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pc game download

pc game download
Bombshell is an action RPG whose main protagonist is a warrior who is a dark monster. Interesting alien worlds made in the Unreal engine 3. A generic story that puts you in front of you hordes of strange creatures you mow in a dynamic fight and spend hours and days collecting a loot.

Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison was once a decorated colonel to the Global Defense Force, but after an unsuccessful action, she remains seriously injured. Shelly accepts a job in the private sector and gets cybernetic accessories that make her more dangerous than ever before, because her body is now a collection of fire and cold weapons.
rescue the president from alien
Kyrr are a race of cruel aliens that your old acquaintance brought to Earth, crazy Professor Heskel. Shelly is moving into a brutal battle with aliens that will lead her to several fantastic worlds. You use the cursor keys to control the characters while you target the target and shoot at your enemies.

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After all, the brilliant minimalist classic Crimsonland is based on such a management scheme. The difference is that in Bombshel this scheme is simply not well implemented, you do not have the impression of sufficient control over your character, this control is a bit strange and you will need a little time to get used to.
Bombshell is set to blow you away
The controls would be correct for FPS or TPS, superbly awkward when the game has an isometric view. Opponents have relatively few, have too much health, and easily avoid your grip. However, their attack is sluggish so they are not able to eliminate you, which somewhat compensates for their higher level of hp points.

While you can easily kill ordinary opponents, fighting with the boss is extremely difficult, it could be said that this relationship is disbalanced and should be corrected. The development team has announced that it will fix this imbalance with regard to the opponent, in the next patches will fix these failures.
discover the secrets of a civilization frozen in time
Each pair of killings gives you the possibility of an action elimination, called a feature that involves camera closer to see how Shelly kills opponents. Eliminated opponents by themselves instead of interesting equipment leave a valuable miner kyrronite that you use to procure items with the NPC.

You find weapons in scripted places and when you pick it up, it becomes a permanent part of your arsenal, you find bombs and ammunition on maps, weapons with different characteristics, or perhaps cybernetic implants. By killing your opponent you gain experience and with each level you get two points that you use to improve shields, health or energy skills, or to strengthen one of those four skills you have.

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