The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Blood and Wine

game download + crack

game download + crack
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Blood and Wine is the second in line, and at the same time is the last full-blooded expansion that puts the definitive point on the adventures of Geralt of Riviera. You can immerse yourself in new Geralt’s adventures in one of three ways: starting a new game, instantly launching the contents of the expansion with the predefined character or loading the saved game and continuing from the point you stood on.
role-playing game set in a fantasy universe
You will immerse yourself in the magical world of Blood and Wine located in a separate and independent region, which from that moment becomes equal to other content of the base game. The mentioned kingdom is located in the far south of the map. The central area of the map is dominated by the city of Bukler, above which the dungeon castle is rising as the former capital of the now slaughtered and expelled vilches.

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In addition to standard cleaning of terrain from human and non-human threats and beasts of all kinds, forms and experience levels, the main story of expansion concerns a dangerous serial killer who, apparently at random, retires the more visible knight veterans of the kingdom. The situation is complex and colored with all the colors of the moral spectrum, while Geralt reveals dark secrets and relationships between characters.
the massive open world
The tasks, problems, challenges and concerns that will be found before Geralt are well-conceived, written, cut, crafted and conceived, and it is a real pleasure to go through a new set of missions. The Tusant is obsessed with enemies of a high degree of danger, some are unique and often profiled through specific quests in which you will meet them, while the presence of several copies from previous expansions is notable.

Geralta refers to the insertion of new specialties and skills for optimal handling of signs, as well as instances in which you will search for several sets of advanced wrecking equipment diagrams, according to which a city blacksmith will draw you armor and weapons with special bonuses. This ultimate battle is coming at a very high price, both in terms of the dangers you will encounter and the preconditions and ingredients you will need for their creation.
explore forgotten ruins, caves and shipwrecks
Blood and Wine will allow Geralt to buy the property with the house, because you will quickly become the owner and the abandoned farm with the vineyard, where you can restore the old glow and appearance, through a host of expensive upgrades and restoration. Gvent! The favorite razbibriga of each destination traveler brings a mild visual redesign of tickets, several new capabilities, and a main fighter in the form of a new faction whose decks rest on the use of raw force and associated bonuses.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine has fantastic graphics that are enriched with a bunch of new details, and a special applause deserves a synopsis of new music sections that are back at the height of the task. If your heart plays the meaning of Witcher 3, Blood and Wine is a must-have and organic part.

Dark Souls 3 Download Code (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

activation code for dark souls 3

activation code for dark souls 3
You can play Dark Souls III with pleasure even if absolutely nothing is clear to you, that is, if you do not capture the grains of the essence of the inherent tradition of the fire that maintains the world and the titanic struggle for its maintenance through the eons. Fighting is faster and somewhat more dynamic compared to previous sequel, which is a result of a successful experiment called Bloodborne.

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Step by step instruction

Dark Souls III is, however, more conservative in eliminating opponents because there are shields and block mechanics in the game that are essentially the same as before. Bloodborne is based on a permanent offensive and killing, like an ax on opponents, which enabled the HP rescue system through quick counter-attacks.
challenge yourself with all the available content
The next great news is about the redesigned system in which magic works. Now we have a classic barack bar. This pure magical build makes it “more powerful” because at the lowest level it allows for more efficient spamming of one favorite magic. Manu can supplement the Ashen est’s bottle, the number of which is determined by the choice between the normal and the minor.

If you want more normal esters that return HP, you will have fewer returners and vice versa. In the third installment, the armor was missing, but their number is really impressive, so the larger choice compensates for the absence of an upgrade.

Some of the coventions, however, are hidden, in the sense that they require to find a symbol for belonging and a leveling altar, some of which are camouflaged in the late NPC squadrons, but you can now make their change in flight by putting symbols in the newly created slot on the equipment.
dark souls 3 Winner of gamescom award 2015
PC version of Dark Souls III, although superior to console steamers due to the possibility of playing at 60 fps. Dark Souls III is also the most expensive DS so far, because the PC audience has traditionally not been accustomed to playing games for 60 euros. For those couples, of course, you get a fantasy that does not bother in modern gaming. For a good passage through the game, with a visit to all optional zones, you will need between 40 and 50 hours.

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Bear Simulator Download (PC, Mac, Apk)

pc, mar or apk download

pc, mar or apk download
Bear Simulator aims to collect objects and massacre all living in the seven regions separated into entirety that are specifically loaded. In any region to die, you will be returned to the initial cave, and returning to the place where you left the bones is hampered by the missing map.
live life through the eyes of a bear
The reality with which this simulator is evident is evident: the bear jumps two meters high, an animal weighing half a ton climbs with lazy and dry twigs without any problems. The RPG moment associated with the brain is not reflected in the vital characteristics of health, durability, strength, wit, speed of walking, running and swimming, the ability to dive and eventually luck.

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By sniffing the product of the animal excrement system, you will receive messages about the environment and tips. The characteristics of your bench are enhanced by the consumption of colorful mushrooms, but in order to be able to eat mushrooms at all you need to upgrade intelligence.
Explore 7 different regions
The bear is so slow that it takes nearly ten strokes to break through the most ordinary chicken as if it was made of titanium, and the first rush that gets you on the road will pass you away from the joke. You’ll be able to hunt the slowest rabbits you’ve ever seen, as well as ducks that fly vertically like a helicopter.

In addition to animal corpses, tomatoes that grow in wetlands, grapes from the bunker and the whole untouched pizza that someone has left in the forest will serve as food. The graphics are below the average and as far as music is concerned, it does not exist at all if we exclude the occasional sounds of insects and other animals.
Fight against an array of villainous creatures
Bear Simulator is below average and if you do not have what to play for, we recommend it.

Stardew Valley Download (Mac, PC)

download for mac or pc

download for mac or pc
Stardew Valley promises an interesting escape from urban reality and crowds, curved in cute pixel art graphics and simple gameplay. Stardew Valley puts you in the role of a city boy who has been bored of life in the city and work in the office. At the right time, they inform you that your deceased ancestor left your property in a nearby village.

Your created character will get up early in the morning and be most optimistic about going to sleep at ten o’clock in the afternoon due to overtime. The work of the peasant is difficult, but the moment you first get the fruit of your painstaking work and sell it by putting it in a wooden container that serves as a portal to the market, happiness has no end.
begin your new life
You will collect everything and everything from the fruits that you have grown up to the timber and stones that you collect in the yard. The courtyard is huge in size, and since it has not been owned for a long time, it has grown into plants and trees that you will clean, and then make a super-farm. You have hair, stone crushing hammer, bud for hoeing and shaking.

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All you collect, you will be able to sell, eat, donate to someone or use for quests, hyper-crafting or simply store. You need to water the crops, and you can fence and protect the farm with the use of a scarecrow. You can later do the irrigation system, and especially rain will be especially enjoyable because then you do not need to water the crops.
Armed with hand-me-down tools
Certain crops will be planted only at a certain season, each species has its own maturation period, and the quality of the fruit can be improved by fertilizing the soil. All you can do in inventory can be made or purchased for gold coins. You make purchases in two markets, one of which is a real village store, and another is a mega corporation.

In the abandoned cooperative home, you will find several villages, and since they are extremely peaceful, you will find their souls by collecting certain items. RPG element of the game is reflected above all in the quest and communication with locals and the deepening of relationships that eventually can result in marriage.
Raise animals, grow crops, craft useful machines
Each of your neighbors is a human being with daily routines and a more or less real personality. This segment is particularly prominent during the most important rural events, of which the most important is the Autumn Stardew Valley Festival, where everyone contributes to one big festival and exude the fruits of its work.

In the game you will meet animals that you can grab and blast in the nearby mine against which you will fight. For this purpose, you will also get a sword, exploring the mine will bring you minerals, artifacts and other gems that you will continue to use to develop something …? Stardew Valley simply has the power to, the longer you play, the more you play. There is also the improvement of skills with the mentioned tools.
level up in 5 different areas
The more you use the tools, and the skill will grow in proportion to the usage. You can fish, have a pet, or edit your property more carefully than you would with the right courtyard. On the visual side, the graphics also delight.

Pixel graphics are precious and absolutely retro, as far as sound is concerned, the effects themselves are more than excellent, while music is a category for itself, relaxing melodies that do not disturb the atmosphere, but you are further entangled in the narcotic world Stardew Valleya will bump your head and long after the fire.

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Black Desert Online Download for PC

pc game download

pc game download
Black Desert Online is MMORPG (sandbox), the combat system is a real refreshment because it puts emphasis on action instead of a tactical component, and there are elements of Parkour movement. For a while, it has been present in the Japanese, Russian and Korean markets for free2play. Black Desert requires entering a family name that shares all the characters in one order.

It has eight classes, the sex is strictly related to the chosen class, they are evenly distributed, in those for close combat, ranged professions, DPS, tanks and hybrids, so everyone will find the appropriate class according to their style of playing. After successful creation of the avatars, you will be presented with open-source maps.
living-world MMORPG
Any activity you can think of is feasible: from fishing, splitting wood, crossing horses, cultivating the land, to genuine clinging to traders etc. You can rent a house in one of the towns and place pre-hired workers in it, which further directs to the suburban hubs where they bury their livestock and cattle.

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The merchandise produced by workers can be transported to a horse in a neighboring city where you can sell it at a better price. Unlike most of the games from the genre, it mostly travels here on a horse, boat or on foot. Purchase of the mountain is a priority, and the dressing of the horse is done using laso and sugar cubes. A trip to know how to get rid of the horse is tired, and then it is necessary to anoint and feed it with carrots.
hunt monsters and huge bosses
Black Desert has a fighting system that separates it from similar games, moves are connected to the combo, which gives more action note. A simple parkour element for home-based learning has been introduced. It is strange that no quest rewards the player with experience, but for this purpose the archaic system of mobbing is used for this purpose.

The map is three-dimensional and non-transparent, squeezed by icons, among which it’s hard to find what you need, and the same goes for the main screen overwhelmed with mostly unnecessary information that distracts attention. The characters are full of fine details, they look beautiful while the environment is average.
fight with friends in a guild
The animation of characters, especially during combat, is hyperreal, which is also true for both the atmospheric effects and the dynamic shift of day and night – it’s an unbelievable feeling when you pass through the forest at the foot of some of the mountains in the dawn of a zigzur while the rain drops shine on the armor. For comfortable playing near a limit of 60 frames per second at 1080p resolution, a much stronger configuration than the one stated is required!

Energy points are regenerated for one to three minutes, each action performed, except for combat, consumes energy. The popularity of an MMORPG game depends largely on accessibility: in Black Desert, the barrier is built from the jungle system and the subsystem is set quite high. For all there are guides and tutorials.
companion whose destiny is intertwined with their own
The money you carry with you has weight, so the problem is when you bring a few thousand silver pieces, but not when you fill the inventory with five hundred metal helmets! Some innovations are interesting, Black Desert is certainly the most beautiful simulation of horse-horses in the world.

The Flame in the Flood Download

pc game download

pc game download
The Flame in the Flood is a rogue-like game that you have not seen before, an educational game that children and adults can play. The basic characteristic of the survival system is a realistic system of physical needs, the impact of injury on the general state of the organism. The Flame in the Flood is set in the context of a world that is on the verge of collapse due to global warming and a devastated eco-system that is the most guilty man.

Gameplay takes you to the American South, a flood-wasting wasteland that has flooded rivers literally burn down cities and villages, leaving a somewhat dry fragment of the former world. The girl and her dog get caught up with this extravagant stitch and take a downstream course to rumors of evacuation, trusting only in a miscarriage and a series of skills that lie between promises of life and the cruel death of hunger, extravagance, contagion and wildlife.
journey through the backwaters
Our heroine will try to reach his goal, which is far and minimal of the initial means to withstand the road to him, which means the passing of the basic point. Gameplay is divided into two segments: navigation and land. The first comes down to navigating the river, navigating in rapids and avoiding waste that is deadly, the other is based on resource gathering, game hunting and looking for a warm and dry place to rest.

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The player has four basic scales that should be kept in the plus: siteness, hydration, body temperature and sleepiness. The first two are easy to satisfy because food items rarely are missing, and water is everywhere. The general rule is that thermally untreated meat and most plants are not good for eating because, besides nutrients, you will be filled with parasites.
post-societal America
In the non-hygienic conditions of postapocalypse, even a regular cut is easily infected, causing a sepsis of which it is easy to die, and the tears and fractures that you received after clearing with wild boar and wolf even more securely lead to death. Treat infections with penicillin (which you make from waking branches in the open flame), broken stomach and bite snake with teaspoon tea, cuts with curls or aloe I cream etc.

The body temperature falls if you are constantly wet and have inadequate clothing, a resting scale that you sleep with near an open fire or in abandoned objects. The crafting system in the game is ideally balanced between the real and the fun, and the number of resources is so large that it creates tactical torments with a limited inventory.
scrounge for resources
An absolute priority should be the construction of rudders and raft engines that will dramatically improve the possibility of maneuvering in rapids. Other survival techniques are reduced to a combination of common sense and minimal reflex. You can turn the game against one another, for example, a wolf who is caught on the heels of a poisonous snake or a sleepy boar.

Hitman Download for PC

pc game download

pc game download
Agent 47 is back with us, this time in more interesting situations, giving him the role of the main actor in a series called HITMAN. Maps this time bring over 300 NPCs by location and maneuver space up to seven times higher than in the previous chapter Absolution.

Hitman in this form is definitely not a game for everyone, the gameplay is completely non-linear, wide-ranging in decision-making and action-taking and, finally, many different ways in which levels can end. The main goal is almost always the same, the elimination of the marked targets!
become the master assassin
Hitman, thanks to the implemented system of opportunity, the player encounters characters and stories that can completely reverse the reach line to the goal, but also to make new tasks when crossing the level. Accepting these mini-missions is optional, and if you want to perform the basic task in a conservative way, you can do it, even if in that case you lose all those goodies that the new Hitman brings.

Full PC version, download it here

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With the mechanics of the game you get to know more than three training missions, much shorter than chapters from the campaign. You can try to complete missions quickly, but you will soon realize that such a shortcut approach leads you to ruin. The action needs to be planned in advance and well planned every move.
Travel around the globe to beautiful locations
You have to make the most decisions on the spot, only when the opportunity comes to light, you can repeat each level several times, as you discover all the ways to reach the goal. Al adapts to the way players play and the decisions they make, which makes the mission very difficult.

The number of treatments you carry with you on missions is limited and usually insufficient to allow completion of the task. Therefore, at the level you can choose a hidden location where you will leave some help, and you can also hide the items you store on locations and use them as needed. Position can be recorded whenever you want.
eliminate your targets with everything from a katana or a sniper rifle
The first mission in the campaign takes place in Paris at a fashion show where it is necessary to eliminate the leaders of an international spy organization that has come up with a list of MI6 agents working in a deep confidentiality. Once you have completed the first mission, you can indulge yourself with some of the embedded game modes, the one that is called Escalation is the one that attracts the most attention. This is where the goal is to fulfill the mission, meeting the predefined conditions.

The elusive targets mode requires the player to count on targets for a specific time period. Due to the enormous space that the levels cover and the large number of characters present, authors have to compromise with graphics, so that the hardware requirement would not be too high.

Tom Clancy’s The Division Download for PC

pc game download

pc game download
Tom Clancy’s The Division is a cover-based RPG shooter from a third party, located in Manhattan that has been placed in federal quarantine after a terrorist attack. The open environment resembles any Assassin’s Creed, with a map highlighted for major and optional missions, safe houses and locations of audio logs, crafting materials, and other collector content.

The Division is RPG shooter visited the world of PCs and new generation gaming consoles in March 2016. Manhattan was put in federal quarantine after a terrorist attack by a genetically modified virus of largepox.
society collapses into chaos
After the army and the police tried to deceive the order and evacuate civilians, and in doing so, the order came to the operatives of the Division, the super-secret government organization in charge of remedying the consequences of the most severe crises. In the role of such an agent, you will have the task of helping to seduce the order, primarily through the struggle with the gangs that control the city streets.

Full PC version, download it here

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You run the abandoned streets of the winter Manhattan, solve tasks and fight gangs (similar to Gears of War). The tactical character of the struggle is reduced to taking the shelter, calculating with the consumption of ammunition and the right moment for the activation of gadgets and special abilities, by trying to encircle and destroy the opponent.
sweeps through New York City
Story missions are relatively interesting, but they make up a small part of the gameplay, you spend most of your time by solving template defense related tasks, activating a bio scanner, attacking gang or searching for people and objects.

By solving missions and killing your opponents, you will get XP for leveling and resources to upgrade the base of operations, from which you are dependent on combat specials and other bonuses. In The Division there is a rudimentary crafting system, which serves as an alternative way to acquire advanced weapons and equipment.
dynamic open world environment
The end of the campaign does not provide important answers to the key issues, leaving the open door for a series of future DLC packages. By collecting 100% of materials in each category, you also get a unique jacket, which will motivate the players. The thirtieth level unlocks the daily quest that brings a better loot and a prize in the form of a Phoenix loan.

With the Phoenix loan, you can buy the most powerful weapons and equipment, as well as plans for them if you prefer to jump for specific crafting bonuses, the inflow of credit is so slow that it will take you a long time to fully equip Phoenix equipment. The Dark Zone is located in the center of Manhattan, where the bleak heart of the banking elite is probably bouncing.
as a member of The Division
The dark zone is a high wall separated from the rest of the gameworld. There is no law in it, it has a degree of contamination much higher than the rest of Manhattan, it is visited by the most dangerous opponents who drop the best loot, you can leave it to open PvP with other players … The Dark Zone is, above all, interesting because of constant tensions that other players bring.

The loot you collect in The Dark Zone is contaminated, and you can bring it out of the zone in one single way, helicopter extraction from precisely defined zones. Any initiation of an extraction by a player informs the whole server, which attracts those who want to hook up their own rope for the rope, and those who plan to hurt other players, tear them off and extract it for themselves. The law of the jungle in the true sense of the term.

By default, the proximity mic is included for all players, so you can communicate with all the characters that are nearby. All in all, excursions to The Dark Zone will be the main motivation.

Dying Light: The Following Download (PC, PS4)

download it for pc or ps4

download it for pc or ps4
Dying Light: The Following is an urban simulator, the parkour survival of the zombie apocalypse, this DLC brings a new environment is a bizarre mix of Middle Eastern city, medieval Spanish architecture and the area of the American Midwest. The DLC starts separately from the main menu, and in no way interrupts or affects the base Dying Light.

The Followinga begins after receiving one of the many victims of the undead walkers, which will prove to be an immune to the mutant effects of bites. Kyle Crane’s and a small survivor of society decide to send the best Haran runner to the outside of the city, hoping to find a potential new drug or a means to alleviate the zombie epidemic.
Experience the untold chapter
It will be revealed that few survivors from the province avoid the evil zombie koby attributing unconditional faith to a paralyzed cult named Children of the Sun, so Crane will have to engage further in creating trust among survivors before his secrets of healing become available.

Full version download it here

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The following is based on the symbiosis of two main selling point games. The first refers to the aforementioned, changed environment, which in the bizarre mix of the Middle East city, in the presence of medieval Spanish architecture, also inserts the functional areas of the American Midwest.
explore a dangerous countryside
Unpromognable fields of waving grain (wandering in the undead), layers of scattered hay, ruined highways, crushed stretches, silent and lonely farms, remote barns of larger farms, abandoned gas stations and production facilities of local manufactories.

Travelers will also be driving you, which is an ideal means for cruising between the points of interest of such a wide and generous terrain, especially due to the lack of tight buildings or other altitude objects. Bagi is extraordinarily implemented in the appendix, it acts organically and in accordance with the environment, and it’s really a joke to jump on the terrain, make slalom between obstacles, or tramp and scatter zombies around the environment.
Leave the urban area
You will be pleased to be able to buy Bagi: shock absorbers, engine, brakes etc. Perfumes permanently installed, such as: a more robust cage guarded by a driver, a nitro drive, wheels for optimum off-road driving, and many cosmetic details.

You will use many bugs so that you have to maintain it, buy new parts, service and maintain it. The number of repairs is limited as in the case of weapons maintenance, with constant care of the gasoline stock you take on pumps, or withdrawing fuel from abandoned vehicles.
devastated by a mysterious epidemic
Bagi is assigned a whole branch of skills, which further deepens his role in the field, front villas for more efficient neutralization of the attackers, installation of ultra-violet headlights or a complete system of UV beams, which create a safe zone around the vehicle.

In everything else, The Following follows the logic of gameplay seen from before. A lot of running and driving from one to the other NPC character who has some quest for you. Dying Light: The Following you can start with the image from the saved phase of the basic campaign, with all the skills learned and with the complete equipment and inventory and the money collected.

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Firewatch Download (PC, Mac)

PC or Mac download

PC or Mac download
Firewatch belongs to a specific sub-genre of adventure that has been unwittingly acquired the name of simulators of walking. The dialogues between our lonely protagonist Henry and the voice on the other side of the wolf-toki, Dilayla, are the main reason why this accomplishment is worth playing. We are grateful to the graphic virtuosos in charge of the visual identity of the game and the decision that the environment must have a cartoon-like cartoon.

Firewatch at first resembles something that is not, a gameplay that will take place in the open world, with a million standard tasks. In an attempt to distance himself from a hopeless and almost tragic family situation in order to sort out his thoughts and possibly find a way to reconcile with the present state of affairs, our protagonist Henri is reported as a volunteer firefighter in the part of the Jeloustoun Park in northwest Wyoming.
A stunningly beautiful wilderness
Three months of lonely life in a wooden observation post, with careful monitoring of smoke gestures and other signs of possible fires, but to escape from reality, while the effects of shock and pain do not stand out, and the man does not reconcile with fate, they look like an ideal solution.

If you love adventure, you can download it here

download button

The year is 1989, so instead of a laptop, Henry’s company will make the most common typing machine. Henry’s only relationship with the world of people is the walkie-talkie with whom he communicates with Dilail. The voice from the void, the last link that Henry binds to civilization and the thread that keeps him on the edge, prevents her from staying in the ardor of self-pity.
Secrets and discoveries to be made over every hill
Henry also has a camera with which all these magnificent landscapes can be photographed, and sent in 4K resolution to Firewatch servers and ordered images of 15 x 10 cm. You can always walk in the magnificent Jellyston spaces, unrelated to the current task and the place to go.

The only reward that the world of Firewatch will honor you is the pleasure of seeing meadows, cliffs and forests. Whether or not the Dileail will remain only the voice in the air, or will be at the end of Henry’s game, it remains up to you to find out, after three or four hours, how much the game lasts.
A thrilling story and script by Sean Vanaman and Jake Rodkin
To Henry’s pragmatism, or his sensibility or sense of romance, you will be able to influence some of the choices in the dialogue logs, which are the heart of the story and the cornerstone of the gameplay. Do not expect drastic branching, the only thing that can change is your relationship with the voice from the ether.

However, it was much more difficult to devise dialogues that would shift the emphasis from that obvious, outward aspect of the game, and transfer it to the inner world, which is defined by the suspicion of the correctness of one’s own actions, unrest, uncertainty, and constant introspection of the main heroes.