Stellaris Download (+All DLC)

download it + all dlc

download it + all dlc
Stellaris is by and large a unique 4X title, in addition to the mechanical tasks of the leader of the intergalactic empire and the effort to expand and achieve domination, Stellaris brings a lot of scripted events and unpredictable wonders.
evolution of the grand strategy
The research ships you send to inventory planetary systems will occasionally find fantastic relics of past civilizations, inexplicable artifacts or natural phenomena that require deeper research that will sometimes turn into real interplanetary quests that require the total engagement of your empire’s resources.

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You will find yourself encountering pre-warp civilizations at different stages of development, which you will be able to study if you build a observation station in their orbit, and to bring them into the society of intelligent civilizations. In addition to competing civilizations that start from the same positions as yours, there are fierce empires, sparsely limited, but still super-powerful remains of civilizations that have long since passed its zenith.
alien races and emergent storytelling
Each of them has certain features and moral prefixes that will often not match yours. If in the war with competition, instead of peaceful integration, you choose the enslavement of the population on the conquered planets, and you are unhappy that your neighbor is a fallen empire that despises slavery, for the time will be destroyed.

You also have wide opportunities for diplomatic initiatives, agreements and agreements with other civilizations, and establishing relationships that depend on a lot of factors, and above all of your behavior and characteristics of the empire you started with. In addition to the outside, there is also a very developed internal politics in the gameplay, whose factors depend on the initial disposition of the empire.
expand through war alone
Elections, political factions, ethnic tolerance of the population, economic migration and other elements will keep you awake and alert even if the external situation is consistent and the state of affairs at borders is peaceful. Stellaris has non-linear technologies, technologies are to some extent randomized. At any given time, within one of three disciplines: physics, social sciences and engineering disciplines, you have three research proposals that are reset when you explore the previously selected technology.

Destruction and analysis of the debris of some aggressive crystal entities will give you a huge bonus in exploring the launcher of crystal shards, an efficient medium range medium-range weapon. Everything is intertwined, everything has to do with each other…
Advanced Diplomacy system
One of the most useful novelties in the field of management are the empire sectors you will create when you crack the limit of the planets that you can directly control. The AI that controls their development is not ideal and is often too slow and passive, but I suppose it will be resolved in some other patch.

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Battlefleet Gothic Armada Download Steam Key

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armada steam activation code
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada is a combination of moving fleet management and real-time space battles, the Armada is the first Warhammer 40K game that takes place in deep space. Battlefleet Gothic: Armada is a good attempt to bring the audience closer to the naval aspect of Imperium and unwashed heroes who risk life and reason traveling by warp, transporting troops in combat barges and fighting aliens.

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One of these brave fleets is operating in the Gothic sector, intended by Haos vormaster Abadon the Despoiler, who raises his terrible army and makes a sudden hole in this silent corner of the Empire. The haosa wave attracts other common suspects, who also want to invade planets from a sector that can not receive military reinforcements due to a powerful warp storm that has accompanied the invasion. Admiral Spire gets an order to prevent an invasion.
adaptation of Games Workshop’s tabletop game
Armada is a moving strategy with a combination of real-time space battles, has three basic modes: single-player campaign, skirmish and raw multiplayer. During the challenging segment of the campaign, you will upgrade the fleet and choose missions from a rich supply of invasive situations. Most missions are an optional filler that comes in several defined categories such as blocking the blockade, defending the position or station, eliminating opponent admirals and other targets.

Each successful mission ensures the inflow of admiral glory and experience for ship crew, which has a beneficial effect on the strength and the numerous status of your fleet. Battles are real-time clusters of flotation squads on one level, maneuvering by the 17th-century Navy style ships to bomb your opponents with torpedo blades. Each ship, depending on the class, has one or more special abilities that vary from the possibility of remote reconnaissance and sowing of plasma mines to short-range teleportation, salve torpedoes.
offers deep management of every ship
When you practice a hundred-fold negotiation on the side of enemy ships, everything will go smoothly, and you will be more competitive in multiplayer. Equally important is the quick maneuverability, and above all the timely use of limited boosters for rapid turning or acceleration, since the angles of the attack and the position most depend on the amount and type of damage you are making.

Advancement by rank in a single player opens you slots for new ships and allows you to use multi-class vessels. You start with light cruisers, to quickly start unlocking normal, heavy cruisers and battleships. All vessels level survival in missions, and each new level opens slots for additional equipment and crew levels.
weaponry, defense and support sub-systems
The consequences of defeat, however, are not fatal, as the arsenal does not lose its irreversible. Destroyed ships are not destroyed, but they go on a dry dock to repair during several moves, although there is a chance that they are sometimes lost forever! Battlefleet Gothic: Armada will provide you with hours of good fun, we recommend it to all lovers.

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