Dragon Quest Heroes Download (PC, PS3)

pc and ps3 download

pc and ps3 download
After the release of Dragon Quest HeroesThe World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below in Japan achieved tremendous success, over a million copies were sold in three months. Dragon Quest Heroes (JRPG) was created by merging two large and well-known franchises. Namely, the heroes were borrowed from the Square Enix Dragon Quest series, while the hack & slash game system came from Koei Tecm’s Dynasty Warriors.

This combination in practice works perfectly, has a wonderful story in a magical environment. Everything is happening in the kingdom of Arba, which is known for its rational citizens and the peaceful coexistence of monsters and humans. The coexistence came to an end when the dark druid took control of the monsters and began to torment them against the citizens of Arba.
Destroy your enemies
The game has two main characters Luceus and Aurora are members of the Royal Elite Guard. After they helped the king to clear the capital from the infestation of the monstrous attackers, they are moving into the liberation of the whole kingdom. On that trip he will discover the scheming behind the mob attack of the monsters, but he will also get new friends who will join them in the adventure.

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Leveling and character progression takes place automatically, and the player has complete freedom in equipping guided heroes and heroines with various types of weapons and clothing in protective armor. In fact, in the game you have so much to do that you will need a good ten hours to catch the ends and get used to a range of available actions.

sweeps through the city of Arba become the hero of the battlefield

The bad thing is that all missions are strictly scripted in advance and run on a limited space. When you decide to accept a task, there is no movement until the last enemy is killed. They can be repeated unlimited times, you can escape from the battlefield and return to the base to reorder.

Action is fluid, although a small problem is a real camera that is set too low and close to events, but that’s not something you will lose your battles and what will prompt you to quit playing, on the contrary. Dragon Quest Heroes will bring you dozens of hours of good fun, long conversations with the characters you meet and a ton of good action that is also a trademark of the game.

Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen Download PC, Xbox 360, PS3

game for pc, xbox 360 or ps3 download

game for pc, xbox 360 or ps3 download
Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is a typical action of the RPG Japanese school with a combination of the western perception of fantasy. Due to this mix of gameplay is full of wacky and bizarre moments during play. Dark Arisen has a convincing charisma, it will conquer you at first sight, it is ideal for these cold November days.

The authors managed to synthesize some of the famous titles: Dark Souls, Monster Hunter, Gothic and similar titles. At the beginning, you are in the role of a generic mallet (or a girl, if you choose so), who is spending days at the coastline of a native, unequal fishing village. Things change from the roots when the townman attacks the provoked dragon, and eats the heart of our protagonist.
Set in a huge open world
But our hero is not dead thanks to ancient magic, he remains alive, vowed to find the dragon, and kill him before he even hurt the kingdom and his subjects. Dragon’s Dogma from that moment provides a huge, non-linear open world kingdom, sprinkled convincingly with venerated sites full of fortifications, caves, forests, meadows, canyons, deserts, cities and others.

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They are the strongest of the Dogmini aduta, additionally enriched with several impressive moments. Boss files with larger specimens of local and not so local faunas such as hydra, griffons, chimeras, giant cycles and others. These battles are not only reduced to hitting the opponent, but also require additional tactical maneuvers.
fit your desired combat style
This involves spectacular pentnering, proper positioning on their humpbacks, careful study of their movements and behavior, with continuous hitting or ultimately finding sweet spots to kill them.

The other Highlight is a pawns system that follows you during adventures, pawns are NPC characters that come in two variants, the first one permanently monitors you, and additional two followers that are interchangeable. Exchangeable companions reside in some pocket, Rift dimensions, into which you can enter and make their recruitment, including hiring companions used by other players if you play in co-op mode.
Cut off the four heads of a Hydra
They are very useful, they cause real damage to their opponents, they use everything they have in the arsenal from their weapons. The followers, through the necessary experience, acquire knowledge about the world around them, providing essential information related to individual events, characters, quest or weak points of the mentioned bosses.

The Fast Travel system rests on the limited use of single-use teleportable stones, which you can only use for larger huts, save for a lot of hard walking. The animation of characters and creatures is great, as well as the way the files are unfolding. The effects of magic or skill are performed spectacularly.