Deathsmiles Download (PC, Xbox 360)

pc, xbox 360 download

pc, xbox 360 download
Deathsmiles is an almost decade old, anime colored bullet hell shooter from arcade devices, which, via the Xbox 360 console, found its way to the PC platform. In the mission of saving the parallel world from the evil of evil, you can take one of the four girls. They differ in each other according to the type of magic they are using, and each has a unique family, a small creature that orbits around it, shooting and absorbing bullets.
take the role of one of five Angels
The PC port also contains the original version from the device and one from the Microsoft console, and the site also found for Mega Black Label, which came in the form of DLC, adding a fifth girl, a bonus share and another level of weight. The action takes place on a fairly small part of the screen, while the rest is taken up by a static frame whose appearance can be changed. The default resolution can not be changed, and by extending the X and X axis screen you get a very pixelized view, which is particularly pronounced for a monitor with a larger diagonal.

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Although pulling the roots from arcade machines, where it is imperative that the game be heavy to eat as many chips as possible, the game is surprisingly easy for a bullet hell title. The problem is only the last section. The biggest drawback of the game here is its length. In addition to the hell represented at the last level, there are only seven relatively short stocks, so you can cross the whole game in about forty minutes.
eradicate this devilish assault
You can also play Deathsmiles in society, but only as a local co-op. Moreover, playing in pairs is also recommended at higher levels of difficulty, especially on multi-level scroll sections where the enemies literally come from all sides. However, at a time when the Internet from the living room largely took on the primacy as a place to hang out with gamers, the absence of any form of online multiplayer is almost unimaginable, as long as this option existed in the six-year-old version of the Xbox 360.

The offer of bullet hell titles on the PC is not big, but it gives twenty euros for something that ends in less than an hour and there is no multiplayer does not seem like an overly profitable investment.