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pc game no steam

pc game no steam
Shardlight is placed in the world after the apocalypse, where the ruling Aristocracy subtly terrorized the masses. A heroine, Amy Wellard, suffers from the deadly illness of green lung and has to work for Aristocracy to get the chance to participate in the lottery for the vaccine. Soon he comes into contact with the resistance movement, and then begins a ride after which things will never be the same again….
on the day the bombs fell
Shardlight is primarily a short story, while the puzzles are light and serve to drag players into the world of gameplay, filled with lots of interesting details and ideas. The unnamed city in which the game takes place represents a mixture of cultures and epochs: the dominant shadow of the fifties, modern technology, decadent aristocracy, Victorian-style cultures.

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Atmosphere also contributes to audio-visual characteristics, re-rendering a brown-yellow post-apocalypse, but the world is otherwise visually well built. Events get gurgled, numerous characters get new roles and show that they are not just talking to them once, the topics are crystallized and it becomes clear that almost every part of the story is well integrated into a meaningful whole.
oligarchy that controls all resources
Amy is a lovely heroine, we lock her in a city where she spent her entire life. Her history, clear, benevolent motives, and relationships with friends make you lose the real person, which is backed up by good acting. The problem is the dialogues, not only because they are uninterestingly written, but also because the characters have nothing special, clever, lucid or witty to say.

The motives of the main villain are superficial and unconvincingly presented, and the most interesting mystery of the game, who are red-eyed redheads that follow Amy and how they relate to the cult of Reaper, is at the same time the biggest disappointment. In the global, it seems that the author tried the story, but failed to raise it above the level of a solid pulp. However, since in the world of games we rarely see really good stories, and solid pulp is a beautiful sight.
qualify for the vaccine lottery
To make his next game, Unavowed, Wayet Eye uses Unity instead of a weak AGS engine that runs almost all of their previous games, including this one. As more and better quality monitors become standard, their low-resolution adventures are getting worse and poorer in the full screen, and it was high time we started getting them in HD.

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The Descendant Episode One Download

download pc game

download pc game
The Descendant: Episode One is an adventure, promising challenging riddles, a dramatic story and convincing characters in a post-apocalyptic environment. Gameplay is located in a world devastated by an ecological / nuclear disaster where humankind is reduced to a handful of selecters who have been saved in the cryo-snows.
end of the world is only the start
The player leads two characters: Donnie, whose action is played at the present, sent to investigate the Ark-01, which did not open automatically at a given time, and Mia, one of the two people who maintained the Ark in the past who worked right in the Ark -01.

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The most difficult puzzle in the game is actually a puzzle with pipes, no inventory, no research, there are only point & click systems that could be replaced by some other type of control. Character interaction is borrowed from Telltale games. The Logical Challenge of the Descendant makes the recent Dreamfall Chapters act as Myst.
climate change wrecked the planet
Donnie in the company of a former senator explores Akr-01. Gameplay manages to interest you to find out what happened in Ark 01? The interlacing of timeline was done very well, although in some situations it is obvious when a leap will occur.

The design of the world is in Lukas’s prequel trilogy of Star Wars. Archaic computers in Ark, electrical devices that after centuries of non-use still work. The graphic aspect of the game should be acknowledged that some freshness was introduced into the cell shaded more adventure.
cryogenically suspended in underground bunkers known as Arks
Most of the gameplay will be played by bringing your characters to the desired location. And in the end, to summarize, The Descendant Episode One is an average adventure, which does not offer anything that has not been seen before. If you love point & click adventures, we recommend that you play The Descendant Episode One.

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Agatha Christie The ABC Murders Game Download

pc game download

pc game download
Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders is based on the story of the same name in which the killer with a series of letters directly causes Hercule Poirot to deal with murders, announcing them in alphabetical order. ABC Murders is above all a light adventure with a fantastic story that will surely appeal to every fan of the genre.

Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot have long become synonyms for brilliant minds that until today no one has managed to outperform. Which of the two would be concerned, solving a new case in the form of a digital adventure will surely make a smile on the face of all fans of the detective genre.
ABC Murders is an adventure and investigation
Namely, this game pretty badly takes over all the best details from the brilliant Crimes and Punishments and some of the earlier Frogwares games and only shapes them into something different graphics and a new story. Since Crimes was a phenomenal game, it would not be so bad in itself, however, the elements here are somehow more superficial and have less impact on the whole story.

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the killer with a series of letters directly causes Poirot to solve the killings, announcing them in alphabetical order: first she kills Mrs. Asher in Andover, then switches to letter B and so on. Gameplay is a standard point & click system: you go from location to location and look for traces, interesting details and items that can be of use to you.
adventure game packed with mysteries
Some objects are puzzles and you will have to warm up a little bit a bit. Some riddles are logical and simple, especially at the beginning: stacking and matching elements, finding similarities, but they are also quite complicated.

adventurers will find little about it, but they will probably be a little overweight, although more because of the complexity and duration of riddles, but because of their objective weight. Every character in the game can be reviewed and examined in detail, it is usually necessary to spot some characteristic facial features or details on the clothes, which then unlocks new topics of conversation.
against a mysterious opponent
The conversations are quite interesting, since you can put every question in multiple ways, and your goal is to as far as possible to guess how real Poaro might have put that question up. Poirot’s ego points are given for viewing in the mirror and other details that supposedly contribute to the revival of his character.

When you collect enough evidence and assumptions, the precise connection of the various items and elements you have compiled into conclusions that will ultimately lead to the resolution of the crimes. here the game allows only one, accurate result, which makes a little sense of feeling like pulling your nose.
find out more about the murderer
Gameplay boasts a stylized, slightly comic drawing, with sharp lines and clear colors, perfectly fitting with the overall tone of the story and truly appealing to the eye. Locations are detailed and faithful, characters convincing, all details of a functional … The same applies to the voice acting of the main characters.

ABC Murders is above all a light adventure with a fantastic story that will surely appeal to every fan of the genre. There is no openness of the story nor of those fine, subtle moments from which a man smiles…

Layers of Fear Download for PC

game for pc download it

game for pc download it
Layers of Fear is an adventure that brings experience where the player surrounds a distraction that will push it until it’s over. Layers of Fear brings us an experience that is rarely an adventure to deliver. The claustrophobic atmosphere of narrow, dark corridors and spacious lounges in which the air is so thick that it can be cut with a knife will not appeal to anyone.

This is not just about just telling the horror of the experience that the game offers, which is at best average, unless you’re still getting used to the crazy fantasmagoric views and creepy entities that are waiting for you when you turn 180 degrees, because you have the impression that something breathes in the neck.
Dare you help paint a true Masterpiece of Fear
Special attention is given to the sound design which is the main component in the weaving of the specific atmosphere of the Layers of Fear. If you do not dash the laughter of an innocent boy who, frowning grievingly, sometimes runs through the frame, maybe you will be thrown into the depths of the boards, metal friction on metal and agonal cries that can not be produced by human loud wire.

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The main hero will move in the house with a pre-set path of movement, the door through which you entered becomes locked immediately, while at the same time only one of the exits becomes active. Sometimes you will be able to use the observation power to briefly find the encryption key on the output door.
with focus on story and exploration
There is no dialogue or riddles, only infinite wanderings on a villa in which all the laws of logical conclusion have long ceased to apply. The oppressive and sick atmosphere filled every room in the house and took away the main hero and the last power of logical reasoning.

Leaving him to fight with the demons of the past by using the last tattered remnants of the wrong mind. With the nature of the tragic story that unwinds with each of our steps, we meet through documents scattered by the drawers. The main character is a painter who comes back to the house with a definite goal: to finish his life work, his magnum opus, a portrait on which he seems to have worked all his life.
Delve deep into the mind of an insane painter
Perhaps this will finally calm the voices in his head, alleviate the creaking of the old walls, and make the storm in the eternal night with which he and the villa are surrounded, to rest and stop. His portrait is his wife, and to whom a very different lady is watching us sadly. Research at home results in finding one of the subjects of critical importance for the completion of an image.

Layers of Fear is a dark drama, we can not give him too much criticism, the director is close to the film, and to the extent that we can begin to feel distress, darkness, confusion and hopelessness together with the main hero.

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