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pc game download
Far Cry Primal brings hunting to perfection. He had just started with a group of his compatriots in search of the promised land Oros, he did not even imagine what kind of adventure he expected. All of them disappeared, but he managed to get himself to Oros, where he found out that members of his long-lost tribe were almost exterminated because they were systematically hunted by the race of the human fighter Udama.

He swears that Oros will cleanse himself from the predators and will gather his people in one place and provide them with security. Once you enter the green and dense vegetation, you will realize that you are expecting much more than that. In order to complete the campaign, it takes about 17 hours of playing, and more so to complete all accompanying missions.
fight for humanity’s survival
He is a cave man who knows nothing else in his life except to hunt. At first, he is armed only with wooden mill, and as he progresses through the campaign, he will be provided with spears, bow and arrows, and even slings. Animals have specific patterns of behavior and path of movement. You are hunting feathered game, goats, deer, wild boars, carrots etc.

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At night you will be careful not to be attacked by bloodthirsty animals such as: wolves, bear, leopard, puma etc. Night can be spent next to the fire in one of the many campsites you will find on the map. Successful completion of missions and actions brings an experience whose points are used for development.
bringing together massive beasts
He can become a better hunter, a ruthless fighter for justice, but also to experience himself as the master of the beast. Animal control is one of the more important aspects for successful gaming. You can not count on their help when attacking enemy camps and villages. It will also develop the power of animal management that will then be sent to the enemy.

You can have a wolf, a beary bear or a swarm of tigers beside you. The wildlife packs will think twice before they embark on you, and when you ride horseback riding, you will reach your destination quickly. He can at any moment count on the help of an owl, which he can send for scouting, and even attacking enemies.
fend off fierce predators
In addition to boosting its own characteristics, Takkar must also take into account the state of the weapons, as well as the construction of the village. Thus, the main NPCs can provide luxury housing for hous- ing, and in return access to better weapons, equipment and abilities. In addition to raw meat and skin you will have to deal with the collection of wood and stones, which are the basic resources for building.

Oros is a beautiful place for a lot of lush vegetation, sun-dredged streams, rivers and lakes, or forests dominated by centuries-old trees. Such is the central Oros, but its north and south are nothing but a hospitable place to live. In the north there are mountain ranges covered with snow and ice, by which raging blizzards and storm winds.
survive in a world where you are the prey
Do not go to the mountains without winter clothes because you are threatened with freezing, the south is covered with eternal sun and a burnt red earth ruled by Israeli warriors. Primal gameplay with beautiful graphics, great sound effects and high framerate.