Turmoil Download for PC, Mac, APK

download it for pc, mac or android

download it for pc, mac or android
Turmoil gameplay puts us in the role of an enthusiast explorer who, at the end of the nineteenth century, drew a few thousand dollars in his pocket to test happiness in search of oil in some remote US city. If you may have thought that this was an introduction to some hardcore business simulation, you were mistakenly mistaken.
19th century in North America
Most of the time you will spend on a single screen, which is almost invisibly scrolled down in the course of the game, revealing a growing space for research. The first step is the sending of specialists of armed robbery to a leased parcel, in order to roughly determine the position of oil reserves. This is followed by the construction of a well and placement of pipes, in order to get this energy out to the surface, and then hire a horse rack for transportation to one of two purchase points.

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The price of oil will vary arbitrarily throughout the level, so you are forced to continuously juggling between two companies, and if your current price is too low, you can postpone sales until the market recovers. Bores also require bulkheading, at least until you develop a conveyor belt, as the accumulation of crude oil will cause increased pressure and uncontrolled surface spillage with fines at the end of the level.
earn your way to become a successful
Levels are time-limited, and if you manage to extract all of the oil before the expiration of the time limit, you will be expecting a bonus. The country around the town is divided into four regions that you progressively unlock, and each introduces one new detail while playing. The desert landscape will honor you with rocky formations, demanding that you equip wells with reinforced drills, as well as precious diamonds you collect using specially trained moles.

Prerija introduces another resource – natural gas. You can not sell it directly, but by connecting a gas deposit with one of the two companies, you will significantly increase the purchase price of oil. Another option is to increase the performance of some of your wells for a short time, but be prepared to accept an additional amount of oil that will expel the gas pressure to the surface.
make money digging up and selling oil
The last in the snow is covered by a mountainous landscape, where the possibility opens that by enclosing gas pockets by pipeline, you increase the volume of gas, and hence the potential level of profit. There are several facilities in the town, and of course the most important town hall where the lot is leased is by direct competition with other players.

In the half of the campaign, the mayor will begin to sell his share in the offshore business through auctions. The acquisition of a job is in fact the main goal of the campaign, and the winner is a player who ultimately owns at least 51% of the shares. There are also workshops for the purchase of better equipment, one of the mandatory investments is to purchase a scanner with which you accurately locate the oil reserves.
Build a rig, create an efficient pipe network
The expert level of difficulty is in terms of profit-draining, even investing in the improvement of equipment, but nevertheless they are not a particular challenge. A minimalist design with distinctive western iconography, using a limited color palette, simply exudes simplicity, while persuading players that the game offers exactly what it needs – drinking and easy fun without any obligation.

Fragments of Him Download (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

xbox one, ps4 or pc download

xbox one, ps4 or pc download
Fragments of Him plays the oximeter game without playing, fatal traffic refers to the life of the young Vill, and the player through three stages of flashbacks follows his last day and stories told from the corners of his closest.
connected by love and a tragic
After each flash, the contours of an object or character illuminate and suggest where to click to keep the story going. When the game takes away one of the foundations such as a gamble, it must have a strong enough story or a strong visual impression, otherwise the whole construction is broken.

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The characters are designed as dolls from a windowless show, or what The Pixies would say – where there were eyes, there’s only space. Music is minimal, most of the time in the same monotone piano section. Fragments of Him do not interfere too much in shallow philosophy, deals with topics that are close to everyone – the first love and love problems, the generation gap, the issue of closeness and attachment, the loss of a dear person.
Will on his last morning
The story begins with Vill, who wakes up and prepares for work, thinking of small things. He soon experiences an accident and the story returns to Vil’s childhood through the grandma’s memory that kept him. The story is pretty painful when sliding downhill in the second stage of the game, right in the cliche.

If you love someone, let him go, that is, suggest to him to start some other and other reactions that are not characteristic of human beings. And finally, the most emotional part comes from the attempts to deal with the death of a partner in a common apartment where all objects are sad reminders, until the final acceptance that life goes on.
conflict, reconciled some of their differences
As far as LGBT themes are concerned, the player should only be interested in the way in which it was accessed in terms of the quality of the story. The experience of playing Fragments of Him is the closest thing to watching an indie movie, but with every fifteen seconds you have to click on the mouse to continue.

Atari Vault Download no Steam

no steam download

no steam download
Atari Vault relive the golden age of gaming with 100 of the most iconic Atari games from the 80’s. Classic Atari titles like Asteroids, Centipede, and many more. The period from the mid-seventies to the first half of the 1980s marked the absolute dominance of Atari in the video game market until 1983. The Atari gamut of the pre-crash plays a great arcade material and essential historical material, based on which the roots of modern representative of digital entertainment.
Play seminal Atari titles including Asteroids
Software magicians gathered behind the code Code Mystics, otherwise known for similar nostalgic packages designed for modern consoles, decided to serve us a smaller piece of the imposing history of formerly large and very important companies. The fact is that there have long been emulators for all the Atari hardware outlets and ROM files on the net are available to everyone.

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Atari Vault brings about 100 titles divided into two categories – arcade machines and games for the Atari 2600 console. The initial enthusiasm for reading a long list of games disappears when you realize that only games that came out directly from the Atari kitchen were covered, so the classics other companies such as River Raid and Pitfall.
battle for arcade supremacy
In addition to these, there was no place for licensed releases, regardless of Atari’s signature, so do not rely on vector Star Wars mamiparama, and for the same reason, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, which was a major factor in the breakdown of the entire industry.

In spite of this, important classics are included in this compilation: Asteroids, Missile Command, Lunar Lander, Tempest and other sizes are still today, thirty years after they’ve seen the light of day perfectly playful. Players who first stepped into the world of video games with the Rambo console a couple of decades ago can breathe, Atari Vault contains both parts of Combat, eternally popular tanks.
Relive the glory days
Since it’s a modern package, local and online multiplayer modes are implied. The games follow additional material in the form of a photo gallery, while arcade machines represent virtual three-dimensional models. The machines and console 2600 are just one part of the rich Atari legacy, so we would like to see the consoles 5200/7800 in a future compilation.

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