The Way Game Download (PC, Mac)

download it here no steam

download it here no steam
The Way is indie game can be compared to legendary titles such as Another World, Flashback etc. The game mechanics shine unexpectedly in a way that is rarely seen in today’s games, strongly evoking the best titles Amiga’s scene could offer. The Way is a beautiful diamond of the indie scene and is a real refreshment and a compulsory lecture for nostalgics and older players.
story about a member of explorers
The plot starts in the near future, and puts you in the role of an astronaut-scientist who is pinching over the grave of an unhappily lost wife, and also colleagues from the research institute in which they worked together. After a bit of bizarre blasting of the mound and theft of the body, the mission of the protagonist will be to revive his dragon at any cost by going on a planet where traces of ancient alien civilization have been found.

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There are no audio logs, long synths or characters that spill the walls of the text. All you need to know is discreetly embroidering on the go, short and effective descriptions as you pass along the essential objects or elements of the scene, with the possibility to look directly at some of them and continue on.
search of the meaning of life itself
A quality element of the set atmosphere will also include a few flashbacks inputs that are represented by shorter vignettes from the lives of an unhappy couple, as well as aging and physically changing the protagonist as the game moves, which further enhances the emotional state through which the hero passes.

The Way also unexpectedly shines, in a way that is very rarely seen in today’s games, strongly evoking some of the time spent doing the best that the Amiga scene could offer. The Way is focused on the adventurous problem solving, with the array of logical challenges that all work perfectly well and harmoniously as a whole.
Inspired by Éric Chahi's masterpieces
An initial level that takes place in a cosmodrome base, in which you need to figure out how to prepare and steal the space shuttle, make a smile on the face of every fan of the game. In addition to visiting the foreign world, and the beast that will hurl you in one part of the game, Flashback’s impact is visible through the visual character of the game, shorter animations and inserts, certain abilities to use.

You can activate individual switches and buttons when you are close to them, an energy shield with a limited duration to defend and deflect laser beams and fire by security drones and robots, a teleport that returns you to a predefined location, and the ability to tele-kinetically manipulate and move individual elements of the scene in order to achieve a certain goal.

The East New World Download (PC, APK)

apk, pc game download

apk, pc game download
The East New World confirms the unwritten rule that the Chinese are masters of borrowing other ideas and repackaging in a nuisance of different packaging. Experienced eye players with decades of experience will immediately notice that this is a clone of the Wonderboy series, specifically Monsterland and Dragon’s Trap.
high quality pixel art style
The player is in the role of a hero to save the world, the main hero’s development path to a powerful armor hero, through basic RPG elements and collecting coins. As you swung the sword that is five times higher than you and fight for freedom, during this platform adventure you will meet various characters like the floating furry creature named Pudding, some of which will permanently settle in the initial village, after which for financial compensation offer new pieces of equipment and various tasks.

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The gameplay is full of hidden passages and secret chambers, and some of them are hiding souvenirs by which they edit the interior of their house. Sooner or later you will not be able to clean a share or a boss, there is a possibility of free return to the previous levels where you can collect exp points to the will of the will.
multiple paths and secret areas
The desire for the best equipment can make it addictive and makes the player go further. However, in the end it all comes down to a few minutes of adventure, the absorption of the slap and another in a series of humiliations, the return to the city and the purchase of a stronger milker, then again attempting to eliminate a stronger opponent, and so on until the day after, so it quickly turns into monotony.

The East New World plays content to offer something, the graphic display works well on the small screens of the phone, but the stretched out on the monitor looks ugly and uninspirational, with an unbearably low eclipse fading. Level design also suffers from lack of imagination.
collectibles and achievements, boss fights
Defined to manage the keyboard or gamepad, you will still need to reach for the mouse while walking through menus and talking with the characters. It is certain that the game is not exactly refined and its origin from mobile devices is noticeable on every corner. Several layers of paint would give her a higher grade, but nevertheless a decent occupation for funny couples.

Rogue Stormers Download for PC

pc game download free

pc game download free
Rogue Stormers is a 2.5D twin stick shooter that involves separate controls for movement and targeting, and after accessing the action, borrows elements of Metal Slug. In this platform shooter, the goal is the same as in each other, it paves the way through the enemy’s army, break through to the main boss at the end of the level.
If you die, you'll be back at square one
Basic weapons do not have limited ammunition, while significantly more dangerous secondary guns collect by the way and have to cool down after use. Rocket boots will be used to reach higher platforms and avoid enemy cannons. The arsenal of weapons is diverse like: grenade launchers, sticky bombs, rotating bored and portable black hole generator.

PC game, download it here

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Life will also complicate the terrain obstacles in the form of burnt pipes and mined bridges, although some of them can be turned to your advantage. You start with Universe Brecht, while the other characters, each with different qualities and a unique specimen, are unlocked by crossing individual levels. The unique difference with respect to the usual shooter is the collection of experience points that Stormers gives to a specific RPG note.
play in a unique fashion
If you thought that these points are automatically acquired by the elimination of an opponent, you are cheating because the exp is only in the form of random drop. Get ready for the endless hours of grind that will ultimately be rewarded with the choice between the two random wings that remain available in each new party, but must unlock for each character again.

Loss of a complete arsenal after your opponents kill you and restart from the first level. Rogue Stormers is adorned with colorful animated-style graphics, although the actors are delicate and you can not spot your own cursor in the heat of battle. In co-op mode, all players share the same screen, which is inevitable when playing in the network line, but loses sense when the action moves online. These are similar Rogue-lite games that you can download here.

SpeedRunners Download (PC, Xbox, PS4)

activation cd key for pc, xbox or ps4

activation cd key for pc, xbox or ps4
SpeedRunners is delighted with minimalism, both in the field of technical characteristics and in the sphere of the gameplay itself. In the unusual New Rush City there are so many super-heroes that there are not enough criminals for everything, so unusual races are being organized that winners get the right to love offenders. The action is quick and crazy and it’s just as long to keep you on the edge of the chair.

Here you get SpeedRunners CD Key. With which you’ll activate the game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC. Below I will explain in details the entire procedure step by step. You are at the right place.

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Video – step by step instruction

The right to compel the first next offender will be the super hero who wins in an unusual race. They take place at various locations in the city, they are circular in character and they involve four superheroes at the same time. Paths are full of natural obstacles and objects, so the heroes must be careful not to hit their pillars, not to clutter for scattered boxes, not to fall into the openings for maintenance of the installation, and so on.
Welcome to SpeedRunners
The obstacles can be skipped, narrow passes to overcome by sliding in the crochet position, and there is also a hook with a rope that at any moment can be clamped to a ceiling or platform. For specific situations, a turbo running mode is used which consumes energy, which can, again, be restored by crossing over specially marked regions.

The players can throw a cursed rocket towards their opponent, they can snoop the prefabricated box behind them, and so the plot of the unfortunate ones that encounter it can use the rays that lay everything on their way, and there is also the possibility of firing huge glowing balls, activating paralyzing waves, using a grip on a rope to attract an opponent, and more.
Run, jump, swing around, fire rockets
You do not need to be too quick to win, because the rounds play out – when the edge of the screen gets to be eliminated, and the process is repeated until there is only one left on the battlefield. In order to eliminate endless parties, the screen decreases after a while, and thus also reduces the terminal space that needs to be made between the two heroes.

The first player to win three victories is declared the overall winner and for this he gets experience points that open his way as new shares, more destructive weapons and powers, or new heroes. At this moment, there are as many as 24 superheroes and 17 arena. A campaign has been implemented to improve the skills and accumulate a sufficient number of experience points.
2 players on a couch against 2 other players
Thus, for example, official online matches can not be played until you reach the fifth level of experience, but that does not mean that until now you will not have anything to do. On the contrary! You can play flax nets against your buddy, and even set things up so that online players or bots can participate in batches.

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Pang Adventures
The Bug Butcher

Salt and Sanctuary Download (PC, PS, Vita)

download it for ps, pc or vita

download it for ps, pc or vita
Salt and Sanctuary begins in the womb in the middle of a storm. A young warrior in charge of securing a princess who travels long distances to make a marriage that will bring peace, wakes up in the midst of the rush of arms, blurring, and screaming. A few tutorials of fights with weak attackers later, our hero comes on deck where he is waiting for Ktuluoliki boss named Unspeakable Deep and kills with one blow.

The screen turns black until you wake up on the beach of an island that does not exist on the map! A depressing, rainy coast, living morons who want to cut you off with rusty weapons, turmoil and the mystery of ancient buildings on the shore and the overall daring of the former impression.
complex 2D combat with richly RPG mechanics
Soon you realize that a two-dimensional view of the action is the only thing that distinguishes the game from its big model Dark Souls, the other elements of the gamble are not similar, but exactly the same. At the beginning, you choose a class, of which the beginner will be the easiest knight with a shield because blocking in this game is of great importance.

Full PS, PC or Vita version, download it here

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This is especially true for files with boss adversaries where the absence of a third dimension implies less freedom of maneuver to avoid his attacks. The initial class selection, of course, does not hinder any further development of the character in the direction you choose, combining magic with cold weapons and creating any other combinations.
Discover and upgrade over 600 weapons
You will find over 600 pieces of weapons, armor, rings and relics, upgrade them and proudly take care of the load on your body. Enemies are released using which is used to level your character and upgrade weapons and armor at blacksmiths.

The two dimensionality of the world implies that its segments could not have been wondrously intertwined as zones in Lordran but are connected in a very intelligent way, resulting in the opening of a passage after solving a major problem in a particular zone, which is the simplest example of the murder of a boss and the taking of his keys.
brutally executed action
The game actively stimulates you to search for secret passages and return to the zones you have crossed: you will almost always discover something new, some new segment or passage to massive units that you were not aware of. Salt and Sanctuary is now available in the version for: PS4, PC and Vita.

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles Russia Download

download it for pc or android

download it for pc or android
Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia is not only the last but probably the best and most interesting game in this series. A month after the Indian adventure of the killer Arbaz, the last game in this series is finally in front of us. Although we regret the fact that the period of the fall of the Russian Empire will not be experienced in any variant full of Assassin’s Creed titles, it remains to us that the third part of Chronicle is certainly the most interesting game of this type.

The action takes place during the turmoil after the October Revolution, the overthrowing and detention of Emperor Nikolay Romanov, and the strengthening of the Russian branch of the Templar Order, with the expressive expulsion of the opposing, Assyrian sect.
aftermath of October Revolution
You are in the role of Nikolai Oreloff, an old assassin who before the fall to America agrees to do another last job for his employers. It will be revealed that the theft of the Precursor Box of a certain Ezia from the Ipatian House, a house where hostages were held by members of the Romanov family on the night of their infamous execution, will be revealed.

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Orelov is able to save the Bolsheviks from the Bolsheviks only to Princess Anastasia, who from that moment becomes his ally and personality that you will alternately manage at the next levels. The tapes bring a classic quest for the aforementioned artifacts of the First Civilizations, secret experiments in the Tunguska region, which included Nikola Tesla, as well as additional discoveries related to Anastasia’s skill in the use of daggers, linking events and characters from the previous Chronicles games.
and escape from Moscow
Due to the time-geographical framework in which the third game is placed, the already recognizable way of playing and crossing the level is enriched with several new moments. Eagle is now armed with a rifle, which you can use to deter, smoke bombs for disorientation of guards, as well as a metal cable hook for opening certain doors and openings, or overloading electrical traps and obstacles.

At levels, distracting attention and relocation of guards are now possible through telephone calls, delaying ventilation openings and whistling at their distant ends, neutralizing electrical sources of light by said cable and hook, and avoiding hazardous mines using a magnetic card.
Experience the thrill of being a stealthy Assassin
On the graphic side, the game is full of hits, and it represents a successful recreation of the early Russian propaganda visual style, with lots of red, black and gray that contributes to the atmosphere in the right way. In the rest, there is not much surprise, and if you have crossed the previous two games, there is no reason not to play Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia.

Here you can download the previous sequel: Assassin’s Creed Chronicles India

Cobalt Game Download (PC, Xbox 360)

download it for pc

download it for pc
Cobalt game combines the complex concept of metroidation with the twitch shooter mechanics translated into a two-dimensional environment. If you successfully manage the command system, Cobalt will open an incredible material treasure, both in solo variants and through numerous multiplayer modes.

In the distant future, the human race has disappeared from the face of the Earth, and its place was taken over by robots. When, at one time, new, metallic Earthmen receive a call from the distant planet of Tranquility, they decide that the Cobalt robots pack into the spaceship and send it to the rescue mission.
Play through the story and discover answers
Cobalt is finally reaching its destination, but too late – on the surface of the planet, the remains of former human colonists and an army of half-witted robots pierce the ancient beast called the ETAC on former masters. Despite the discouraging situation on the ground, it is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

Full PC version, download it here

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Driven by a whacky ship computer with which he never knows what it is, Cobalt decides that his task will still come to an end. Researching enormous levels and hubs with its therapeutic soothing effect can fool you because the moment you encounter an opponent and the action starts, things take place at a dizzying pace.
Take advantage of our automatic slo-mo
The Cobalt arsenal is divided into three groups: a close combat weapon, various shots for remote fights and explosive devices, the arsenal totaling over seventy different weapons. The chest-fighting weapon is short-lived for a short range and is useless only and will only be used when you are left without ammunition for more warriors, rifles and pistols.

Targeting the shells is much harder because of the rudimentary physical model it directly depends on the acceleration of the character at the moment of the throw. A shield activates a shield that will withstand a few hits before disintegration, and in situations when you are hitting bulletproof missiles by key assistance will be rolling and bullet time mode that is automatically activated and lasts for a few seconds.
Customise weapons and armour
Since AI is top-notch and responds faster than you, you need to carefully plan the action. During the journey through Trankopia, collecting money and drafts that remain largely behind the murdered boss, Kobalt will open up the possibility of upgrading armor and manufacturing destructive weapons. On some locations, there are also free arcade-logical mini-games that are activated when burglarizing the safes and hacking the terminal.

The Story mode provides dozens of hours of entertainment, five available modes located on over eighty maps. Survival involves fighting against the battering waves of the opponents made by rounds, then there are various time-limited challenges, the classic FFA deathmatch, a CTF variant that is called the Cobalt universe called capture the plug and a team strike that is obviously inspired by Counter-Strike.
test speed, agility and combat skills
All these modes are also available to solo players, and a gold medal deserves a local cooperative mode on one computer. You can track your performance, whether it’s offline or offline, on a global table.

Unravel Download (PC)

download it for pc

download it for pc
Unravel is a platform with logical challenges, charming design, photorealistic graphics, with a magnificent visual component, the second stone is the cornerstone of the atmosphere of this game is top music. Unravel is an artwork that brings with you so much fun and emotions that you just can not miss it.

Complete narration is done without dialogue, there are only a few words of the text and plenty of old pictures and incredible scenes during the level. The gameplay starts with an image of an old woman looking at the photos of children at her desk. The old woman goes upstairs to rest, but not without her basket with a fracture that has obviously been her best friend for some time.
character made from a thread
A cup of red wool comes out of the basket and takes on the form of a small humanoid creature. It’s Yarny, Hero Unravel who will walk through the old grandma’s memories and refresh her memories of her family. The central haven ruined the grandma’s house that Yarny explored. There is an old scrapbook with faded text and cracked pictures on her desk.

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As you explore the house, you encounter framed photographs that you can dive into beautiful landscapes that fit the whole of the scrapbook. Progress through the areas is linear, even though you have mastered the Yarny platform management techniques that allow you to reach your photos for advanced zones, the entrance to them will not open until you finish the earlier parts in the order designers have imagined it.
nature's beauty as well as the dangers
The basis of Unravel is overcoming platform and logical challenges. The hollow wool that makes the Yarny body is the central part of the game mechanics. As long as he moves, Yarny is gradually unwinding and leaves a trail of wool behind him. Also, he can throw a free end of a ball-like lace and grab the specially marked holes scattered around the world.

There is also the possibility to split the wool between the hubs, and thus make jumps from yourself or a ramp to transport objects that you push or pull. All this, in a word, wastes the wool, until the moment when the man is completely stripped and weak. To be able to explore every corner of the gaming world, you need to discover a small balloon scattered at levels that simultaneously complement the wool and serve as points for positioning the position.
interact with the environment to accomplish complex puzzles
Walking between punctures is not possible, so when you discover a new swordfish, the only way to go back to the previous section is to start the whole zone back. The management was done perfectly, it did not matter if you used jojped or a keyboard, the commands were brought to perfection.

There are five more basic actions available: jump, lashes, wool, pulling for unwashed wool or pulling objects that you encounter. Part of the charm of this title and the reasons for excitement while playing it lies in a series of small surprises, as it is possible that behind such simple mechanics and control there are so many possibilities for imaginative riddles and challenges.
re-connecting the memories of a long lost family
For example, how to reach the hidden button in the water? How to bypass the crabs that run to red and want to cut your wool? How to open a heavy door when there are no obvious auxiliary nodes in the environment? Unravel raises the scale of the challenges quite gradually so that you will never suddenly hit the unsolvable problem.

However, he constantly asks you to be careful and concentrated because something that is easily conceived is often required by a series of precisely performed moves. Top music raises the atmosphere and adjusts to the environment, on the screen. Unravel is a little piece of art that brings with you so much fun and emotions that you just can not miss it.

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles India Download (PC, Android)

download for pc or android

download for pc or android
The chronological map of the Assassin’s Creed saga of Indian sequences was deposited in 1841, the Player is in the role of the hero, the Arbaaz Mira Mirabell. When the hideous Templars kidnapped his mentor Hamid, the recruiter who trained him to put his acrobatic-combat skills at the service of the assassination order, Arbaaz began a mission of righteous vengeance and rescue.

Things will be added when he learns about the legendary diamond Koh-I-Nur, which will soon turn out to be one of the lost artifacts of the first civilization, and is inextricably linked to the location of several new vaults of the aforementioned race.
19th century Colonial India
Playing mechanics, gameplay elements remain the same, linear levels that are lowered on the tape, a stealth approach approach when crossing them, unlocking defensive offensive passive aggressive skills, weapons and pieces of equipment, and several side-by-side modes for rapidly passing through the ready map.

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Levels are labyrinths which, as a rule, stream to the right, full of fixed bonuses that you can pick up. Animus orbits, altitude angles, followed by a hay hunt and chests containing additional scripts to understand the story.
legendary landmarks
Depending on the way in which the individual levels of the level are crossed, the evaluation of your game is repeatedly evaluated, by multiplying the earned points with which you unlock some moves or make some other bonuses.

The guards respond aggressively to your presence once they discover your presence. Fighting them is harder and requires the lightning coordination of your defensive and attacking moves, especially due to the fact that (due to the historical context), most of them come armed with rifle revolvers, muskets and blenderbas shotguns.
smart and charming Assassin
The animation of the characters is good, although it is noticeable that the main hero is fairly artificially moving and beautiful for level elements depending on your actions, for example, longer and more unnatural jumps and the like. If you liked the previous game, we recommend that you play this part too.

The Bug Butcher Download (PC, Android)

game download for pc or android

game download for pc or android
The Bug Butcher is an arcade of an old poem whose weight is further complicated by the fact that the direct inspiration is the original Pang. The main character is the tiny Harry, a cosmic bugger who is tasked with decontamination of an infected scientific plant on the planet Zoit.

If you have played Pang once, you will find it on the home court. Your character moves exclusively horizontally, shooting from the gun is possible but only vertically. The goal of each level is the complete destruction of the enemy within a certain timeframe, as well as the defense of scientists who are there because it is endangered by monsters.
decontamination of an infected plant
Level switching is facilitated by two types of powerups – manually activated (freezing opponents, inactivity, accelerated shooting and movement) and automatically related to firepower (laser air, rocket launcher, gatling gun and related toys).

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The transition of individual levels is simple and easy because they are too wide and leave plenty of room for maneuvering, while the rest, just like the Pang, are placed on one, fixed screen that makes them much harder. Problems arise when the game involves energy barriers that are activated randomly and prevent passage, flames of flames at the edges of the level that even narrow down the maneuver field and similar obstacles.
inspiration is the original Pang
The graphic style and animation of the sprites remind us of a quality cartoon, one of the objections is the level of indestructibility, the part of the charm of the Pang lay in a journey around the world. The Bug Butcher is wrapped in sarcastic humor and arcade sequences that require reflexes of a well-trained ninja.