ZHEROS Download PC Game

pc game free download

pc game free download
ZHEROS is trying to present itself as a beat’em up new generation, and in fact represents a rather impoverished version of classic and certainly better representatives of this genre. The title ZHEROS is the title of a special two-member squad consisting of a competent, smart and slim Captain Dorian and the Mike Bohm who can not apply any of the adjectives mentioned.

The goal of this brave couple is to travel galaxies and fight injustice and crime wherever they discover. When their old acquaintance, evil doctor Vendet, launches a fatal plan to transform all living beings into the universe into their foolish subjects, ZHEROS moves into action.
smashing hordes of enemies
Although you have two characters available, all the differences between them are purely cosmetic. Both have at their disposal an identical arsenal of moves, abilities and weapons. There are one quick, weak and one slow, and a strong blow. Both have long-range weapons whose energy is slowly recovering, indicating that blows are still the primary form of communication with the monotonous waves of the opponents you are encountering.

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In the end, there is a situational (or scripted) possibility to get into the mechanized combat suit. The only meaningful reason why there are two characters at all is the possibility of a cooperative fight for two players.
journey through distant and unknown galaxies
The fight itself in ZHEROS is monotonous and it is mainly reduced to spamming a quick attack to increase the scoring multiplier. There is no need to find special combo moves because everything is solved by basic attacks.

It seems that the idea is that an opponent, and even rare mini-bosses such as Space Cow, could give you any challenge abandoned very early during this game. Things are gradually, but insufficiently, corrected by the time when between missions you enhance the capabilities of your characters.
Mike and Captain Dorian
ZHEROS has several redeeming features. The first is its beautiful look, caricature design and humor that draws attention to rudimentary mechanics. Followed by solid music that closely monitors the situation on the screen. In the end, there is also the fact that at a price of nine euros on Steam this is a relatively favorable title.

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EA Sports UFC 2 Download (PS, Xbox)

ps and xbox download

ps and xbox download
The UFC 2 (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is a sports simulation with no audio / visual aspect, and there is an impressive wealth of content. The UFC is a relatively young sport based on nine martial arts.

UFC is known for incredible brutality that can be measured with the main battles from Bloody Sport. With blood ring flying all over, fighters often mutually intertwine so much that they are unrecognizable and born mothers, so it is no wonder that many consider them to be modern gladiators.
With more than 250 fighters
The fighting often ends after only a few skillfully placed strikes, which is only an indication that some masters of this sport are impressive martial arts machines. UFC 2 will make you after the next frame the next-gen tab you’ve been waiting for years.

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The move is a lot and nervous you want to try them all just to prove to yourself that the game is much more than a sterile ragdoll simulator that should amaze you with the precision of body parts animation. You will experience an adrenaline burst after you tie a pair of precisely placed bumps.
top ranked fighters
You are in an environment that requires you to repeatedly repeat one and the same set of actions. In order to trigger a champion, you must advance to the ranking list, which is achieved by participating in tournaments and dealing with other fighters.

You will defend yourself against the blows of your opponent, try to hit, and you will even find yourself in a situation to perform certain movements at a certain time interval. The higher the weight level, the reward is better and the skill points are lower on their own in areas you can not choose.
experience the thrill of finishing the fight
UFC 2 has graphics worthy of gods and two of the commentators we’ve long wanted in football simulations will make the salivary glands of the observers work overtime.

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Street Fighter V Download (PC, PS4, Android)

download for pc, ps4 or android

download for pc, ps4 or android
Street Fighter V is a fighting simulation, a damn good game. The gameplay mechanics has been completely changed and now it’s much more like the Third Strike, which is more than good. The total number of fighters is sixteen, four of which are new. The newcomers are Rashid, Necall, F.A.N.G. and Laura.

Other characters are old friends: Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Cammy, Vega, Birdie, Nash etc. The design and performance of the characters are great. There are ten in the battlefield and we have only words of praise for them. The graphics just leave it breathless, the gameplay is remarkably optimized and will work quite nicely on middle-class computers.
New and Returning Characters
As far as mechanics are concerned, the fighters still have two bars. EX and V-bar. EX is charging to receive shots, assign them, or perform special moves. EX-bar is used to perform enhanced special moves or for the Critical Art combo. V-Bar can be used for V-Reversal when an opponent attacks you, or V-Trigger is a special move that is unique to each fighter.

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Each character has a different V-Skill. Ryu absorbs blows, Rashid rolls, Nash absorbs blows and fills V-Bar and so on. When you squat and tighten capture, your fighter will get up and perform the desired move. In addition, you can no longer kill the opponent through the block, but you must complete it by hitting the block. Exceptions to this rule are only super-strikes.
Highly accessible new battle mechanics
Online mod is well done, and the biggest surprise is support for cross play. Story mode follows the story of each fighter, all the time you will be following the slide show with the story of each fighter. There are basically two to three fights throughout the story. Survival mode is interesting, you fight one round with an AI opponent and at the end of each fight you choose a bonus.

You can strengthen the attack, defend, charge the energy that is normally transferred to the next fight, charge EX or V-bar etc. Versus mode gives you the ability to play in two players, and there is also Training Mode, which is significantly improved compared to the predecessor.
Unique abilities that use the entire V-Gauge
Players will have to use JoyToKey to play on the controllers they are used to, keyboard support is done badly, mate predefined buttons that you can combine, and you can only use them for shocks or movement. There is no possibility of playing on the keyboard and one gamepad unless two gamepads are connected with the computer?!

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Punch Club Download (PC, Mac, iOS, APK)

download for pc, mac, apk or ios

download for pc, mac, apk or ios
Punch Club is a mix of genres: boxing, manager simulation and RPG. You can not see anything like this now, everything is sketched together so you will love or hate it. Introduction to the story is an intentional cliché: Gilees swears on his father’s lifeless body to revenge his death.

The way to the responsible for this horrible crime is not easy, because the only way to the main crime is participation in a prestigious tournament held on his private island, and the invitations get exclusively the best fighters. The winner will also need a magical medallion that ended with mobster don.
mick's office
One day, on the way to Gilet’s work, local mangups intercept and overwhelm him, when the old Mik appears out of nowhere and offers his services for free. The road to celebration and revenge is not easy and requires constant training, for what will initially serve a gym where you can skip the rope, lift weights or smash the rubber, otherwise the entrance to the gym is charged.

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The worst thing a young boxer can do is skip training. Money is earned by the delivery of pizzas or work on the construction site. Every successful job shift brings a certain amount of money, you can do a maximum of two shifts in one day, but pay attention to fatigue and hunger, because if an unforeseen factor breaks you up, you will not get the money!
training in the garage
You can travel to the workplace by foot (spending time) or by bus (it costs) and during travel there is always the chance that the street gang will rob you in case you carry more money with you. You can relax with TV, drink steroids of a crazy scientist whose laboratory is in the basement or sign up for a tournament: a regular, street or ultimate fight that gives many bonuses, but it also carries a greater risk of injury that will slow down future training.

You have the choice of how to get to the championship title! The three most important features of your boxer are strength, durability and agility. The first depends on the severity of the blows and energy consumption, on the other regeneration and the ability to absorb the opponent’s attack, and from the last precision and avoiding the blows.
a list of the skills
Secondary traits are: health, mood (reflects on the effectiveness of training), sitout (exercise does not go if you are hungry) and energy consumed by hitting an opponent. On the eve of each fight, you compose unique build of the moves available to you and they unlock exclusively through combat, boxer status defines perks that are always active.

The fighting takes place automatically and without the intervention of a player, only the building of the rounds between the rounds is allowed. Especially important is durability because you consume her scale whenever you hit an opponent. Pixelized graphics are adorned with many details and colorful, and the music themes are echoes of charm. Punch Club simply roams from visual references to the mass culture of the 1980s and 1990s.