Total War Warhammer Download (PC, Mac +crack)

full game for pc, mac download

full game for pc, mac download
Total War: Warhammer is a fusion of proven concepts with the Empire, Dwarves, Orcs, Vampires and Empire Man presents a reset of the series. Total War is a great game, because it is significantly different from what we are used to. It is still a combination of global moves strategy and real-time tactical battles, only the actors are radically different.
new grand-scale campaign
Gameplay has four factions that are almost completely different from one another: The Dwarfs, The Empire of Man, Greenskins and The Vampire Counts. There are also Chaos Warriors that come in the form of a DLC that was free in the first week. The concept and behavior of each race is followed by the rules of the Games Workshop, which are shaped in a specific one.

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The empire, led by legendary Karl Franck, is the most classical Total War fraction and, in addition to gryphons, wizards and steam tanks, reminds of late Byzantium. Heavy armors, good diplomacy, the possibility of trade with other civilized factions and other features make it ideal for the first campaign. Dwarves make a significant deflection in several directions. They have superlocated units, the strongest artillery, can use underground paths to navigate the strategic map.
play as all Races from both games
Any defeat in a fight or some other unfavorable circumstance is recorded in Book of the Grudges, and you get the quest that is most often related to the vengeance of the faction or its representative who has resented you. Ignore the building you will receive campaign penalties, and by completing them bonuses.

Orcs and goblins have relatively inexpensive and numerical largest units, but also the concept of fictitiouss that keeps them constantly fighting if they want to avoid a rebellion in their own ranks and combat attrition. The success and maximization of the fight will be caused by the famous WAAAGH, when opponents can shave the skin on the spike because the greeners then receive additional free power.
A fantasy strategy game
Vampire counts, fewer sympathetic villains, can raise units from the dead, have powerful magic, but they do not have any remote units, and campaign success can be ensured by the spread of vampire corruption that causes riots and vampire rebellions in the affected territories.

The forces of the chaos function according to the same principle as the Mongolian horde, they have no settlements, nor can they capture them, and the gameplay is reduced to destruction, plundering and setting up temporary camps. Vampires and their forces are spreading corruption, and the hardest to play because of the relatively weak forces they initially have. A major change in relation to the previous sequels concerns the role of the generals who lead the armies and other heroes / agents fighting alongside the troops.
colossal, real-time battles
Instead of a vulnerable unit that provides a variety of bonuses to the troops, these are now the real heroes to send to the front line, where swords, hammers and magic will disperse opponents, with the retained role of carcass bonuses in a large diameter. A tactical novelty is also offensive, buff and debuff magic that can be useful when thrown by high-level heroes.

You can equip Heroes with weapons, armor, claws, talismans and other aids that you get from the defeated opponents, by which you make those mansions within the army led by the respective hero. Total War: Warhammer will grow by adding other races (scuffed, high, dark, and wood elves, lizardmen …) through DLCs, which will become a worthy substitute for a tabletop in a multiplier.

Hearts of Iron IV Download (PC, Mac)

apk, pc game download

apk, pc game download
Hearts of Iron IV puts you in the role of a leader of the representatives of the geopolitical and military series of any country on the planet during the Second World War. Gameplay is in some elements simpler than the previous one, while in the other it is more complex. Relatively serious changes are present in all segments, from politics, through economics, to war, with the exception of diplomacy.
Victory is at your fingertips
While the world boldly rattles towards another, probably the last great war, it is not fierce to remember that the planet was roaring in the past. The Second World War, in its entirety, is traditionally the most entertaining being presented through grandiose strategies. Although you can choose any weaker country, playing is incomparably more interesting if it is experienced from the perspective of one of the great powers or a state that is strong enough to leave its mark.

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The roots of political engagement in the game are the political points that you spend on changing state laws, diplomatic action and the engagement of historical figures that give different bonuses in all spheres of functioning of the state. The best new element is the designer of the division that allows absolute freedom in designing your armed forces.
command of any nation in World War II
Any amendment to divine templates requires the use of military experience that you gain by training units, participating in wars, or you receive it as a bonus from a talented theoretician who you recruited for political points, so that you can not remember the changes, but when you can pay them. Resource economics and trade are also simplified and changed for the better.

The industry is sharply divided into civilian and military, with the possibility of converting factories as needed in the event of war, converting civilian to military. In peace, civilian factories are the basis of everything, because with the help of them, you build infrastructure, military factories, fortifications and literally all other improvements in the territories.
greatest military leader in the world
If, for example, you are filling a steel or a tire for the production of weapons, you will do a dilemma with the countries that export them and in return give a certain amount of consumer goods that the civilian factories automatically make. The military industry is also greatly conceived, because, as in reality, the production of weapons and equipment is separated from the hull recruitment.

Groups of armies and fronts are now grouped under the command of individual generals. This makes planning easier and eliminates the complete automation of warfare. You can determine the direction of action, the line of defense, and some extent to define an action dashboard for the generals and their groups of armies, but fines, especially those that encircle and destroy environments in the environment, require your manual input to achieve maximum results.
change the fate of the world
Hearts of Iron IV looks really impressive. Zooming the map is leaping, every level of zoom now brings a fantastic new layer of detail. Opposite AI is relatively easy and can easily be exploited, for example, by the production of a large number of infantry units and by completely ignoring aviation in a mission to conquer most of continental Europe. You can increase the challenge by raising the level of difficulty, but by doing so you give yourself the production penalties, and the opponent, unfortunately, does not become more intelligent.

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Act of Aggression Reboot Edition Download

full game download

full game download
Act of Aggression Reboot Edition is addition to the original Act of Aggression to copy the mechanics of its 11-year-old predecessor: Act of War. What is Reboot edition? In short, what was the original version should have been from the start, but not yet what the players expected.
offers a full gameplay overhaul
There is no more confusing and complicated economy with three resources stored in several different bases, but there is only one – a dollar. It is so much emphasized that when you run out, the game will report the message Not enough dollars.

Full PC game + reboot edition, download it here

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Running resources solely on dollars drastically changes the mechanics and balance of the game. Now it’s virtually impossible to completely lose resources, because the system of generating the dollar by keeping the prisoners and objects that generously generate a cash cache greatly eases things.
simplified research system, and many major mechanic
There is no longer juggling with the selection of units and upgrades, and there is no reconnaissance in the search for resources, because oil fields from the very start are visible on the maps. The rest of the changes are reduced to further simplification and return to the roots.

It is much easier to build the base now, because although most of the buildings require proximity to other buildings, the allowed distance between them is extended, and it is now possible to manually manage the builders. This greatly facilitates the planning of the order and the possibility of building multiple objects.
three distinct factions each armed
Many units have experienced facilitation, and some have been omitted to make visual, but also purposeful diversification more pronounced. There are no more than five of the same units with different weapons, nor can each unit be effective against everything with the appropriate apgrejd. Although returned to the old, the airborne system is not at the level seen by the Act of War series.

Act of Aggression: Reboot Edition brings Skirmish and Multiplayer modes, while Eugen systems did not look at the reset campaign. For rare fans of the original version of the Act of Aggression, there is an option to start the game in the old mode.

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StarCraft II Nova Covert Ops
Ashes of the Singularity

Battlezone 98 Redux Download Activation Key

activation key for pc

activation key for pc
Battlezone 98 Redux is not a complete remake of the original, but it represents its weighty and graphically flush edition that is compatible with today’s computers and operating systems. An alternative future in which the Cold War escalated into the interplanetary conflict between the Russians and the Americans in search of newly discovered bio-metal has led mankind to the brink of ruin.

Here you get Battlezone 98 Redux Activation Key. With which you’ll activate the game for PC. Below I will explain in details the entire procedure step by step. You are at the right place.

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Video – step by step instruction

As if this is not enough, the story includes a mysterious alien civilization. Fantastic voice play, which especially comes to light during major battles, along with combat calls and cursing opponents, is a good part of the cult status. The game mechanics are very complex. As this is a FPS-style strategy, the command issuing system is unique and not like what most RTS players are accustomed to.
greatest strategy of all time
Therefore, training and memorizing keyboard combinations and shortcuts on the keyboard are absolute imperatives. Battlezone is cruel and does not blame errors, if you have a bad nook, say hello to a rocket that ordinary scout will destroy in a matter of seconds. Fighting is known to be intense, especially when attacking the bases, due to the specificity of the performance, the number of units is effectively limited.

The micro-management unit is an important part of the tactics, both during combat and in periods between two battles, when a player will have to take care of whether all units have been repaired and supplied with ammunition! There are only a few types of combat units, floating tanks, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.
HD with completely remodelled vehicles
The player will have to get used to them and according to how to plan tactics, but also to choose which ones to manage. The good side of such a concept is that during the mission it will be able to change more tanks and what if, if its tanks are destroyed, they will have the opportunity to exit after catapulting and return to the base.

Building a base requires the existence of energy sources to supply buildings, while the construction of units requires the collection of bio-metals that is scattered all over the map, and remains behind the destroyed tanks. Its collection is performed by automated drones that are necessary to protect against the enemy.
for crucial bio-metal, deploy powerful defenses
Defense of the base is also an important factor for each mission and consists of several defensive buildings or semi-movable defense units that can change the location. Textures and models of 18 years ago, designed for a resolution of 640 x 480 and 14-inch monitors, would not look the same on today’s diagonals and resolutions, no matter how someone was nostalgic. The remainder is not changed, including sometimes a cramped pathfinding, which is still present.

Battlezone 98 Redux took the title of the game of the month and got a score of 90. Now, however, the remake of an even older classics has swept the title, but the score still deserves. The development team was completely successful in making time planes and deserved all praise.

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Stellaris Download (+All DLC)

download it + all dlc

download it + all dlc
Stellaris is by and large a unique 4X title, in addition to the mechanical tasks of the leader of the intergalactic empire and the effort to expand and achieve domination, Stellaris brings a lot of scripted events and unpredictable wonders.
evolution of the grand strategy
The research ships you send to inventory planetary systems will occasionally find fantastic relics of past civilizations, inexplicable artifacts or natural phenomena that require deeper research that will sometimes turn into real interplanetary quests that require the total engagement of your empire’s resources.

Full Game (+all DLC), download it here

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You will find yourself encountering pre-warp civilizations at different stages of development, which you will be able to study if you build a observation station in their orbit, and to bring them into the society of intelligent civilizations. In addition to competing civilizations that start from the same positions as yours, there are fierce empires, sparsely limited, but still super-powerful remains of civilizations that have long since passed its zenith.
alien races and emergent storytelling
Each of them has certain features and moral prefixes that will often not match yours. If in the war with competition, instead of peaceful integration, you choose the enslavement of the population on the conquered planets, and you are unhappy that your neighbor is a fallen empire that despises slavery, for the time will be destroyed.

You also have wide opportunities for diplomatic initiatives, agreements and agreements with other civilizations, and establishing relationships that depend on a lot of factors, and above all of your behavior and characteristics of the empire you started with. In addition to the outside, there is also a very developed internal politics in the gameplay, whose factors depend on the initial disposition of the empire.
expand through war alone
Elections, political factions, ethnic tolerance of the population, economic migration and other elements will keep you awake and alert even if the external situation is consistent and the state of affairs at borders is peaceful. Stellaris has non-linear technologies, technologies are to some extent randomized. At any given time, within one of three disciplines: physics, social sciences and engineering disciplines, you have three research proposals that are reset when you explore the previously selected technology.

Destruction and analysis of the debris of some aggressive crystal entities will give you a huge bonus in exploring the launcher of crystal shards, an efficient medium range medium-range weapon. Everything is intertwined, everything has to do with each other…
Advanced Diplomacy system
One of the most useful novelties in the field of management are the empire sectors you will create when you crack the limit of the planets that you can directly control. The AI that controls their development is not ideal and is often too slow and passive, but I suppose it will be resolved in some other patch.

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StarCraft II Nova Covert Ops Download

download full game

download full game
StarCraft II: The new Covert Ops is the first official DLC in the famous Blizzard strategy series and as such has to meet high expectations. The universe created for the StarCraft series is too rich for Blizzard to leave it for a long time in hibernation.

Thus, a few years after a great deal of clashes with Aemon’s forces, the Sector of Koper was in peace and attempted to restore a part of the devastated during the Great War.
Consisting of nine missions
This short-lived peace is grossly interrupted by the new attacks of Zerg swarms on the terran colonies. The mysterious organization Defenders of Man enters the scene publicly attacking Emperor Valerian Mengsk that he is incapable of providing security to the citizens of Dominion.

SC2 Nova Covert Ops, download it here

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At the same time, a few Ghosts, special operatives with psychiatric abilities, disappear from the Dominion Army without a trace. One of these operatives, Ghost New Terra, wakes up in a secret facility without the exact memory of how she got there.
gone missing in action
The story in which New, the most famous Blizzard character without his own play, is a trail of his kidnapping that puts him in the midst of a clash between Valerian, the Defenders of Man organization and, of course, the Zerg, is quite interesting and unbelieving Blizzard competently through a mixture of missions and in-engine sinematics .

What starts out as a classic Starcraft hero mission quickly turns into a well-known format of the SC2 campaign. There is a mobile operations center where you communicate with NPCs, launch missions, and adjust the equipment used by battles during the battles, or units under its command.
delve into the conspiracy
There are also conventional missions with building a base, raising resources, producing units, and combating more enemies. StarCraft II: The New Covert Ops DLC is almost all the level we expect from Blizzard, but one thing is not yet – the amount of content that has been provided to us.

Namely, the entire new Covert Ops will include nine missions, which should provide about a third of the time provided by the Legacy of the Void campaign. What we get is very nice, but it’s so short that it has a negative impact on the overall impression.

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Ashes of the Singularity PC Download

pc game download here

pc game download here
Ashes of the Singularity is an RTS mix of many well-known titles, many capital units visually resemble boats from the Starcraft series, battles and the concept of units at Supreme Commander, while the system folders are divided into territories each containing a source of a specific resource literally copied from the Company of Heroes.
of many well-known titles
Map reminiscent of Battle for Dune. The maps are huge, they are always divided into passing slopes and inaccessible mountain peaks, so their effective surface is, in fact, quite small and is reduced to a series of tunnels wherever possible, which eliminates almost every tactical deployment of units.

Full PC game, download it here

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Ashes of the Singularity has only two factions, an arsenal split into three tiers, with several different units in each of them and an airplane that resembles today’s. The unit leveling system exists only with dreadnought capital ships that, through time spent in combat, gain experience and improve their characteristics.
always divided into passing slopes
All other units are cheap, consumable goods that will kill in every game in hundreds and even thousands. Different units can be joined to the armies and thus put them in effective formations. Defense of the base with static defense units makes sense only in the PVO variant, since all turrets aimed at combating land targets are so weak that they can not retain even the fewest weakest units.

The campaign is completely retarded and it would be better if it was not at all. Eleven missions, of which three are optional, serve the players to familiarize themselves with the gameplay mechanics. The first few missions are tutorials that last for a few minutes, and then suddenly a serious battle begins. AI is constantly cheating and in some situations it is a very difficult opponent.
The capital unit leveling
Tactical thinking is almost completely disabled and everything comes down to the quicker and more aggressive use of resources. The technical side is graphics – it’s blazing! AotS is the first DirectX 12 title and uses the Nitrous engine, which is intentionally written for the RTS type of games and is capable of serving thousands of units and burdening even the most powerful hardware, but also to adapt to the resources of more modest pc machines.

Ashes of the Singularity from the beginning developed with close collaboration with AMD, it is not surprising that it works harder on GeForce cards.

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Battlefleet Gothic Armada Download Steam Key

armada steam activation code

armada steam activation code
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada is a combination of moving fleet management and real-time space battles, the Armada is the first Warhammer 40K game that takes place in deep space. Battlefleet Gothic: Armada is a good attempt to bring the audience closer to the naval aspect of Imperium and unwashed heroes who risk life and reason traveling by warp, transporting troops in combat barges and fighting aliens.

You are at the right place. Here you can download Battlefleet Gothic: Armada Steam Key. With which you’ll activate the game. Below I will explain in details the entire procedure step by step.

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Video – step by step instruction

One of these brave fleets is operating in the Gothic sector, intended by Haos vormaster Abadon the Despoiler, who raises his terrible army and makes a sudden hole in this silent corner of the Empire. The haosa wave attracts other common suspects, who also want to invade planets from a sector that can not receive military reinforcements due to a powerful warp storm that has accompanied the invasion. Admiral Spire gets an order to prevent an invasion.
adaptation of Games Workshop’s tabletop game
Armada is a moving strategy with a combination of real-time space battles, has three basic modes: single-player campaign, skirmish and raw multiplayer. During the challenging segment of the campaign, you will upgrade the fleet and choose missions from a rich supply of invasive situations. Most missions are an optional filler that comes in several defined categories such as blocking the blockade, defending the position or station, eliminating opponent admirals and other targets.

Each successful mission ensures the inflow of admiral glory and experience for ship crew, which has a beneficial effect on the strength and the numerous status of your fleet. Battles are real-time clusters of flotation squads on one level, maneuvering by the 17th-century Navy style ships to bomb your opponents with torpedo blades. Each ship, depending on the class, has one or more special abilities that vary from the possibility of remote reconnaissance and sowing of plasma mines to short-range teleportation, salve torpedoes.
offers deep management of every ship
When you practice a hundred-fold negotiation on the side of enemy ships, everything will go smoothly, and you will be more competitive in multiplayer. Equally important is the quick maneuverability, and above all the timely use of limited boosters for rapid turning or acceleration, since the angles of the attack and the position most depend on the amount and type of damage you are making.

Advancement by rank in a single player opens you slots for new ships and allows you to use multi-class vessels. You start with light cruisers, to quickly start unlocking normal, heavy cruisers and battleships. All vessels level survival in missions, and each new level opens slots for additional equipment and crew levels.
weaponry, defense and support sub-systems
The consequences of defeat, however, are not fatal, as the arsenal does not lose its irreversible. Destroyed ships are not destroyed, but they go on a dry dock to repair during several moves, although there is a chance that they are sometimes lost forever! Battlefleet Gothic: Armada will provide you with hours of good fun, we recommend it to all lovers.

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Tenshu General Download

pc game download

pc game download
Tenshu General is a simple, elegant strategy game that combines elements of classic strategy and social games like Risk. It combines elements of classic strategy and board games, provides a certain amount of challenge from the opponent. Gameplay is located in medieval Japan during the Edo period, which lasted from 1603 to 1868.

It is the time of the rule of the city of Edo, that is, the Tokugawa shogunate who established the famous Tokugawa Tenshu. In the role of the general, and under the command of his shogun, your goal is to spread the boundaries of your territory and defeat the enemies that surround you. The main campaign consists of three helpful tutorials with which you can learn the basics of the gameplay, and six main missions, which is extremely small, this is in some way a pity because the mission could have been more.
casual game play
However, besides the campaign there is a skirmish mode with an additional set of maps. The central element in the game is your castle in which you create your own army and with the help of conquering the provinces, demolish the rebels and destroy the enemy army. You need to determine the seat of your castle, after which you move to the invading march. To create your army, you need rice that is presented as the main resource.

download button

You get rice from the conquered provinces, and you can improve its production with the aid of farmers and their tools. Farmers with tools are efficient because they increase the quality of crops and thus contribute to a slight increase in total production.
it is elegant board games
Rice also requires a lot of water, so proper irrigation is vital for creating high yields of rice, and cattle additionally makes it easier for locals to handle crops. Your army consists of cavalry, infantry and shooters, each with specific characteristics.

Mountains, forests or rivers have a direct impact on your units and can directly help or deflect them during combat. Infantry can use the trees as a shelter, which represents the perfect tactics during the battle. The same battle is done automatically by pressing the Result button.
allow you a wide variety of battlefields
In addition to conquering the territory, it is also necessary to defend your castle from enemy attacks by building additional walls. Unfortunately, such a defense does not function for provinces in your area that you can only defend with the help of the army.

During these battles, losses are fairly common, which in the later stages of the game can be very frustrating because the army is very expensive, and the need for good province organization is emphasized. Tenshu General comes with a map editor where you can create your own folders and share them with other players.