Turmoil Download for PC, Mac, APK

download it for pc, mac or android

download it for pc, mac or android
Turmoil gameplay puts us in the role of an enthusiast explorer who, at the end of the nineteenth century, drew a few thousand dollars in his pocket to test happiness in search of oil in some remote US city. If you may have thought that this was an introduction to some hardcore business simulation, you were mistakenly mistaken.
19th century in North America
Most of the time you will spend on a single screen, which is almost invisibly scrolled down in the course of the game, revealing a growing space for research. The first step is the sending of specialists of armed robbery to a leased parcel, in order to roughly determine the position of oil reserves. This is followed by the construction of a well and placement of pipes, in order to get this energy out to the surface, and then hire a horse rack for transportation to one of two purchase points.

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The price of oil will vary arbitrarily throughout the level, so you are forced to continuously juggling between two companies, and if your current price is too low, you can postpone sales until the market recovers. Bores also require bulkheading, at least until you develop a conveyor belt, as the accumulation of crude oil will cause increased pressure and uncontrolled surface spillage with fines at the end of the level.
earn your way to become a successful
Levels are time-limited, and if you manage to extract all of the oil before the expiration of the time limit, you will be expecting a bonus. The country around the town is divided into four regions that you progressively unlock, and each introduces one new detail while playing. The desert landscape will honor you with rocky formations, demanding that you equip wells with reinforced drills, as well as precious diamonds you collect using specially trained moles.

Prerija introduces another resource – natural gas. You can not sell it directly, but by connecting a gas deposit with one of the two companies, you will significantly increase the purchase price of oil. Another option is to increase the performance of some of your wells for a short time, but be prepared to accept an additional amount of oil that will expel the gas pressure to the surface.
make money digging up and selling oil
The last in the snow is covered by a mountainous landscape, where the possibility opens that by enclosing gas pockets by pipeline, you increase the volume of gas, and hence the potential level of profit. There are several facilities in the town, and of course the most important town hall where the lot is leased is by direct competition with other players.

In the half of the campaign, the mayor will begin to sell his share in the offshore business through auctions. The acquisition of a job is in fact the main goal of the campaign, and the winner is a player who ultimately owns at least 51% of the shares. There are also workshops for the purchase of better equipment, one of the mandatory investments is to purchase a scanner with which you accurately locate the oil reserves.
Build a rig, create an efficient pipe network
The expert level of difficulty is in terms of profit-draining, even investing in the improvement of equipment, but nevertheless they are not a particular challenge. A minimalist design with distinctive western iconography, using a limited color palette, simply exudes simplicity, while persuading players that the game offers exactly what it needs – drinking and easy fun without any obligation.

Offworld Trading Company Download (PC, Mac)

pc, mac game download

pc, mac game download
Offworld Trading Company is an economic real-time strategy / tactic in which instead of physical violence and destruction, you are practicing economic methods. It is a very simplified simulation of laissez-faire capitalism on Mars. There is no profiled backstory except the foggy thesis that the planet Earth is drained and consumed and that the necessary resources should be found on Mars.

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Video – step by step instruction

A single-player campaign is designed as a scripted skirmish in which you are struggling with a variety of limitations through a series of missions and, as such, lies in the shadow of an open sandbox fashion that allows you to do what you want from the beginning. In the gameplay there is no recruiting units and sending them to the enemy base, but there is a redemption of its actions, manipulating prices on the stock market, mine construction and processing infrastructure.
Earth's greatest corporate
Much of the aggression is profiled by reinforcing your positions through the construction and optimization of resource chains in the interwoven Mars economy. Only a strong company will be able to defeat the competition through the classic hostile takeover: in the game there is no other way to win other than the absorption of other companies.

You start each party with orbital scanning of Mars surface and searching for an optimal location for the base of operations, which you will select according to the detected resources! Sweating starts already at this zero point gameplay because the opposing corporations see the same thing as you, and they can decide to place the base on the site while you are thinking whether to pay off scanning the surface to the end and possibly to find a better place.
to dominate the market
After the landing is followed by the collection of resources along with the opening of the shopping mall, but with one important limitation: every company in the game has a limited number of territories (claims), which implies that it is not possible to take everything you want, but you need to make a clearly defined plan in terms of what you want to process and sell. Each time you upgrade the base, you get new territories that allow you to expand and further develop your economy.

The system of resource interlacing is fairly simple, but each planning requires an analysis of what the opponents are doing and what they build in their bases. Electricity, oxygen (requires water and electrolysis plant), food (water and farm) and fuel (hydrogen, made in the same facility as oxygen) is consumed automatically depending on the level of the base and the number of objects in it, but the mines iron, minerals, steel smelters, colored metallurgy and chemical plants produce potentially more expensive products.
dynamic single-player campaign
Market manipulation of resources, semi-finished products and finished products is very simple. In addition to exploitation, processing, trade, light researching technologies in the form of optimization and enhancing building efficiency and patenting exclusive
technologies, and there is a black market! On the black market, you can buy an additional territorial claim, pay for the sabotage of the opponent’s infrastructure, engage the pirates that will suck the profit from the resource paths, you can hire security for critical plants in your possession.

When you step up cash, you have to start thinking about buying a controlling stake in equity firms. They can, of course, do it for you, for which there are several solutions: you can sabotage them, and you can buy shares in your own company, thus raising the price of the remaining stocks. Depending on the level of AI that you have set up against your opponent, you are more or less troubled in achieving your goals, although you are more penalized at higher levels than they are smarter.
Turn your friends into frenemies

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TransOcean 2 Rivals Download (PC, Mac)

download it for PC or Mac

download it for PC or Mac
TransOcean 2 Rivals is a control simulation where you pay for shipping services from the harbor port as a shipowner. TransOcean is not a commercial simulation in which you will cruise the oceans with the password buy cheap, sell expensive. You are only the owner of the ship here and you are expensive to pay for the transport of goods.
The international competition
Noting that the delivery deadlines are respected, and ships are regularly maintained and fueled. There are three types: tankers, container ships and bulk cargo ships. As the difference between them would not be purely cosmetic, the authors of the game decided that the tankers are collecting the largest amount of money, while the bulk carriers carry the most so-called regional points.

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Namely, the map of the world is divided into a dozen regions and transport of goods, besides monetary compensation, you get regional points. When you collect a certain number of points, you get the opportunity to earn more money by establishing a daughter company in the region by buying a building.
shipping line to global success
If you have purchased a refinery in Northern Europe, the percentage of any refueling in this region will lie on your account, while you will receive a discount on that operation. The remaining container vessels represent the golden mean among the previous two types. In addition to the usual sandbox mode, there is now a six-screen campaign, as well as a Competition mod.

Each scenario unlocks a new element of the gamble so you will only have the opportunity to play the game at full speed. When the fleet rises to five or six ships, it all comes down to boring cliches, with the feeling of playing some kind of management. You can automate the routes and thus save the click.
expand your fleet and establish subsidiaries
Virtual captains are not able to take the boat dry while repairing, so you must take care of this personally. Penalties for breaking delivery deadlines are small, especially in the case of express loads that bring huge sums of money, so it’s always worth paying for them, although there is no way to arrive on time.

The mechanics in the online multiplayer are quite different and are much more dynamic and arcaded than what the one-player version offers. The game is divided into four rounds, and you win points by performing tasks that change from round to round.
three types of ships - Tankers, Container Ships and Bulk Carriers
The success criterion can be the tonnage of transported loads, the number of ports you have visited, the amount of money on the account, the number of established affiliates, and the luck factor often plays an important role in deciding the winner because tasks in all rounds are not known at the beginning of the game.