The Witness Download (PC, Xbox 360, Android, iOS)

pc, xbox 360, android or ios download

pc, xbox 360, android or ios download
The Witness is a research logical philosophical adventure from the perspective of the first person. The indisputable refreshment in the sea of video games, because it does not keep you by the hand, cheerfully blinking the terrain elements and pointing your finger into a marker that indicates where you should go.

From the very beginning, The Witness is a real refreshment, the gameplay will take you deeper into the forest more accurately, on a lean island. There are no tutorials, no explanations, you are simply left to work out how you know. You start by sitting in a long tunnel leading to the surface, into a small, ruined garden.
strange island full of puzzles
The first thing you see is the large energy gate that prevents further passage, the bundles of the outgoing power lines that diverge from them. Solving the problem is the main and repetitive element of the gameplay around which most of the story itself revolves. The lattice maze point connects the starting and end points with the energy trace the player prints on the screen.

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Once you find the right solution (or more), the panel will remain lit and activate whatever it is connected to. In the beginning, this works simply, but the problems are complicated as you progress through the game. The puzzles of one type are becoming more and more complex, then they become more diversified, that is, you get access to a number of challenging types.
You wake up, alone
Later, it comes to combining different types of tasks, with many accompanying, aggravating factors such as, for example, broken, hidden or sheltered parts of the labyrinth. When you pass through the energy gate, the island is spreading in front of you in all its beauty and gluttony, without any living creature you meet by the way, giving you the freedom to move absolutely in any direction without any limitations.

The island is made up of several logical visual entities: forests, swamps, snow peaks, a desert temple, a ruined city square, and etc. These entities are seamlessly integrated into each other. Problems and tasks on panels, as we say, come in many types or combinations.
somehow finding your way home
In one case it is only necessary to separate the colorful elements, in the second one, symmetrically plot two paths that must not be crossed, in the third solution it rests on the construction of recognizable Tetris shapes. The boat is your best friend at the beginning of the gameplay, and you are the first to build a series of linked panels, as you gradually learn the logic of solving a particular type of problem.

The most important of all is that you are always aware of your environment, because the solution of a large number of panels directly depends on external factors. The screens and maze on them are actually just a superficial layer of the game and a strong skeleton with a lot of mysterious and phantasmagoric content.
explore the island to discovering clues
Sooner or later you will begin to witness strange things in the Witness world, which require much more attention and observation from a mere run-in from one terminal to another. What are the black, silent monoliths scattered around the island? What are human and animal statues on all sides?

The Witness is full of such moments, and this is what makes him a vanity game in the broader sense, because he is not subject to conventional conventions characteristic of other titles. There is no clear goal you are aiming for, there are no clear side tasks, there is no jump for bonuses and 100% completion.
open world with dozens of locations to explore
The author of the game claims that there is a puzzle in the game that will be able to solve only 1% of the players. The worst and best of all is that you probably will not even be aware that you have solved it even if you succeed in doing so.

The Quest Download (PC iOS)

game for pc , ios download

game for pc , ios download
The Quest is a classic grid-based RPG, made for pocket PC and Palm OS mobile platforms where it has come in many extensions. This is a fantasy tirade about an intrepid hero who is the only able to win an unidentified evil. Take the role of a hero and bring back the lost hope to all who believe in you.
grid-based movement and turn based combat
In the gameplay you will be offered a male or female character, five sasses and six classes. Movement is done in four directions, field by field, but each transition from one field to another. All houses and all doors look the same, so quests are turned into looking for a needle in a haystack.

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Expect immediate death as you step out of the starting village because even the weakest opponent can easily kill you. From the opponents meet standard goblins, goblins, orcs, thieves and etc. How much everything in the game is infiltrated and unconnected is the testimony of the moment when I entered my city with a toil in one and a knife in the other hand, with which the guard greeted me with a comment – It is nice to see so good and honest people, come in freely!
character and cast dazzling spells
If we ignore a few shortcomings and medium graphics, The Quest can provide you with a dozen hours of good fun. Take the role of the main hero and go on a journey that will guide you through: forests, mountains, deserts of caves where you will face the most diverse enemies. If you just want to have a good time, we recommend this title.

Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen Download PC, Xbox 360, PS3

game for pc, xbox 360 or ps3 download

game for pc, xbox 360 or ps3 download
Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is a typical action of the RPG Japanese school with a combination of the western perception of fantasy. Due to this mix of gameplay is full of wacky and bizarre moments during play. Dark Arisen has a convincing charisma, it will conquer you at first sight, it is ideal for these cold November days.

The authors managed to synthesize some of the famous titles: Dark Souls, Monster Hunter, Gothic and similar titles. At the beginning, you are in the role of a generic mallet (or a girl, if you choose so), who is spending days at the coastline of a native, unequal fishing village. Things change from the roots when the townman attacks the provoked dragon, and eats the heart of our protagonist.
Set in a huge open world
But our hero is not dead thanks to ancient magic, he remains alive, vowed to find the dragon, and kill him before he even hurt the kingdom and his subjects. Dragon’s Dogma from that moment provides a huge, non-linear open world kingdom, sprinkled convincingly with venerated sites full of fortifications, caves, forests, meadows, canyons, deserts, cities and others.

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They are the strongest of the Dogmini aduta, additionally enriched with several impressive moments. Boss files with larger specimens of local and not so local faunas such as hydra, griffons, chimeras, giant cycles and others. These battles are not only reduced to hitting the opponent, but also require additional tactical maneuvers.
fit your desired combat style
This involves spectacular pentnering, proper positioning on their humpbacks, careful study of their movements and behavior, with continuous hitting or ultimately finding sweet spots to kill them.

The other Highlight is a pawns system that follows you during adventures, pawns are NPC characters that come in two variants, the first one permanently monitors you, and additional two followers that are interchangeable. Exchangeable companions reside in some pocket, Rift dimensions, into which you can enter and make their recruitment, including hiring companions used by other players if you play in co-op mode.
Cut off the four heads of a Hydra
They are very useful, they cause real damage to their opponents, they use everything they have in the arsenal from their weapons. The followers, through the necessary experience, acquire knowledge about the world around them, providing essential information related to individual events, characters, quest or weak points of the mentioned bosses.

The Fast Travel system rests on the limited use of single-use teleportable stones, which you can only use for larger huts, save for a lot of hard walking. The animation of characters and creatures is great, as well as the way the files are unfolding. The effects of magic or skill are performed spectacularly.

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles India Download (PC, Android)

download for pc or android

download for pc or android
The chronological map of the Assassin’s Creed saga of Indian sequences was deposited in 1841, the Player is in the role of the hero, the Arbaaz Mira Mirabell. When the hideous Templars kidnapped his mentor Hamid, the recruiter who trained him to put his acrobatic-combat skills at the service of the assassination order, Arbaaz began a mission of righteous vengeance and rescue.

Things will be added when he learns about the legendary diamond Koh-I-Nur, which will soon turn out to be one of the lost artifacts of the first civilization, and is inextricably linked to the location of several new vaults of the aforementioned race.
19th century Colonial India
Playing mechanics, gameplay elements remain the same, linear levels that are lowered on the tape, a stealth approach approach when crossing them, unlocking defensive offensive passive aggressive skills, weapons and pieces of equipment, and several side-by-side modes for rapidly passing through the ready map.

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Levels are labyrinths which, as a rule, stream to the right, full of fixed bonuses that you can pick up. Animus orbits, altitude angles, followed by a hay hunt and chests containing additional scripts to understand the story.
legendary landmarks
Depending on the way in which the individual levels of the level are crossed, the evaluation of your game is repeatedly evaluated, by multiplying the earned points with which you unlock some moves or make some other bonuses.

The guards respond aggressively to your presence once they discover your presence. Fighting them is harder and requires the lightning coordination of your defensive and attacking moves, especially due to the fact that (due to the historical context), most of them come armed with rifle revolvers, muskets and blenderbas shotguns.
smart and charming Assassin
The animation of the characters is good, although it is noticeable that the main hero is fairly artificially moving and beautiful for level elements depending on your actions, for example, longer and more unnatural jumps and the like. If you liked the previous game, we recommend that you play this part too.

Oxenfree Download (PC Mac APK iOS)

download for pc, mac, android or ios

download for pc, mac, android or ios
Oxenfree is a research adventure with an emphasis on conversation and the development of interpersonal relationships. There are elements of social drama, horror, and adventure. A group of friends comes to Edvards Island with a plan to spend the weekend on the beach, with camp fire.

There was once a military base on the island, and now there is just a dormant coastal town where all the shops are closed, and rarely the population has an overwhelming desire to socialize and go to sleep but with the first dusk. An ideal destination for a group of teenagers to get rid of their family and escape from civilization.
weekend on the beach
The place has a rich history, and, of course, not scarce with legends, sank the submarine near the coast, referring to the death of all eighty-five crew members. In certain places on the island, the radio can capture strange dreadful sounds that resemble human voices, at frequencies that do not belong to any single known radio station.

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The previous curious researchers of this urban legend would allegedly have stoned stones in such places so that those who come after them could be convinced of the truth of the story. Alex, the protagonist of the game, will, for these reasons, bring the radio to the island, and curiosity and the desire for research will soon be taken to places where she definitely did not want to be found.
sank the submarine
The conversation in the game almost never stops and the most natural one we ever had had the opportunity to hear, ideas about what should be said at a given moment in a very short time interval (in the form of a cloud). We will have only two or three seconds to decide about the direction in which direction we will have to go (after which one of the friends will turn the conversation in a different direction or change the subject), we can always keep in mind what was at first sight of us to say , and wait for the reaction of others.

the system in the most possible possible way emulates everyday communication, the mode of communication lies in the danger of everything getting into boredom, which, fortunately, is not the case here. There are also challenges that will set their own past before them. The way Alex, Clarice and Jonas will fight losing loved ones!
strange dreadful sounds
An unusual graphic style is something that does not happen every day, and it resembles a mixture of collage and watercolor. Two-dimensional backgrounds combined with tiny characters that can not be seen by facial expressions. sound does not lag behind, so mysterious radio-frequencies hear bizarre sounds that act authentically and raise the atmosphere to an even higher level.

An unusual graphic style is something that does not happen every day, and it resembles a mixture of collage and watercolor. we will have the opportunity to compare our choices with the choices of other players, and we see the extent to which the decisions made during the game, concerning the fate of the characters, coincide with the decisions of the majority.

Aviary Attorney Download

download for free

download for free
Aviary Attorney was set up shortly after the July Revolution, following the arrival of Louis Philip to the throne ahead of the hidden preparations for another revolution. The protagonist is Jackie Jake’s juice, a lawyer of the dubious past, while the real star of his game is his wired assistant Sperouson.

In his youth, Speryzon studied the law purely for posing and soon “fell a year” and left school and devoted himself to private practice. In addition to constantly crashing very bad jokes, it has the extraordinary ability to detect key traces in apparently irrelevant little things.
pc gameplay
The Aviary Attorney is made up of four chapters and consists of several interconnected gaming units that together make it a combination of visual novelties and classic point & click adventures. On the map of the narrow center of Paris, sites that include architectural sights such as Notre Dame and Louvre are being discovered.

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As the current case progresses and an investigation is carried out, it involves a search for material evidence and a conversation with characters, or potential witnesses. Each visit to a site will spend 24 hours, and the time allocated for the investigation is limited.
steam game download
When the trial day comes, the process itself consists of cross-examination of witnesses and presentation of previously collected evidence; the jury’s reaction will depend on your lawyer’s role, and therefore the outcome of the trial. From the aids, you have a picture book and a short biography of all the witnesses you met in the game, a box of evidence and a wallet.

Money is mostly used for bribery, and it will be most needed during the third chapter. In case your steam disappears, head back to a nearby tavern and play a mini-game in a blackjack game with local drunks. The specific graphic style of Aviary Attorney owes Jean-Jacques Granville, cartoonists who lived and worked during the first half of the 19th century.
play pc game
Music accompaniment is great, although there was no room for mistakes because the classic compositions of Kamija Sen-Sansa were used. It is obvious that this title lends a lot to Ace Attorney games and, with a healthy humor and charm just like a famous model, lacks the depth of the aforementioned Capcom series.

The problems that the lawyer-bird duo will work on is simple, their resolution will not overdo anyone. The Aviary Attorney is intriguing, full of dangerous craft and somewhat non-linear with three different endings appropriately called liberté, égalité and fraternité.