The Solus Project PC Download

pc game download

pc game download
The Solus Project is a combination of survival, research and adventure from the first person in which you are looking for a new home for mankind to whom the Earth has become unattractive. The earth is destroyed, and survivors in Pluto’s swamp space fleet near Pluto are waiting for the results of expeditions sent in search of a settled planet. The goal of your team is Gliese-6143-C, a planet where vegetation and atmosphere are similar to the Earth.
adventure with survival elements
When landing, there is an accident and as the only survivor you are moving in search of the resources necessary for survival, exploring the island on which you may not be the only form of life. The rest of the fleet slowly remains without water and fuel. As communication is interrupted, you are compiling a transmitter through the whole game of wrecking parts to confirm that you are alive and submit a report.

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What is Pip-Boy in the Fallout franchise, it’s Wilson in the Solus Project. Wilson informs you about physical statistics: health, temperature, hunger, thirst, need for sleep and outdoor weather, signaling when a vital function is canceled or when a tornado comes in.
Survive through exploration
The lack of maps works scary at the beginning, because you have no idea what the size of the world you are researching. As a help, the game sets out short-term goals from the beginning: make a torch, find a specific thing, and map the location of the target so you know how many meters of distance and direction it is in.

Unreal 4 engine is a backbone for a world-class designed world with detailed mechanics of celestial bodies, tide and tide, and shift of day and night. The Survival element is most pronounced at the beginning, while you are still getting used to the gameplay mechanics and discovering the limits of your physical endurance.
Unlock the depths of the uncharted planet
Food and water supplies are abundant, the greatest danger threatens from hypothermia, which can easily fall if you crash at night when the temperature drops to minus twenty. What distinguishes The Solus Project from the classic survival game is a well-developed narrative through which elements of adventure are introduced. Walking along the landscape with stone pillars, you encounter the traces of civilization and you begin to wonder how much the island has an epitome lean.

The focus is shifted from a mere survival to the tracking of traces that are suspiciously served to you on the right. Paranoia due to solitude, or is someone watching you? The game gives you the freedom to stray from the goal, examine each path and the treasure and find artifacts in hidden passages. To make things harder, in a few places, you need to solve logical puzzles to continue.
large entirely handcrafted levels to explore
The atmosphere in the game is incredible, supported by an acoustic background that adequately monitors the action. You feel the hopelessness of a hero who is unintentionally the last hope of humanity. You feel the endless loneliness and insignificance of man in front of the universe. At the center, the game gets so angry that it can paralyze the Khholat, turning into a horror story.

The lucky thing is that you can save progress at checkpoints as well as after bedtime, which is possible if weather conditions permit. The weight of the Solus Project is balanced, without sudden leaps and too heavy sequences. The Solus project manages to balance the various elements and provide an enormously good gaming experience.

Moonstone Tavern Download for PC

full game download no steam

full game download no steam
Moonstone Tavern is an RPG adventure in a fantasy environment, you are in the role of a host owner in which you have to supply material and money. Every fantasy game, traditionally has one tavern, a place where adventurers gather, where they drink wine or honey, where they can find out the latest gossip, meet various characters of a suspicious character. The place from where every adventure is most often begins.
Repair, renovate
The management of cottages and lodging is just the point of the whole story, but it was done in the spirit of old RPGs. After the initial selection of the appearance of the character class, you start the game by going out of the portal. Here you are welcomed by an unusual cat that speaks and who briefly informs you that your aunt has died and that you have inherited the once famous Moonstone tavern.

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The mackerel is abandoned and needs to be repaired and edited, and your task is to go to the exploration of the environment, solve the quest, collect any plants and items found by the way, in different ways make money and fix one thing in the ruined building and its surroundings.
Build specialist rooms
Any new improvement will bring you more guests, improve your reputation and, therefore, increase your revenue in the long run. You will soon realize that the gameplay is actually down to walking on one of the same or very similar maps, and killing a monster. Much more time is spent on adventuring, than on running the tavern itself.

Most often, you will run between the hut and the city, by killing monsters and collecting any crafting materials, in order to collect several meals for your guests and ammunition for your wand. In the crème, the most important thing is that you always have ready meals because you make the most money on food. Meat is bought in a nearby town, and the other ingredients are collecting maps, it’s possible to buy ready-made meals, so you’ll probably only have to do it after a while so that you do not waste time.
weapons, armours, potions, scrolls
As far as the tile itself is concerned, almost all parts of the building require some kind of work: the pipes are slippery and you have bars on the floors, some rooms are dysfunctional, others need to be beautified, the basement is curtailed, the surrounding buildings and stables should be re-arranged … All this costs , and the money is initially small and you will want to spend it faster than you can earn.

Various types of visitors come to the tavern: adventurers from whom you can hear rumors about geniuses and hidden treasures, helpful characters like priests or chefs and collectors that you can rent to perform various daily tasks for you, and even heroes that are needed again special huts. Moonstone Tavern looks very nice at all. He plays on the map of the retro forest, so everything is adapted to him: a squared, colorful, cheerful.

Subterrain Download PC

pc game download

pc game download
Subterrain is a phenomenal and complicated survival simulation game, a unique game that will capture you even if it’s Dark Souls III. Unlike most similar titles that aim to navigate and survive under conditions of isolation and permanent hazards, Subterrain does not at all endeavor to hinder you from the slight escalation of gamble and mechanical challenges, but from the very first moment it is inserted into the struggle for survival.
you fill the shoes of Dr. West
The basic setting is as follows: you are Dr. West, a discredited and sentenced prisoner who rotates in a prison on the edge of the Mars colony. Cherishing behind the metal door, you hear quivering, hustle and screams and you hear calls to evacuate, but the noise quickly dies, and the door remains locked.

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Use a sudden power failure to escape from the prison. Except for corpses at different stages of decay, the prison seems empty. Soon you realize that you are not alone when a corrupted body hits you. During the unsuccessful evacuation of the station, electricity, heating and ventilation are largely switched off. In addition to avoiding eating, freezing or dying, you must take care not to starve, thirst, tiredness, infection, breakage of your hands, legs, or other body trauma that you have not healed.
an underground city on Mars
The base of your operations will be the Colony Operational Center, which contains the hub of automated public transport, the central reactor and the redistribution terminal in the segments of the colony. Ignoring and extinguishing certain sections depending on needs is a basic prerequisite for going to this part of the settlement. If there are currents, there are also conditions for oxygen and heating, which require the replacement of filters and thermoregulators that were damaged during stress shocks during evacuation.

To replace the destroyed parts, you need to create yourself yourself using a 3D printer located in the engineering section of the database, and in order to be able to make them, you need to analyze the featured samples in the research lab, located in a separate wing of the base. Running all over the place, recycling components, growing your own food, calculating air and electricity, the need for a break and a lot of manual repetition of operations on a daily basis makes survival perfectly realistic.
fight hunger and thirst, mend your wounds
The whole process is complex and quite authentically complicated. Control of the machine for 3D printing, food biosynthesis, extraction and refining of ore and other necessary hardware requires knowledge of internal resource relationships and legality. For 3D laser gun printing, you will need a special crystal that you can get by mining and purification of ore or by going to a shopping center, breaking into a jewelry shop and recycling jewelry.

For making first aid supplies, you will also need compounds that exist in vegetables or rare industrial chemicals, so you will be in dilemma to cultivate tomatoes or go to a warehouse full of zombies. As the days pass, the ecosystem will evolve, the number of mutants that will wait outside of the base will grow, more advanced examples will attack you.
Every decision you make is critical
You can reduce the number of mutated zombies in two ways: hunting, which will not be too effective, and the establishment of heating and atmosphere in all segments of the colony, which does not favor zombies and their reproduction. Subterrain is a unique game that will win you after five minutes of playing.

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Stardew Valley Download (Mac, PC)

download for mac or pc

download for mac or pc
Stardew Valley promises an interesting escape from urban reality and crowds, curved in cute pixel art graphics and simple gameplay. Stardew Valley puts you in the role of a city boy who has been bored of life in the city and work in the office. At the right time, they inform you that your deceased ancestor left your property in a nearby village.

Your created character will get up early in the morning and be most optimistic about going to sleep at ten o’clock in the afternoon due to overtime. The work of the peasant is difficult, but the moment you first get the fruit of your painstaking work and sell it by putting it in a wooden container that serves as a portal to the market, happiness has no end.
begin your new life
You will collect everything and everything from the fruits that you have grown up to the timber and stones that you collect in the yard. The courtyard is huge in size, and since it has not been owned for a long time, it has grown into plants and trees that you will clean, and then make a super-farm. You have hair, stone crushing hammer, bud for hoeing and shaking.

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All you collect, you will be able to sell, eat, donate to someone or use for quests, hyper-crafting or simply store. You need to water the crops, and you can fence and protect the farm with the use of a scarecrow. You can later do the irrigation system, and especially rain will be especially enjoyable because then you do not need to water the crops.
Armed with hand-me-down tools
Certain crops will be planted only at a certain season, each species has its own maturation period, and the quality of the fruit can be improved by fertilizing the soil. All you can do in inventory can be made or purchased for gold coins. You make purchases in two markets, one of which is a real village store, and another is a mega corporation.

In the abandoned cooperative home, you will find several villages, and since they are extremely peaceful, you will find their souls by collecting certain items. RPG element of the game is reflected above all in the quest and communication with locals and the deepening of relationships that eventually can result in marriage.
Raise animals, grow crops, craft useful machines
Each of your neighbors is a human being with daily routines and a more or less real personality. This segment is particularly prominent during the most important rural events, of which the most important is the Autumn Stardew Valley Festival, where everyone contributes to one big festival and exude the fruits of its work.

In the game you will meet animals that you can grab and blast in the nearby mine against which you will fight. For this purpose, you will also get a sword, exploring the mine will bring you minerals, artifacts and other gems that you will continue to use to develop something …? Stardew Valley simply has the power to, the longer you play, the more you play. There is also the improvement of skills with the mentioned tools.
level up in 5 different areas
The more you use the tools, and the skill will grow in proportion to the usage. You can fish, have a pet, or edit your property more carefully than you would with the right courtyard. On the visual side, the graphics also delight.

Pixel graphics are precious and absolutely retro, as far as sound is concerned, the effects themselves are more than excellent, while music is a category for itself, relaxing melodies that do not disturb the atmosphere, but you are further entangled in the narcotic world Stardew Valleya will bump your head and long after the fire.

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Far Cry Primal Download for PC

pc game download

pc game download
Far Cry Primal brings hunting to perfection. He had just started with a group of his compatriots in search of the promised land Oros, he did not even imagine what kind of adventure he expected. All of them disappeared, but he managed to get himself to Oros, where he found out that members of his long-lost tribe were almost exterminated because they were systematically hunted by the race of the human fighter Udama.

He swears that Oros will cleanse himself from the predators and will gather his people in one place and provide them with security. Once you enter the green and dense vegetation, you will realize that you are expecting much more than that. In order to complete the campaign, it takes about 17 hours of playing, and more so to complete all accompanying missions.
fight for humanity’s survival
He is a cave man who knows nothing else in his life except to hunt. At first, he is armed only with wooden mill, and as he progresses through the campaign, he will be provided with spears, bow and arrows, and even slings. Animals have specific patterns of behavior and path of movement. You are hunting feathered game, goats, deer, wild boars, carrots etc.

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At night you will be careful not to be attacked by bloodthirsty animals such as: wolves, bear, leopard, puma etc. Night can be spent next to the fire in one of the many campsites you will find on the map. Successful completion of missions and actions brings an experience whose points are used for development.
bringing together massive beasts
He can become a better hunter, a ruthless fighter for justice, but also to experience himself as the master of the beast. Animal control is one of the more important aspects for successful gaming. You can not count on their help when attacking enemy camps and villages. It will also develop the power of animal management that will then be sent to the enemy.

You can have a wolf, a beary bear or a swarm of tigers beside you. The wildlife packs will think twice before they embark on you, and when you ride horseback riding, you will reach your destination quickly. He can at any moment count on the help of an owl, which he can send for scouting, and even attacking enemies.
fend off fierce predators
In addition to boosting its own characteristics, Takkar must also take into account the state of the weapons, as well as the construction of the village. Thus, the main NPCs can provide luxury housing for hous- ing, and in return access to better weapons, equipment and abilities. In addition to raw meat and skin you will have to deal with the collection of wood and stones, which are the basic resources for building.

Oros is a beautiful place for a lot of lush vegetation, sun-dredged streams, rivers and lakes, or forests dominated by centuries-old trees. Such is the central Oros, but its north and south are nothing but a hospitable place to live. In the north there are mountain ranges covered with snow and ice, by which raging blizzards and storm winds.
survive in a world where you are the prey
Do not go to the mountains without winter clothes because you are threatened with freezing, the south is covered with eternal sun and a burnt red earth ruled by Israeli warriors. Primal gameplay with beautiful graphics, great sound effects and high framerate.

The Flame in the Flood Download

pc game download

pc game download
The Flame in the Flood is a rogue-like game that you have not seen before, an educational game that children and adults can play. The basic characteristic of the survival system is a realistic system of physical needs, the impact of injury on the general state of the organism. The Flame in the Flood is set in the context of a world that is on the verge of collapse due to global warming and a devastated eco-system that is the most guilty man.

Gameplay takes you to the American South, a flood-wasting wasteland that has flooded rivers literally burn down cities and villages, leaving a somewhat dry fragment of the former world. The girl and her dog get caught up with this extravagant stitch and take a downstream course to rumors of evacuation, trusting only in a miscarriage and a series of skills that lie between promises of life and the cruel death of hunger, extravagance, contagion and wildlife.
journey through the backwaters
Our heroine will try to reach his goal, which is far and minimal of the initial means to withstand the road to him, which means the passing of the basic point. Gameplay is divided into two segments: navigation and land. The first comes down to navigating the river, navigating in rapids and avoiding waste that is deadly, the other is based on resource gathering, game hunting and looking for a warm and dry place to rest.

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The player has four basic scales that should be kept in the plus: siteness, hydration, body temperature and sleepiness. The first two are easy to satisfy because food items rarely are missing, and water is everywhere. The general rule is that thermally untreated meat and most plants are not good for eating because, besides nutrients, you will be filled with parasites.
post-societal America
In the non-hygienic conditions of postapocalypse, even a regular cut is easily infected, causing a sepsis of which it is easy to die, and the tears and fractures that you received after clearing with wild boar and wolf even more securely lead to death. Treat infections with penicillin (which you make from waking branches in the open flame), broken stomach and bite snake with teaspoon tea, cuts with curls or aloe I cream etc.

The body temperature falls if you are constantly wet and have inadequate clothing, a resting scale that you sleep with near an open fire or in abandoned objects. The crafting system in the game is ideally balanced between the real and the fun, and the number of resources is so large that it creates tactical torments with a limited inventory.
scrounge for resources
An absolute priority should be the construction of rudders and raft engines that will dramatically improve the possibility of maneuvering in rapids. Other survival techniques are reduced to a combination of common sense and minimal reflex. You can turn the game against one another, for example, a wolf who is caught on the heels of a poisonous snake or a sleepy boar.