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activate on steam
rFactor 2 is simulator driving uses the Real Road system that mimics the changing conditions on the track by passing through the time of the ultrarealistic model of physics. Worthy thing is that rFactor 2 is actively used in the world of automotive. It is practiced by drivers of many categories, and it is used by the designers themselves who, before the official races, take this game as a benchmark for tuning the car.

Here you get rFactor 2 Steam CD Key. With which you’ll activate the game for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or PC. Below I will explain in details the entire procedure step by step. You are at the right place.

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However, when you hear that the game is an integral part of the F1 circus and is used by NASCAR teams, you can not remain indifferent. Because of the ultrarealistic physical model that is extremely dynamic and does not rely on scripts in its work. rFactor is the only game that uses the Real Road system that mimics the changing conditions on the track by running time and can accelerate.
rFactor 2 is a realistic simulator
The consumption of tires and the amount of particles left on the track during the racing weekend is calculated. Gameplay remembers the state of the track between sessions, and even registers the accumulation of garbage along the ideal path. Of course it is also supported by rainy conditions that show all the potentials of the isiMotor 2.5 engine.

You can determine what time it will take during training, qualification or race. You change the timing by segment for each individual session. There are as many as 11 different scenarios: from the beautiful, the blue sky, through the sporadic clouds and the rain drops to the real storm. In addition, you can choose exactly the air temperature, by which the wind blows and from which direction, the likelihood that rain will fall, how much air humidity is, but also at what time drivers are coming out on the path.
ultra realistic dynamics
rFactor 2 is one of the few simulations where you can tilt the car to the roof or even make several pirouettes. The game driving here is penalized in a fraction of a second and results in damage from which you can not recover. You can turn on stagnant mode, but it will not help you much since you have to be a real master for driving.

rFactor 2 is the most difficult simulator we ever had to play, even when you turn on all the cars. It’s not worth the braking and route correction, it’s no good to turn on automatic clutch and gear shifting, the game is demanding. A steering wheel is needed, some with a great power feedback engine that will bring you feelings of hot asphalt under the wheels.
features mixed class road racing
There are 32 tracks in the gameplay, some are known to the general public, some are not, and there are also those legendary that are no longer driving. The number of different settings is far greater because most tracks have several layouts that are used for different competitions and serve for different purposes. It’s similar to cars that exist in different variants and different sets, but we’ll just say that everything is available: from touring four-wheelers, through stock cars, to formulas.

There are also cartoons, IndyCar boards and so on, and the new content is easy and regular because rFactor 2 is the ultimate platform for modding, so the content is in no way missing. The optimization of the visual component by the authors is not on the list of priorities, and the quiet souls can say that the complete visual concept is in the second plan.

RaceRoom Racing Experience Download no Steam

pc game download no steam

pc game download no steam
RaceRoom Racing Experience is a simulation of driving, the Get Real mode brings dangerous realism and simulation of the physical model from the right track. RaceRoom Racing Experience is actually a retrospective of the work so far. It contains all the elements of the previous titles, all learned about realism and physical models.

We have not played a simulation of driving that produces so many racing moments, touring, serious incidents on the track and emotional moments after winning or missed opportunities. RaceRoom Racing Experience is not a classic simulation of driving and we could say that it’s a simulator.
brings dangerous realism
Hard-drive riders will notice that realism is tuned exclusively through three predefined modules: Novice, Amateur and Get Real. The game does not offer manipulation to helpers such as automatic distribution of braking forces, slip control or, for example, correction of the path of movement. Switching from mode to mode automatically activates the above.

Full PC version (no steam), download it here

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Playing in Get Real mode brings dangerous realism and mimics the physical model. Cars on asphalt lie perfectly and it is a real pleasure to discover their limits of opportunity. The AI driver system has an adaptive algorithm that perfectly adapts to the player’s driving.
Get Real mode brings dangerous realism
AI automatically slows down, allows you to reach the vehicle column and continue to compete for a better position. Racing Experience comes with no meaningful campaign, it brings even 95 cars and 29 licensed tracks. DTM 2013, 2014 and 2015 season are supported, and the ADAC GT Masters Championship 2014.

A player can define a championship that will consist of an arbitrary number of tracks and arbitrary types of cars. Racing Experience brings not only modern machines, but also flies with touring and DTM legends, formulas, GTO classics, GTR beams, prototypes etc.
there are only two cars
For the end user, the game is completely free, but if you are satisfied with the fact that there are only two cars and the same number of tracks available. All other, mentioned content is purchased individually! RaceRoom Racing Experience is realistic, has a number of tracks and cars, regular apps, fantastic sound and support for all types of control devices. There is also online multiplayer, line-out on line to true drivers through special online championships, a time trial for the title of the fastest.

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American Truck Simulator Download (PC, Mac, Android)

pc, mac or android download it here

pc, mac or android download it here
American Truck Simulator is a simulation of driving, waking up in a truck driver, buying a truck and transporting goods across America, starting your own company and hiring riders to drive for you. The creators of the Euro Truck Simulator series decided to move to a North American tour on the roads of California, Nevada and Arizona.

After entering a name, selecting a pole, a photo that will represent your ingame avatar and running your company, you are ready to do the job of a transport company. For starters you will have to drive for big companies, they will give you a truck. As soon as you collect enough money, raise a loan, buy a truck and a garage that from that moment becomes your operating base.
changing cabins, chassis, paintjobs, adding tuning accessories or more powerful engines
Once you expand your fleet and get a job, you will be able to rent other drivers for your company. From the length of the route and the speed of delivery depends on the amount of earned money and experience points, skills that reduce fuel consumption, open long routes and business deals that involve the transport of dangerous goods.

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The amount of the payment is also affected by the sensitivity of the goods being transported. For example, if you damage goods in the course of transport, this will affect your payment. In the lower right corner of the screen is a GPS system display, information about the amount of fuel in the tank, driver tiredness, incoming messages and available money. A separate section is reserved for diagnostics, showing damage to vehicles and goods.
through the breathtaking landscapes
If you happen to get accidents along the way, you can try to bring the truck to the nearest service or call on-road assistance on the phone, of course these services will cost you a lot. Any disregard for traffic rules and signaling is expensive. In addition to police patrols and speed detection cameras, there are even checkpoints with roadblocks for mandatory control of loading of freight vehicles.

As far as the authors pay attention to realism, the possibility of adjusting the cab, even the height of the seat and the position of the mirror, then the use of short or long lights, after long journeys, the driver will discreetly discern that he is tired when it is necessary to find a quiet place for rest .
deliver various cargoes across sunny California
Accurate parking of the trailer represents the darkest nightmare, the camera with a bird’s eye view barely helps and this activity can be skipped, although in that case you will be left without valuable experience points.

The graphical presentation of the ATS is functional, but from the aesthetic point of view it is retired and in relation to what it provides on the visual plane, the hardware is more demanding than the title such as Project CARS. Unfortunately, the terrain is presented in a much smaller scale compared to reality, so, for example, Las Vegas extends to the surface of a little larger shopping center.