The Way Game Download (PC, Mac)

download it here no steam

download it here no steam
The Way is indie game can be compared to legendary titles such as Another World, Flashback etc. The game mechanics shine unexpectedly in a way that is rarely seen in today’s games, strongly evoking the best titles Amiga’s scene could offer. The Way is a beautiful diamond of the indie scene and is a real refreshment and a compulsory lecture for nostalgics and older players.
story about a member of explorers
The plot starts in the near future, and puts you in the role of an astronaut-scientist who is pinching over the grave of an unhappily lost wife, and also colleagues from the research institute in which they worked together. After a bit of bizarre blasting of the mound and theft of the body, the mission of the protagonist will be to revive his dragon at any cost by going on a planet where traces of ancient alien civilization have been found.

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There are no audio logs, long synths or characters that spill the walls of the text. All you need to know is discreetly embroidering on the go, short and effective descriptions as you pass along the essential objects or elements of the scene, with the possibility to look directly at some of them and continue on.
search of the meaning of life itself
A quality element of the set atmosphere will also include a few flashbacks inputs that are represented by shorter vignettes from the lives of an unhappy couple, as well as aging and physically changing the protagonist as the game moves, which further enhances the emotional state through which the hero passes.

The Way also unexpectedly shines, in a way that is very rarely seen in today’s games, strongly evoking some of the time spent doing the best that the Amiga scene could offer. The Way is focused on the adventurous problem solving, with the array of logical challenges that all work perfectly well and harmoniously as a whole.
Inspired by Éric Chahi's masterpieces
An initial level that takes place in a cosmodrome base, in which you need to figure out how to prepare and steal the space shuttle, make a smile on the face of every fan of the game. In addition to visiting the foreign world, and the beast that will hurl you in one part of the game, Flashback’s impact is visible through the visual character of the game, shorter animations and inserts, certain abilities to use.

You can activate individual switches and buttons when you are close to them, an energy shield with a limited duration to defend and deflect laser beams and fire by security drones and robots, a teleport that returns you to a predefined location, and the ability to tele-kinetically manipulate and move individual elements of the scene in order to achieve a certain goal.

March of the Living Game Download

pc game download
March of the Living is a zombie apocalypse trained in FTL mechanics, starting from the genre assumption that only the one who is moving constantly has the chance of survival in a zombie world, and puts you in the role of a character crossing from end to end of the state in search of an ex-wife and a minor child.
Rogue Stormers combines modern art style
March of the Living is conceived as a FTL, moving from one to the other resting place, making choices in situational dilemmas, searching for supplies and fighting zombies. At the beginning you are alone, you have a revolver, twenty bullets, food for several days. On the map, you will select the closest road node and run automatically to the destination.

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You will pass miles, the days will shift the nights that will give way to the days, and the hunger and fatigue scales will begin to lightly inflate and require rest in a safe location or in the middle of the road, with the risk of awakening the sounds of the zombies that attack you. At the end of each stage, one situation dilemma awaits you: The choice between options a, b, c, for which you must meet the requirements or have the necessary item in the inventory, may have a good, bad or neutral consequence.
stronger with each new raid
In urban areas, you will search for supplies, calculating the time for salvaging with the risk of hitting zombies. Food and ammunition will be worth more than gold: a few days of skipping meals will diminish your health bar to an unintentional death, and if you do not have ammunition, you will have to zombies to darken with sharp or dumb objects and risk an infection.

Sometimes you will have the opportunity to recruit escorts, choosing between easier fighting in society and higher consumption of valuable food. March of the Living is tougher than FTL because it is more random and less predictable. This is one of those games where every thirty-odd party ends with success. These are similar Rogue-lite games that you can download here.

Pang Adventures Download (PC, Xbox, PS4)

download pc, xbox one, ps4 cd key

download pc, xbox one, ps4 cd key
Pang Adventures is not an ordinary remake, but a whole new game that relies heavily on the famous original title. Earth is again threatened by invading alien possessed balloons by murderers. After being defeated last time and sent back to their home planet, aliens have worked hard to design new, even more lethal balloons.

Here you get Pang Adventures CD Key. With which you’ll activate the game for PC, Xbox One or Play Station 4. Below I will explain in details the entire procedure step by step. You are at the right place.

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Video – step by step instruction

The Invasion went from Bora to Bora spread to the whole world, so our heroes jumped into their fighting plane and started to clean the elephants. In the campaign, you travel from place to place only with one goal: to free mankind from the presence of an ally balloon. After successful missions, move to a new location when you are in the ambush waiting for the head of the area that needs to be eliminated.
arcade video games
Each site consists of 15 levels, and it is interesting that they are almost unrelated to one another. Only one life is available to you, and the score you get is not transferred to the next level. In practice, this means that the levels at which you sang can be repeated to the slightest will, without any fear that this will affect further progress or result.

The basic weapon for balloon drilling is a pistol that fires an iron bullet for a rope. If the balloon is hit directly or by any part touches the rope, it will fade into two parts, and the player is to repeat the procedure until the balloons can no longer be reduced. We see that the smallest version of the balloon looks gigantic compared to the original complement.
brings new features and gameplay
As far as the additional weapons are concerned, Pang Adventures has implemented many goodies that generally have a limited shelf life. There is, for example, an improved version of a pistol that can drop two iron arrows, then a kind of mini-gun, a colt, a flame thrower, a laser, a hurricane, and so on.

The enemies have also experienced aggression, and now there are balloons that send lightning to the ground, they are filled with some kind of gas that serves as a smoke bomb etc. When you complete the Tour mode, the option of playing the Score Attack mode will actually open, which actually brings the true Pang experience.
compete with your worldwide friends
Three lives are available, in the game you can enjoy two players simultaneously, and you can team up both locally and online. Finally, you can get out of the wheelbase by launching the Panic mode, which represents a huge, endless level in which the balloons continue to hunt towards you as long as you have a live account.

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Battlezone 98 Redux Download Activation Key

activation key for pc

activation key for pc
Battlezone 98 Redux is not a complete remake of the original, but it represents its weighty and graphically flush edition that is compatible with today’s computers and operating systems. An alternative future in which the Cold War escalated into the interplanetary conflict between the Russians and the Americans in search of newly discovered bio-metal has led mankind to the brink of ruin.

Here you get Battlezone 98 Redux Activation Key. With which you’ll activate the game for PC. Below I will explain in details the entire procedure step by step. You are at the right place.

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Video – step by step instruction

As if this is not enough, the story includes a mysterious alien civilization. Fantastic voice play, which especially comes to light during major battles, along with combat calls and cursing opponents, is a good part of the cult status. The game mechanics are very complex. As this is a FPS-style strategy, the command issuing system is unique and not like what most RTS players are accustomed to.
greatest strategy of all time
Therefore, training and memorizing keyboard combinations and shortcuts on the keyboard are absolute imperatives. Battlezone is cruel and does not blame errors, if you have a bad nook, say hello to a rocket that ordinary scout will destroy in a matter of seconds. Fighting is known to be intense, especially when attacking the bases, due to the specificity of the performance, the number of units is effectively limited.

The micro-management unit is an important part of the tactics, both during combat and in periods between two battles, when a player will have to take care of whether all units have been repaired and supplied with ammunition! There are only a few types of combat units, floating tanks, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.
HD with completely remodelled vehicles
The player will have to get used to them and according to how to plan tactics, but also to choose which ones to manage. The good side of such a concept is that during the mission it will be able to change more tanks and what if, if its tanks are destroyed, they will have the opportunity to exit after catapulting and return to the base.

Building a base requires the existence of energy sources to supply buildings, while the construction of units requires the collection of bio-metals that is scattered all over the map, and remains behind the destroyed tanks. Its collection is performed by automated drones that are necessary to protect against the enemy.
for crucial bio-metal, deploy powerful defenses
Defense of the base is also an important factor for each mission and consists of several defensive buildings or semi-movable defense units that can change the location. Textures and models of 18 years ago, designed for a resolution of 640 x 480 and 14-inch monitors, would not look the same on today’s diagonals and resolutions, no matter how someone was nostalgic. The remainder is not changed, including sometimes a cramped pathfinding, which is still present.

Battlezone 98 Redux took the title of the game of the month and got a score of 90. Now, however, the remake of an even older classics has swept the title, but the score still deserves. The development team was completely successful in making time planes and deserved all praise.

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Atari Vault Download no Steam

no steam download

no steam download
Atari Vault relive the golden age of gaming with 100 of the most iconic Atari games from the 80’s. Classic Atari titles like Asteroids, Centipede, and many more. The period from the mid-seventies to the first half of the 1980s marked the absolute dominance of Atari in the video game market until 1983. The Atari gamut of the pre-crash plays a great arcade material and essential historical material, based on which the roots of modern representative of digital entertainment.
Play seminal Atari titles including Asteroids
Software magicians gathered behind the code Code Mystics, otherwise known for similar nostalgic packages designed for modern consoles, decided to serve us a smaller piece of the imposing history of formerly large and very important companies. The fact is that there have long been emulators for all the Atari hardware outlets and ROM files on the net are available to everyone.

Atari Vault no Steam, download it here

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Atari Vault brings about 100 titles divided into two categories – arcade machines and games for the Atari 2600 console. The initial enthusiasm for reading a long list of games disappears when you realize that only games that came out directly from the Atari kitchen were covered, so the classics other companies such as River Raid and Pitfall.
battle for arcade supremacy
In addition to these, there was no place for licensed releases, regardless of Atari’s signature, so do not rely on vector Star Wars mamiparama, and for the same reason, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, which was a major factor in the breakdown of the entire industry.

In spite of this, important classics are included in this compilation: Asteroids, Missile Command, Lunar Lander, Tempest and other sizes are still today, thirty years after they’ve seen the light of day perfectly playful. Players who first stepped into the world of video games with the Rambo console a couple of decades ago can breathe, Atari Vault contains both parts of Combat, eternally popular tanks.
Relive the glory days
Since it’s a modern package, local and online multiplayer modes are implied. The games follow additional material in the form of a photo gallery, while arcade machines represent virtual three-dimensional models. The machines and console 2600 are just one part of the rich Atari legacy, so we would like to see the consoles 5200/7800 in a future compilation.

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Stardew Valley Download (Mac, PC)

download for mac or pc

download for mac or pc
Stardew Valley promises an interesting escape from urban reality and crowds, curved in cute pixel art graphics and simple gameplay. Stardew Valley puts you in the role of a city boy who has been bored of life in the city and work in the office. At the right time, they inform you that your deceased ancestor left your property in a nearby village.

Your created character will get up early in the morning and be most optimistic about going to sleep at ten o’clock in the afternoon due to overtime. The work of the peasant is difficult, but the moment you first get the fruit of your painstaking work and sell it by putting it in a wooden container that serves as a portal to the market, happiness has no end.
begin your new life
You will collect everything and everything from the fruits that you have grown up to the timber and stones that you collect in the yard. The courtyard is huge in size, and since it has not been owned for a long time, it has grown into plants and trees that you will clean, and then make a super-farm. You have hair, stone crushing hammer, bud for hoeing and shaking.

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All you collect, you will be able to sell, eat, donate to someone or use for quests, hyper-crafting or simply store. You need to water the crops, and you can fence and protect the farm with the use of a scarecrow. You can later do the irrigation system, and especially rain will be especially enjoyable because then you do not need to water the crops.
Armed with hand-me-down tools
Certain crops will be planted only at a certain season, each species has its own maturation period, and the quality of the fruit can be improved by fertilizing the soil. All you can do in inventory can be made or purchased for gold coins. You make purchases in two markets, one of which is a real village store, and another is a mega corporation.

In the abandoned cooperative home, you will find several villages, and since they are extremely peaceful, you will find their souls by collecting certain items. RPG element of the game is reflected above all in the quest and communication with locals and the deepening of relationships that eventually can result in marriage.
Raise animals, grow crops, craft useful machines
Each of your neighbors is a human being with daily routines and a more or less real personality. This segment is particularly prominent during the most important rural events, of which the most important is the Autumn Stardew Valley Festival, where everyone contributes to one big festival and exude the fruits of its work.

In the game you will meet animals that you can grab and blast in the nearby mine against which you will fight. For this purpose, you will also get a sword, exploring the mine will bring you minerals, artifacts and other gems that you will continue to use to develop something …? Stardew Valley simply has the power to, the longer you play, the more you play. There is also the improvement of skills with the mentioned tools.
level up in 5 different areas
The more you use the tools, and the skill will grow in proportion to the usage. You can fish, have a pet, or edit your property more carefully than you would with the right courtyard. On the visual side, the graphics also delight.

Pixel graphics are precious and absolutely retro, as far as sound is concerned, the effects themselves are more than excellent, while music is a category for itself, relaxing melodies that do not disturb the atmosphere, but you are further entangled in the narcotic world Stardew Valleya will bump your head and long after the fire.

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