity comes to light, you can repeat each level several times, as you discover all the ways to reach the goal. Al adapts to the way players play and the decisions they make, which makes the mission very difficult.

The number of treatments you carry with you on missions is limited and usually insufficient to allow completion of the task. Therefore, at the level you can choose a hidden location where you will leave some help, and you can also hide the items you store on locations and use them as needed. Position can be recorded whenever you want.
eliminate your targets with everything from a katana or a sniper rifle
The first mission in the campaign takes place in Paris at a fashion show where it is necessary to eliminate the leaders of an international spy organization that has come up with a list of MI6 agents working in a deep confidentiality. Once you have completed the first mission, you can indulge yourself with some of the embedded game modes, the one that is called Escalation is the one that attracts the most attention. This is where the goal is to fulfill the mission, meeting the predefined conditions.

The elusive targets mode requires the player to count on targets for a specific time period. Due to the enormous space that the levels cover and the large number of characters present, authors have to compromise with graphics, so that the hardware requirement would not be too high.

Tom Clancy’s The Division Download for PC

pc game download

pc game download
Tom Clancy’s The Division is a cover-based RPG shooter from a third party, located in Manhattan that has been placed in federal quarantine after a terrorist attack. The open environment resembles any Assassin’s Creed, with a map highlighted for major and optional missions, safe houses and locations of audio logs, crafting materials, and other collector content.

The Division is RPG shooter visited the world of PCs and new generation gaming consoles in March 2016. Manhattan was put in federal quarantine after a terrorist attack by a genetically modified virus of largepox.
society collapses into chaos
After the army and the police tried to deceive the order and evacuate civilians, and in doing so, the order came to the operatives of the Division, the super-secret government organization in charge of remedying the consequences of the most severe crises. In the role of such an agent, you will have the task of helping to seduce the order, primarily through the struggle with the gangs that control the city streets.

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You run the abandoned streets of the winter Manhattan, solve tasks and fight gangs (similar to Gears of War). The tactical character of the struggle is reduced to taking the shelter, calculating with the consumption of ammunition and the right moment for the activation of gadgets and special abilities, by trying to encircle and destroy the opponent.
sweeps through New York City
Story missions are relatively interesting, but they make up a small part of the gameplay, you spend most of your time by solving template defense related tasks, activating a bio scanner, attacking gang or searching for people and objects.

By solving missions and killing your opponents, you will get XP for leveling and resources to upgrade the base of operations, from which you are dependent on combat specials and other bonuses. In The Division there is a rudimentary crafting system, which serves as an alternative way to acquire advanced weapons and equipment.
dynamic open world environment
The end of the campaign does not provide important answers to the key issues, leaving the open door for a series of future DLC packages. By collecting 100% of materials in each category, you also get a unique jacket, which will motivate the players. The thirtieth level unlocks the daily quest that brings a better loot and a prize in the form of a Phoenix loan.

With the Phoenix loan, you can buy the most powerful weapons and equipment, as well as plans for them if you prefer to jump for specific crafting bonuses, the inflow of credit is so slow that it will take you a long time to fully equip Phoenix equipment. The Dark Zone is located in the center of Manhattan, where the bleak heart of the banking elite is probably bouncing.
as a member of The Division
The dark zone is a high wall separated from the rest of the gameworld. There is no law in it, it has a degree of contamination much higher than the rest of Manhattan, it is visited by the most dangerous opponents who drop the best loot, you can leave it to open PvP with other players … The Dark Zone is, above all, interesting because of constant tensions that other players bring.

The loot you collect in The Dark Zone is contaminated, and you can bring it out of the zone in one single way, helicopter extraction from precisely defined zones. Any initiation of an extraction by a player informs the whole server, which attracts those who want to hook up their own rope for the rope, and those who plan to hurt other players, tear them off and extract it for themselves. The law of the jungle in the true sense of the term.

By default, the proximity mic is included for all players, so you can communicate with all the characters that are nearby. All in all, excursions to The Dark Zone will be the main motivation.