The Solus Project PC Download

pc game download

pc game download
The Solus Project is a combination of survival, research and adventure from the first person in which you are looking for a new home for mankind to whom the Earth has become unattractive. The earth is destroyed, and survivors in Pluto’s swamp space fleet near Pluto are waiting for the results of expeditions sent in search of a settled planet. The goal of your team is Gliese-6143-C, a planet where vegetation and atmosphere are similar to the Earth.
adventure with survival elements
When landing, there is an accident and as the only survivor you are moving in search of the resources necessary for survival, exploring the island on which you may not be the only form of life. The rest of the fleet slowly remains without water and fuel. As communication is interrupted, you are compiling a transmitter through the whole game of wrecking parts to confirm that you are alive and submit a report.

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What is Pip-Boy in the Fallout franchise, it’s Wilson in the Solus Project. Wilson informs you about physical statistics: health, temperature, hunger, thirst, need for sleep and outdoor weather, signaling when a vital function is canceled or when a tornado comes in.
Survive through exploration
The lack of maps works scary at the beginning, because you have no idea what the size of the world you are researching. As a help, the game sets out short-term goals from the beginning: make a torch, find a specific thing, and map the location of the target so you know how many meters of distance and direction it is in.

Unreal 4 engine is a backbone for a world-class designed world with detailed mechanics of celestial bodies, tide and tide, and shift of day and night. The Survival element is most pronounced at the beginning, while you are still getting used to the gameplay mechanics and discovering the limits of your physical endurance.
Unlock the depths of the uncharted planet
Food and water supplies are abundant, the greatest danger threatens from hypothermia, which can easily fall if you crash at night when the temperature drops to minus twenty. What distinguishes The Solus Project from the classic survival game is a well-developed narrative through which elements of adventure are introduced. Walking along the landscape with stone pillars, you encounter the traces of civilization and you begin to wonder how much the island has an epitome lean.

The focus is shifted from a mere survival to the tracking of traces that are suspiciously served to you on the right. Paranoia due to solitude, or is someone watching you? The game gives you the freedom to stray from the goal, examine each path and the treasure and find artifacts in hidden passages. To make things harder, in a few places, you need to solve logical puzzles to continue.
large entirely handcrafted levels to explore
The atmosphere in the game is incredible, supported by an acoustic background that adequately monitors the action. You feel the hopelessness of a hero who is unintentionally the last hope of humanity. You feel the endless loneliness and insignificance of man in front of the universe. At the center, the game gets so angry that it can paralyze the Khholat, turning into a horror story.

The lucky thing is that you can save progress at checkpoints as well as after bedtime, which is possible if weather conditions permit. The weight of the Solus Project is balanced, without sudden leaps and too heavy sequences. The Solus project manages to balance the various elements and provide an enormously good gaming experience.

Duskers Download PC Game

pc game download

pc game download
Duskers is a roguelle combination of real-time strategy, schematic tactical planning and survival horror is something you have never seen or played before. Gameplay is presented as a stylized MS-DOS industrial simulation that exists in retro futuristic movies like the Eight Traveler.
pilot drones into derelict spaceships
The best Alien game that has nothing to do with the Alien movie series, begins with your awakening from hibernation on a deserted space ship. It surrounds you the perfect silence that interrupts only the blinks on the map of the galaxy that testify about ships and cells that are not dead and dead floating in space.

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Since nobody answers your calls, the minimum of resources you have available makes you desperate: you fly from wrecks to wrecks, search for fuel and other supplies, and try to determine why what happened. Intrusions on massive spaceships will be undertaken remotely, sending drones to investigate for you, carrying everything that can be useful and occasionally suffering from unidentified enemies.
you may need to think of a clever way
Duskers is a game whose charm roots lie in a visual identity and control system that supports exclusively commanding the keyboard. You can route the drones in two basic ways: directly / individually, using the cursor keys, and indirectly, by typing the commands by consulting the chart of the ship on which you are starting. For example, if you type navigate 1 2 r13, you load drones no. 1 and 2 to automatically move to room no. 13, which will do if the path to it is open.

By typing the command collect all while a dron that has a shrinkage module is selected, you will collect scrap in the environment and the like. Each wreck is procedurally generated in addition to useful things: fuel, scrap, caught drones, etc. There is a biological and technological horror there, it’s enemies that will try to destroy the thugs if they show an opportunity.
upgrades, drones, and even ship upgrades
Hides and piles of locked doors, ventilation openings, interface interfaces, pumping stations, defensive torsion systems, unstable decks and other elements that are in charge of absolute uncertainty. Each of your dron has three modules for the modules that depend on the role in the team: the generator serves to power the ship sections, tow for pulling the caught drones, motion is a sensor that detects movement in adjacent rooms, a turret is a ballistic turela that can protect you from minor dangers , the worm is a bait for evil enemy enemies, a pry is a hydraulic pajer for the sealing of sealed doors…

You will never have an arsenal of equipment that is sufficient for all potential situations, but you will have to constantly decide what your equipment is the priority, improvise and make mental breaks between risk and reward, trying to survive in impossible conditions. You will use the collected scrap to repair drones between missions, turret ammunition supplement and other consumable modules, fabricate new drones and accessories for them, and trade with automated stations that exist in some systems.
when you die you lose everything
Death is coming lightly and in the form of stylized red icons that only hint at you and never explicitly show what your throats are attacking. The end is sometimes slow, for example when you are left without fuel for navigating the system and without the cells for a hyperspace jump into another star system. The place will often smack you in the form of a single drone that has useless modules, and you do not have the resources to create another dron or install useful accessories.

The ultimate point of the game is the collection of digital logs that testify to a global catastrophe and assembling the mosaic of the story into a meaningful whole. Duskers is a game for which the bravest players will reflexively defecate. We recommend playing only at night – then it’s the best.

Let’s Play Duskers Introduction

P•O•L•L•E•N Game Download (no steam)

pc, mac game download

pc, mac game download
Pollen gameplay is placed in an alternative past in which computers have never moved into everyone’s home, but the privilege of short-sighted scientists in laboratories has remained. Furious in November 1963, John Kennedy survived the assassination attempt in Dallas, which resulted in the removal of obstacles to co-operation between the US and the Soviet Union, especially on the question of space exploration.
exploration game set on Saturn’s moon
Shortly thereafter, a joint US-US mission successfully lands on the Moon, which encourages four companies united under the name RAMA to expand the operation on other planets in the solar system. Half the eighties of RAMs are coming up with major discoveries in the field of anti-gravity technology that made it possible to build a base on Jupiter’s satellite Europe, but things go wrong and there’s an accident where two hundred scientists lose their lives except one that manages to deliver research results back to Earth.

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Instead of losing hardships, RAMA decides to use these findings and launch another mission, this time to Titan. Of course, with the devil of the pumpkin seed, scientists disappear, so in 1995, every contact with the base M on Titan is lost, and RAMA sends you.
The backbone of the event makes a walk through the present and the past, before everything has gone downstream, then solving simple physical puzzles, the M-event events unwind the soundtracks left behind by engineer Karen Kovalski.
futuristic world is an incredibly detailed
The phenomenal music, coupled with almost perfect sound effects, keeps tensioning while playing. The actress who gave voice to Kovalsky did her job maestrally, and by listening to the audio tape Karen left behind she clearly noticed a gradual and inevitable fall in depression and hopelessness.

It is possible to interact with all the objects that you encounter, a huge percentage does not serve anything. It’s hard to give up the impression that Pollen is just a tech presentation designed to demonstrate the benefits of VR sets, as evidenced by the voyage option that opens after completing the game and allows a re-passive experience of the final scene.

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Stellaris Download (+All DLC)

download it + all dlc

download it + all dlc
Stellaris is by and large a unique 4X title, in addition to the mechanical tasks of the leader of the intergalactic empire and the effort to expand and achieve domination, Stellaris brings a lot of scripted events and unpredictable wonders.
evolution of the grand strategy
The research ships you send to inventory planetary systems will occasionally find fantastic relics of past civilizations, inexplicable artifacts or natural phenomena that require deeper research that will sometimes turn into real interplanetary quests that require the total engagement of your empire’s resources.

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You will find yourself encountering pre-warp civilizations at different stages of development, which you will be able to study if you build a observation station in their orbit, and to bring them into the society of intelligent civilizations. In addition to competing civilizations that start from the same positions as yours, there are fierce empires, sparsely limited, but still super-powerful remains of civilizations that have long since passed its zenith.
alien races and emergent storytelling
Each of them has certain features and moral prefixes that will often not match yours. If in the war with competition, instead of peaceful integration, you choose the enslavement of the population on the conquered planets, and you are unhappy that your neighbor is a fallen empire that despises slavery, for the time will be destroyed.

You also have wide opportunities for diplomatic initiatives, agreements and agreements with other civilizations, and establishing relationships that depend on a lot of factors, and above all of your behavior and characteristics of the empire you started with. In addition to the outside, there is also a very developed internal politics in the gameplay, whose factors depend on the initial disposition of the empire.
expand through war alone
Elections, political factions, ethnic tolerance of the population, economic migration and other elements will keep you awake and alert even if the external situation is consistent and the state of affairs at borders is peaceful. Stellaris has non-linear technologies, technologies are to some extent randomized. At any given time, within one of three disciplines: physics, social sciences and engineering disciplines, you have three research proposals that are reset when you explore the previously selected technology.

Destruction and analysis of the debris of some aggressive crystal entities will give you a huge bonus in exploring the launcher of crystal shards, an efficient medium range medium-range weapon. Everything is intertwined, everything has to do with each other…
Advanced Diplomacy system
One of the most useful novelties in the field of management are the empire sectors you will create when you crack the limit of the planets that you can directly control. The AI that controls their development is not ideal and is often too slow and passive, but I suppose it will be resolved in some other patch.

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DOOM 4 Game Download Activation Code

pc, ps4 and xbox one activation code

pc, ps4 and xbox one activation code
DOOM more than succeeded in the mix of disconcerting and dynamics of the first two sequences, and the graphically enhanced and suppressed identity of the Doom 3. At the same time, Doom combines the features of the remake of the remake. After the successful acquisition of the Martian surface by the UAC earth conglomerate, which finds an extremely potent energy source in the canyons of the red planet, patented it by the name Argent energy.

Here you get DOOM Activation Code. With which you’ll activate the game for PC, PS4, Xbox One. Below I will explain in details the entire procedure step by step. You are at the right place.

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Video – step by step instruction

The mysterious resource originates directly from hell, followed by the construction of a monolithic techno-tower to optimally extract the newly discovered energy, creating a portal to the unholy kingdom. Corruption effects of energy shortly in the UAC research bases create legions of occult followers, while members of hell hordes are increasingly falling into human plants, with the intention of creating a base of operations on Mars and a springboard for invasion of the earth.
brutally fun and challenging
The dynamics of playing the new DOOM is simply as simple as it is effective. Speed-leveling, fighting with opponents passing through insta-rifts, and cleaning up the entire area for the detection of certain security systems and doors. DOOM delivers multiple weapon apps that you fund tokens generated in the battle with an enemy, provided that certain promotion branches are previously unlocked at floating bot-terminals.

The two branches of the respective promotions do not exclude each other and can freely play while playing, while varying in terms of usability and cost-effectiveness. The Arsenal of weapons is a barefoot, a machine gun whose additional modes are flying the flames of destructive missiles or giving an optical sight etc. The tester now consumes fuel, and requires a number of the above mentioned fields to completely disagree with the opponent, making it effective instant-kill.
impossibly destructive guns, and fast
Using Glory-kill, you kill your enemies after lowering your life energy near zero, for which you have limited time. This neutralization of the opponent, besides visual pleasure in the animation of brutal killing, is rewarded with additional ammunition and health packages.

Apgrejda your armor in five categories of chips you find on the corpses of the Pretorian foes, as well as the whole section with the improvements brought by the present demonic races, once you find and complete shorter challenges on smaller maps shifted from the main campaign. You can explore levels, pick up easily accessible bonuses and apps, and then you try to break through the pentra and walk through secret passages and budgeters to get to those hidden busts.
obliterating demon hordes through the depths of Hell
there are additional challenges at the levels that also bring the mentioned weapons to improve weapons. The new DOOM is currently the best choice for all your needs regarding the fast, dynamic, visually luxurious FPS of the old school.

StarCraft II Nova Covert Ops Download

download full game

download full game
StarCraft II: The new Covert Ops is the first official DLC in the famous Blizzard strategy series and as such has to meet high expectations. The universe created for the StarCraft series is too rich for Blizzard to leave it for a long time in hibernation.

Thus, a few years after a great deal of clashes with Aemon’s forces, the Sector of Koper was in peace and attempted to restore a part of the devastated during the Great War.
Consisting of nine missions
This short-lived peace is grossly interrupted by the new attacks of Zerg swarms on the terran colonies. The mysterious organization Defenders of Man enters the scene publicly attacking Emperor Valerian Mengsk that he is incapable of providing security to the citizens of Dominion.

SC2 Nova Covert Ops, download it here

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At the same time, a few Ghosts, special operatives with psychiatric abilities, disappear from the Dominion Army without a trace. One of these operatives, Ghost New Terra, wakes up in a secret facility without the exact memory of how she got there.
gone missing in action
The story in which New, the most famous Blizzard character without his own play, is a trail of his kidnapping that puts him in the midst of a clash between Valerian, the Defenders of Man organization and, of course, the Zerg, is quite interesting and unbelieving Blizzard competently through a mixture of missions and in-engine sinematics .

What starts out as a classic Starcraft hero mission quickly turns into a well-known format of the SC2 campaign. There is a mobile operations center where you communicate with NPCs, launch missions, and adjust the equipment used by battles during the battles, or units under its command.
delve into the conspiracy
There are also conventional missions with building a base, raising resources, producing units, and combating more enemies. StarCraft II: The New Covert Ops DLC is almost all the level we expect from Blizzard, but one thing is not yet – the amount of content that has been provided to us.

Namely, the entire new Covert Ops will include nine missions, which should provide about a third of the time provided by the Legacy of the Void campaign. What we get is very nice, but it’s so short that it has a negative impact on the overall impression.

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Ashes of the Singularity PC Download

pc game download here

pc game download here
Ashes of the Singularity is an RTS mix of many well-known titles, many capital units visually resemble boats from the Starcraft series, battles and the concept of units at Supreme Commander, while the system folders are divided into territories each containing a source of a specific resource literally copied from the Company of Heroes.
of many well-known titles
Map reminiscent of Battle for Dune. The maps are huge, they are always divided into passing slopes and inaccessible mountain peaks, so their effective surface is, in fact, quite small and is reduced to a series of tunnels wherever possible, which eliminates almost every tactical deployment of units.

Full PC game, download it here

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Ashes of the Singularity has only two factions, an arsenal split into three tiers, with several different units in each of them and an airplane that resembles today’s. The unit leveling system exists only with dreadnought capital ships that, through time spent in combat, gain experience and improve their characteristics.
always divided into passing slopes
All other units are cheap, consumable goods that will kill in every game in hundreds and even thousands. Different units can be joined to the armies and thus put them in effective formations. Defense of the base with static defense units makes sense only in the PVO variant, since all turrets aimed at combating land targets are so weak that they can not retain even the fewest weakest units.

The campaign is completely retarded and it would be better if it was not at all. Eleven missions, of which three are optional, serve the players to familiarize themselves with the gameplay mechanics. The first few missions are tutorials that last for a few minutes, and then suddenly a serious battle begins. AI is constantly cheating and in some situations it is a very difficult opponent.
The capital unit leveling
Tactical thinking is almost completely disabled and everything comes down to the quicker and more aggressive use of resources. The technical side is graphics – it’s blazing! AotS is the first DirectX 12 title and uses the Nitrous engine, which is intentionally written for the RTS type of games and is capable of serving thousands of units and burdening even the most powerful hardware, but also to adapt to the resources of more modest pc machines.

Ashes of the Singularity from the beginning developed with close collaboration with AMD, it is not surprising that it works harder on GeForce cards.

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The Descendant Episode One Download

download pc game

download pc game
The Descendant: Episode One is an adventure, promising challenging riddles, a dramatic story and convincing characters in a post-apocalyptic environment. Gameplay is located in a world devastated by an ecological / nuclear disaster where humankind is reduced to a handful of selecters who have been saved in the cryo-snows.
end of the world is only the start
The player leads two characters: Donnie, whose action is played at the present, sent to investigate the Ark-01, which did not open automatically at a given time, and Mia, one of the two people who maintained the Ark in the past who worked right in the Ark -01.

PC version, download it here

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The most difficult puzzle in the game is actually a puzzle with pipes, no inventory, no research, there are only point & click systems that could be replaced by some other type of control. Character interaction is borrowed from Telltale games. The Logical Challenge of the Descendant makes the recent Dreamfall Chapters act as Myst.
climate change wrecked the planet
Donnie in the company of a former senator explores Akr-01. Gameplay manages to interest you to find out what happened in Ark 01? The interlacing of timeline was done very well, although in some situations it is obvious when a leap will occur.

The design of the world is in Lukas’s prequel trilogy of Star Wars. Archaic computers in Ark, electrical devices that after centuries of non-use still work. The graphic aspect of the game should be acknowledged that some freshness was introduced into the cell shaded more adventure.
cryogenically suspended in underground bunkers known as Arks
Most of the gameplay will be played by bringing your characters to the desired location. And in the end, to summarize, The Descendant Episode One is an average adventure, which does not offer anything that has not been seen before. If you love point & click adventures, we recommend that you play The Descendant Episode One.

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Quantum Break PC Download

download it for pc

download it for pc
Quantum Break is a classic FPS (sci-fi), follow a series of sequences that affect your actions in certain sections between the chapters. A very nice thriller with sufficiently tense situations to keep you in the limelight. The player is in the role of Jack Joyce who came to visit the institute with his good friend Paul Serene.

Jack is invited to attend something incredible, but mysterious. You quickly discover that Paul made a time machine. The first test passes excellent, however, during the second one, there is a problem with the machine and things go wrong, Paul vanishes, and the world around you is frozen in time. Shortly thereafter, time begins to run again, but not without consequences in the form of glitching objects and people.
travels through time
An experiment with a time machine triggered an avalanche of events that ultimately lead to the end of time as we know it and pushing a pause to the whole world. Cataclysmic events do not leave Jack untouched and he gets a whole pack of time-manipulative powers, from freezing one target to fast-moving speed.

Full PC version, download it here

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During the game, you will be one of the Monarch companies, who is headed by Paul, also endowed with the power to control the flow of time, but much more than Jack. At the end of each chapter of the game you will have the opportunity to play briefly as Paul Serene and make an important decision that will further build relationships between characters.
that will determine the shape of the future
It greatly deepens the story of secondary characters with details that change depending on your choice in the sequence that preceded it. Shooting sections are classic third-person shooter action sequences, Capture and bounce to order headshot’s reckless opponents. Use of power to control time. There are not many of them, but each is extremely useful in different situations, easy and clear to use, and at the same time very fun.

The weight of the game on Normal is well balanced and will increase in time when the armored personnel come in, but also soldiers who can also manipulate in time. These matches are definitely the most entertaining, and they can pretty much lead you in. They are particularly impressed by the effects of using power so you will make a “spatial wave” when using Jack’s fast running, cluttering the space in front of you and pulling all the scrapping items with you.
Quantum Break is full of the vivid storytelling
Equally impressive are the effects of weather glitches you often encounter, as well as spatial echoes. Quantum Break still succeeds in developing a classic gameplay that we see in third-person shoots above the average using power and complication that is tense enough not to make breaks but you are going ahead and looking for more.

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Subterrain Download PC

pc game download

pc game download
Subterrain is a phenomenal and complicated survival simulation game, a unique game that will capture you even if it’s Dark Souls III. Unlike most similar titles that aim to navigate and survive under conditions of isolation and permanent hazards, Subterrain does not at all endeavor to hinder you from the slight escalation of gamble and mechanical challenges, but from the very first moment it is inserted into the struggle for survival.
you fill the shoes of Dr. West
The basic setting is as follows: you are Dr. West, a discredited and sentenced prisoner who rotates in a prison on the edge of the Mars colony. Cherishing behind the metal door, you hear quivering, hustle and screams and you hear calls to evacuate, but the noise quickly dies, and the door remains locked.

Full PC version, download it here

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Use a sudden power failure to escape from the prison. Except for corpses at different stages of decay, the prison seems empty. Soon you realize that you are not alone when a corrupted body hits you. During the unsuccessful evacuation of the station, electricity, heating and ventilation are largely switched off. In addition to avoiding eating, freezing or dying, you must take care not to starve, thirst, tiredness, infection, breakage of your hands, legs, or other body trauma that you have not healed.
an underground city on Mars
The base of your operations will be the Colony Operational Center, which contains the hub of automated public transport, the central reactor and the redistribution terminal in the segments of the colony. Ignoring and extinguishing certain sections depending on needs is a basic prerequisite for going to this part of the settlement. If there are currents, there are also conditions for oxygen and heating, which require the replacement of filters and thermoregulators that were damaged during stress shocks during evacuation.

To replace the destroyed parts, you need to create yourself yourself using a 3D printer located in the engineering section of the database, and in order to be able to make them, you need to analyze the featured samples in the research lab, located in a separate wing of the base. Running all over the place, recycling components, growing your own food, calculating air and electricity, the need for a break and a lot of manual repetition of operations on a daily basis makes survival perfectly realistic.
fight hunger and thirst, mend your wounds
The whole process is complex and quite authentically complicated. Control of the machine for 3D printing, food biosynthesis, extraction and refining of ore and other necessary hardware requires knowledge of internal resource relationships and legality. For 3D laser gun printing, you will need a special crystal that you can get by mining and purification of ore or by going to a shopping center, breaking into a jewelry shop and recycling jewelry.

For making first aid supplies, you will also need compounds that exist in vegetables or rare industrial chemicals, so you will be in dilemma to cultivate tomatoes or go to a warehouse full of zombies. As the days pass, the ecosystem will evolve, the number of mutants that will wait outside of the base will grow, more advanced examples will attack you.
Every decision you make is critical
You can reduce the number of mutated zombies in two ways: hunting, which will not be too effective, and the establishment of heating and atmosphere in all segments of the colony, which does not favor zombies and their reproduction. Subterrain is a unique game that will win you after five minutes of playing.

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