Salt and Sanctuary Download (PC, PS, Vita)

download it for ps, pc or vita

download it for ps, pc or vita
Salt and Sanctuary begins in the womb in the middle of a storm. A young warrior in charge of securing a princess who travels long distances to make a marriage that will bring peace, wakes up in the midst of the rush of arms, blurring, and screaming. A few tutorials of fights with weak attackers later, our hero comes on deck where he is waiting for Ktuluoliki boss named Unspeakable Deep and kills with one blow.

The screen turns black until you wake up on the beach of an island that does not exist on the map! A depressing, rainy coast, living morons who want to cut you off with rusty weapons, turmoil and the mystery of ancient buildings on the shore and the overall daring of the former impression.
complex 2D combat with richly RPG mechanics
Soon you realize that a two-dimensional view of the action is the only thing that distinguishes the game from its big model Dark Souls, the other elements of the gamble are not similar, but exactly the same. At the beginning, you choose a class, of which the beginner will be the easiest knight with a shield because blocking in this game is of great importance.

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This is especially true for files with boss adversaries where the absence of a third dimension implies less freedom of maneuver to avoid his attacks. The initial class selection, of course, does not hinder any further development of the character in the direction you choose, combining magic with cold weapons and creating any other combinations.
Discover and upgrade over 600 weapons
You will find over 600 pieces of weapons, armor, rings and relics, upgrade them and proudly take care of the load on your body. Enemies are released using which is used to level your character and upgrade weapons and armor at blacksmiths.

The two dimensionality of the world implies that its segments could not have been wondrously intertwined as zones in Lordran but are connected in a very intelligent way, resulting in the opening of a passage after solving a major problem in a particular zone, which is the simplest example of the murder of a boss and the taking of his keys.
brutally executed action
The game actively stimulates you to search for secret passages and return to the zones you have crossed: you will almost always discover something new, some new segment or passage to massive units that you were not aware of. Salt and Sanctuary is now available in the version for: PS4, PC and Vita.