Moonstone Tavern Download for PC

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full game download no steam
Moonstone Tavern is an RPG adventure in a fantasy environment, you are in the role of a host owner in which you have to supply material and money. Every fantasy game, traditionally has one tavern, a place where adventurers gather, where they drink wine or honey, where they can find out the latest gossip, meet various characters of a suspicious character. The place from where every adventure is most often begins.
Repair, renovate
The management of cottages and lodging is just the point of the whole story, but it was done in the spirit of old RPGs. After the initial selection of the appearance of the character class, you start the game by going out of the portal. Here you are welcomed by an unusual cat that speaks and who briefly informs you that your aunt has died and that you have inherited the once famous Moonstone tavern.

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The mackerel is abandoned and needs to be repaired and edited, and your task is to go to the exploration of the environment, solve the quest, collect any plants and items found by the way, in different ways make money and fix one thing in the ruined building and its surroundings.
Build specialist rooms
Any new improvement will bring you more guests, improve your reputation and, therefore, increase your revenue in the long run. You will soon realize that the gameplay is actually down to walking on one of the same or very similar maps, and killing a monster. Much more time is spent on adventuring, than on running the tavern itself.

Most often, you will run between the hut and the city, by killing monsters and collecting any crafting materials, in order to collect several meals for your guests and ammunition for your wand. In the crème, the most important thing is that you always have ready meals because you make the most money on food. Meat is bought in a nearby town, and the other ingredients are collecting maps, it’s possible to buy ready-made meals, so you’ll probably only have to do it after a while so that you do not waste time.
weapons, armours, potions, scrolls
As far as the tile itself is concerned, almost all parts of the building require some kind of work: the pipes are slippery and you have bars on the floors, some rooms are dysfunctional, others need to be beautified, the basement is curtailed, the surrounding buildings and stables should be re-arranged … All this costs , and the money is initially small and you will want to spend it faster than you can earn.

Various types of visitors come to the tavern: adventurers from whom you can hear rumors about geniuses and hidden treasures, helpful characters like priests or chefs and collectors that you can rent to perform various daily tasks for you, and even heroes that are needed again special huts. Moonstone Tavern looks very nice at all. He plays on the map of the retro forest, so everything is adapted to him: a squared, colorful, cheerful.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Blood and Wine

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game download + crack
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Blood and Wine is the second in line, and at the same time is the last full-blooded expansion that puts the definitive point on the adventures of Geralt of Riviera. You can immerse yourself in new Geralt’s adventures in one of three ways: starting a new game, instantly launching the contents of the expansion with the predefined character or loading the saved game and continuing from the point you stood on.
role-playing game set in a fantasy universe
You will immerse yourself in the magical world of Blood and Wine located in a separate and independent region, which from that moment becomes equal to other content of the base game. The mentioned kingdom is located in the far south of the map. The central area of the map is dominated by the city of Bukler, above which the dungeon castle is rising as the former capital of the now slaughtered and expelled vilches.

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In addition to standard cleaning of terrain from human and non-human threats and beasts of all kinds, forms and experience levels, the main story of expansion concerns a dangerous serial killer who, apparently at random, retires the more visible knight veterans of the kingdom. The situation is complex and colored with all the colors of the moral spectrum, while Geralt reveals dark secrets and relationships between characters.
the massive open world
The tasks, problems, challenges and concerns that will be found before Geralt are well-conceived, written, cut, crafted and conceived, and it is a real pleasure to go through a new set of missions. The Tusant is obsessed with enemies of a high degree of danger, some are unique and often profiled through specific quests in which you will meet them, while the presence of several copies from previous expansions is notable.

Geralta refers to the insertion of new specialties and skills for optimal handling of signs, as well as instances in which you will search for several sets of advanced wrecking equipment diagrams, according to which a city blacksmith will draw you armor and weapons with special bonuses. This ultimate battle is coming at a very high price, both in terms of the dangers you will encounter and the preconditions and ingredients you will need for their creation.
explore forgotten ruins, caves and shipwrecks
Blood and Wine will allow Geralt to buy the property with the house, because you will quickly become the owner and the abandoned farm with the vineyard, where you can restore the old glow and appearance, through a host of expensive upgrades and restoration. Gvent! The favorite razbibriga of each destination traveler brings a mild visual redesign of tickets, several new capabilities, and a main fighter in the form of a new faction whose decks rest on the use of raw force and associated bonuses.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine has fantastic graphics that are enriched with a bunch of new details, and a special applause deserves a synopsis of new music sections that are back at the height of the task. If your heart plays the meaning of Witcher 3, Blood and Wine is a must-have and organic part.

Hyper Light Drifter Sale (PS4, PC, Xbox One, Mac)

sale activation code

sale activation code
Hyper Light Drifter is an indie RPG, it’s not much behind the Dark Souls series. Vivid colors and sophisticated landscape will be the first stop where you will fall in love with this little masterpiece. The retro style design will perfectly embed you into this post-apocalyptic world.

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Video – step by step instruction

The player is in the role of drifter, one of many who travel around the world looking for forgotten knowledge and lost secrets of the world. It will not be clear to you what to do at a given moment, but everything will somehow pass without much trouble. In a mystical world, you will encounter various obstacles in the form of adventure-platform puzzles, but also very heavy dungeons and sections where everything is solved by direct physical aggression.
violent past resonate throughout a savage land
Gameplay is infectious and only after a few hours in the game you will be training your reflexes to the level of members of special units. In addition to classical motion along the plane, there’s also a hanging that will serve you as a jump between the two platforms, but also as a major way to avoid missiles of various enemies.

You carry a faithful sword with you, and during the first five minutes you will find a rifle. Since you have covered and melee and ranged the option, there are no excuses for losing life in front of the hordes of various enemies. In order to supplement life energy, spend the health pack, which can be saved in the heat of a fight, and can be clean failures. Since their consumption requires that you be static for a second or two, it makes you vulnerable.
modernized mechanics and designs
Hyper Light Drifter will put you in a research that no Elder Scrolls title can match. Hidden rooms and remote parts that hide the mystical currency used in the game to improve equipment and health packs will cause silly enthusiasm when you manage to reach them.

Platform-logical challenges that will obstruct you as if you are playing one of the newest Tomb Raider titles. Fighting is generally overwhelming, but you will forget about any injustice in the run of the adrenaline and, like a real samurai, go all in front of you. Even when you need more attempts to cross a section, the sense of victory that occurs with each success will be enough to make you happy day.
traveling further into the lands
Vivid colors combined with a beautiful minimalist animation are proof that 16-bit graphics and how to find anything in the 21st century. A visual identity will remind you of the ancient World War. The accompanying sound effects are sometimes so consistent with backing music that at the moment they seem to be an integral part of the minimalist compositions.

Apart from the great difficulty of the challenges, there is also a beautiful world that simply cries out to be explored, and the diversity of enemies and platform-adventurous elements only contribute to the general infection. If you think that you are skilled and that Genghis Khan is a distant ancestor, you gamble into the hands and drift until dawn!

Grim Dawn Download PC

pc game download

pc game download
Grim Dawn is a mixture of the best hack & slash achievements, the atmosphere and general visual impression could be featured as a remake of Titan Quest, as well as opponents similar to those of Torchlight. The gameplay of the conflict of two more powers has passed on to the once powerful human empire of Cairn. One of them found a way to use humanity as a kind of resource.

The other force that fights the first from the only reason known to them, wants to prevent it from harvesting valuable resources by simply destroying it. The main protagonist is the antichrist, the prisoner of death whom they decided to spare. To wash away the fun, he will have to prove himself and contribute to the community by going beyond the limits of an improvised camp.
Combine any of six distinct classes
There are six classes available, and the primary selection is made after the first progress through the Level up system, just like in Titan Quest. Novelty is the selection of a secondary class at the twelfth level. Then the player will be able to select an additional class and take the character in some other direction. All combinations are possible, and even those are incompatible. Who wants the old school gameplay will be able to skip the choice of an extra class!

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There are no divisions in terms of weapons among classes, so now everyone can equally use ranged weapons and thus expand the spectrum of tactics. There is also a completely independent system of additional fine tuning of characters, points used to improve in this field do not come from experience, but by activating certain shrines scattered in the map.
combinations and over 200 rare affixes
To activate the sanctuary, a player will either have to find and place a particular type of crystal or kill all guards, who are usually very dangerous creatures. After activating the shrine, the player will have only one point available, which he will be able to incorporate into some skill. Each of them gives certain bonuses, and they more strongly require you to first activate some other before them.

Various jewels and other boosters can be put into almost every part of the equipment, and there is also a crafting of things by the recipes you will encounter. Health regeneration and health regeneration bugs are automatically picked up when the player approaches them. Depending on the choice of options in a dialogue with some of the NPCs, the player will build or demolish his reputation in certain groups assembled in various camps.
allows you to acquire bonuses and powerful secondary effects for your class skills
From the choices it makes depends on the experience gained and the choice of equipment that it will be able to buy from local retailers. It is not possible “to be good with everyone! The hardware complexity is minimal and the engine is excellent, so Grim Dawn will work on everything that could be called a gamer machine in the last 10 years.

These are similar games that you can download here: The Quest, UnderRail or Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen.

Black Desert Online Download for PC

pc game download

pc game download
Black Desert Online is MMORPG (sandbox), the combat system is a real refreshment because it puts emphasis on action instead of a tactical component, and there are elements of Parkour movement. For a while, it has been present in the Japanese, Russian and Korean markets for free2play. Black Desert requires entering a family name that shares all the characters in one order.

It has eight classes, the sex is strictly related to the chosen class, they are evenly distributed, in those for close combat, ranged professions, DPS, tanks and hybrids, so everyone will find the appropriate class according to their style of playing. After successful creation of the avatars, you will be presented with open-source maps.
living-world MMORPG
Any activity you can think of is feasible: from fishing, splitting wood, crossing horses, cultivating the land, to genuine clinging to traders etc. You can rent a house in one of the towns and place pre-hired workers in it, which further directs to the suburban hubs where they bury their livestock and cattle.

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The merchandise produced by workers can be transported to a horse in a neighboring city where you can sell it at a better price. Unlike most of the games from the genre, it mostly travels here on a horse, boat or on foot. Purchase of the mountain is a priority, and the dressing of the horse is done using laso and sugar cubes. A trip to know how to get rid of the horse is tired, and then it is necessary to anoint and feed it with carrots.
hunt monsters and huge bosses
Black Desert has a fighting system that separates it from similar games, moves are connected to the combo, which gives more action note. A simple parkour element for home-based learning has been introduced. It is strange that no quest rewards the player with experience, but for this purpose the archaic system of mobbing is used for this purpose.

The map is three-dimensional and non-transparent, squeezed by icons, among which it’s hard to find what you need, and the same goes for the main screen overwhelmed with mostly unnecessary information that distracts attention. The characters are full of fine details, they look beautiful while the environment is average.
fight with friends in a guild
The animation of characters, especially during combat, is hyperreal, which is also true for both the atmospheric effects and the dynamic shift of day and night – it’s an unbelievable feeling when you pass through the forest at the foot of some of the mountains in the dawn of a zigzur while the rain drops shine on the armor. For comfortable playing near a limit of 60 frames per second at 1080p resolution, a much stronger configuration than the one stated is required!

Energy points are regenerated for one to three minutes, each action performed, except for combat, consumes energy. The popularity of an MMORPG game depends largely on accessibility: in Black Desert, the barrier is built from the jungle system and the subsystem is set quite high. For all there are guides and tutorials.
companion whose destiny is intertwined with their own
The money you carry with you has weight, so the problem is when you bring a few thousand silver pieces, but not when you fill the inventory with five hundred metal helmets! Some innovations are interesting, Black Desert is certainly the most beautiful simulation of horse-horses in the world.

The Quest Download (PC iOS)

game for pc , ios download

game for pc , ios download
The Quest is a classic grid-based RPG, made for pocket PC and Palm OS mobile platforms where it has come in many extensions. This is a fantasy tirade about an intrepid hero who is the only able to win an unidentified evil. Take the role of a hero and bring back the lost hope to all who believe in you.
grid-based movement and turn based combat
In the gameplay you will be offered a male or female character, five sasses and six classes. Movement is done in four directions, field by field, but each transition from one field to another. All houses and all doors look the same, so quests are turned into looking for a needle in a haystack.

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Expect immediate death as you step out of the starting village because even the weakest opponent can easily kill you. From the opponents meet standard goblins, goblins, orcs, thieves and etc. How much everything in the game is infiltrated and unconnected is the testimony of the moment when I entered my city with a toil in one and a knife in the other hand, with which the guard greeted me with a comment – It is nice to see so good and honest people, come in freely!
character and cast dazzling spells
If we ignore a few shortcomings and medium graphics, The Quest can provide you with a dozen hours of good fun. Take the role of the main hero and go on a journey that will guide you through: forests, mountains, deserts of caves where you will face the most diverse enemies. If you just want to have a good time, we recommend this title.

Dragon Quest Heroes Download (PC, PS3)

pc and ps3 download

pc and ps3 download
After the release of Dragon Quest HeroesThe World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below in Japan achieved tremendous success, over a million copies were sold in three months. Dragon Quest Heroes (JRPG) was created by merging two large and well-known franchises. Namely, the heroes were borrowed from the Square Enix Dragon Quest series, while the hack & slash game system came from Koei Tecm’s Dynasty Warriors.

This combination in practice works perfectly, has a wonderful story in a magical environment. Everything is happening in the kingdom of Arba, which is known for its rational citizens and the peaceful coexistence of monsters and humans. The coexistence came to an end when the dark druid took control of the monsters and began to torment them against the citizens of Arba.
Destroy your enemies
The game has two main characters Luceus and Aurora are members of the Royal Elite Guard. After they helped the king to clear the capital from the infestation of the monstrous attackers, they are moving into the liberation of the whole kingdom. On that trip he will discover the scheming behind the mob attack of the monsters, but he will also get new friends who will join them in the adventure.

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Leveling and character progression takes place automatically, and the player has complete freedom in equipping guided heroes and heroines with various types of weapons and clothing in protective armor. In fact, in the game you have so much to do that you will need a good ten hours to catch the ends and get used to a range of available actions.

sweeps through the city of Arba become the hero of the battlefield

The bad thing is that all missions are strictly scripted in advance and run on a limited space. When you decide to accept a task, there is no movement until the last enemy is killed. They can be repeated unlimited times, you can escape from the battlefield and return to the base to reorder.

Action is fluid, although a small problem is a real camera that is set too low and close to events, but that’s not something you will lose your battles and what will prompt you to quit playing, on the contrary. Dragon Quest Heroes will bring you dozens of hours of good fun, long conversations with the characters you meet and a ton of good action that is also a trademark of the game.

Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen Download PC, Xbox 360, PS3

game for pc, xbox 360 or ps3 download

game for pc, xbox 360 or ps3 download
Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is a typical action of the RPG Japanese school with a combination of the western perception of fantasy. Due to this mix of gameplay is full of wacky and bizarre moments during play. Dark Arisen has a convincing charisma, it will conquer you at first sight, it is ideal for these cold November days.

The authors managed to synthesize some of the famous titles: Dark Souls, Monster Hunter, Gothic and similar titles. At the beginning, you are in the role of a generic mallet (or a girl, if you choose so), who is spending days at the coastline of a native, unequal fishing village. Things change from the roots when the townman attacks the provoked dragon, and eats the heart of our protagonist.
Set in a huge open world
But our hero is not dead thanks to ancient magic, he remains alive, vowed to find the dragon, and kill him before he even hurt the kingdom and his subjects. Dragon’s Dogma from that moment provides a huge, non-linear open world kingdom, sprinkled convincingly with venerated sites full of fortifications, caves, forests, meadows, canyons, deserts, cities and others.

download button

They are the strongest of the Dogmini aduta, additionally enriched with several impressive moments. Boss files with larger specimens of local and not so local faunas such as hydra, griffons, chimeras, giant cycles and others. These battles are not only reduced to hitting the opponent, but also require additional tactical maneuvers.
fit your desired combat style
This involves spectacular pentnering, proper positioning on their humpbacks, careful study of their movements and behavior, with continuous hitting or ultimately finding sweet spots to kill them.

The other Highlight is a pawns system that follows you during adventures, pawns are NPC characters that come in two variants, the first one permanently monitors you, and additional two followers that are interchangeable. Exchangeable companions reside in some pocket, Rift dimensions, into which you can enter and make their recruitment, including hiring companions used by other players if you play in co-op mode.
Cut off the four heads of a Hydra
They are very useful, they cause real damage to their opponents, they use everything they have in the arsenal from their weapons. The followers, through the necessary experience, acquire knowledge about the world around them, providing essential information related to individual events, characters, quest or weak points of the mentioned bosses.

The Fast Travel system rests on the limited use of single-use teleportable stones, which you can only use for larger huts, save for a lot of hard walking. The animation of characters and creatures is great, as well as the way the files are unfolding. The effects of magic or skill are performed spectacularly.