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pc game download
Pony Island has an exceptional gameplay, a pony that skips obstacles and occasionally flying and firing lasers. Behind the naive facade hides something much darker. It is very hard to avoid the surprises that the game hides (and, believe us, there are surprises), so if you want the game to remain a surprise, get a copy and play it without having seen the trailer before.

You play as a pony that skips obstacles, occasionally flying and shooting a laser on obstacles or whatever it finds on its way. Pony Island was created by the devil himself to deceive players through the inscription “fun” and take their souls.
flying and firing lasers
But you have already begun to play it, it’s too late, you have to continue and find a way to damage the important game files so you can always shut it down and save yourself and all others who played it forever. You will often face the logical problems of breaking the program code through a simple mini-game matching character.

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Tasks are balanced and never become too heavy, but at the end you need to deal with them more often and reduce the pace of progression through levels. Gameplay will constantly surprise you, change the mechanics, and introduce new ones, and all stalls that hide in the sleeve are carefully timed, so you will never expect them.
Explore the depths of the cryptic
In a few moments, we remained completely confused and fascinated with the little things! The most impressive is definitely a finale, a superbly timed set of tricks that will surprise each player in many ways and deserves all praise. What we are talking about will not reveal you in madness, you will have to check on yourself.

Pony Island, in its two or three hours of gameplay, tells the story of a creator’s problem to do something functional and sells it to others, while taking the soul is just one nasty mistake with which the system came. This is a game that you will end up in a breath, in the inability to get away from the screen, constantly wondering what will happen again and in what ways the Island of Ponies will play with you.
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