The Way Game Download (PC, Mac)

download it here no steam

download it here no steam
The Way is indie game can be compared to legendary titles such as Another World, Flashback etc. The game mechanics shine unexpectedly in a way that is rarely seen in today’s games, strongly evoking the best titles Amiga’s scene could offer. The Way is a beautiful diamond of the indie scene and is a real refreshment and a compulsory lecture for nostalgics and older players.
story about a member of explorers
The plot starts in the near future, and puts you in the role of an astronaut-scientist who is pinching over the grave of an unhappily lost wife, and also colleagues from the research institute in which they worked together. After a bit of bizarre blasting of the mound and theft of the body, the mission of the protagonist will be to revive his dragon at any cost by going on a planet where traces of ancient alien civilization have been found.

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There are no audio logs, long synths or characters that spill the walls of the text. All you need to know is discreetly embroidering on the go, short and effective descriptions as you pass along the essential objects or elements of the scene, with the possibility to look directly at some of them and continue on.
search of the meaning of life itself
A quality element of the set atmosphere will also include a few flashbacks inputs that are represented by shorter vignettes from the lives of an unhappy couple, as well as aging and physically changing the protagonist as the game moves, which further enhances the emotional state through which the hero passes.

The Way also unexpectedly shines, in a way that is very rarely seen in today’s games, strongly evoking some of the time spent doing the best that the Amiga scene could offer. The Way is focused on the adventurous problem solving, with the array of logical challenges that all work perfectly well and harmoniously as a whole.
Inspired by Éric Chahi's masterpieces
An initial level that takes place in a cosmodrome base, in which you need to figure out how to prepare and steal the space shuttle, make a smile on the face of every fan of the game. In addition to visiting the foreign world, and the beast that will hurl you in one part of the game, Flashback’s impact is visible through the visual character of the game, shorter animations and inserts, certain abilities to use.

You can activate individual switches and buttons when you are close to them, an energy shield with a limited duration to defend and deflect laser beams and fire by security drones and robots, a teleport that returns you to a predefined location, and the ability to tele-kinetically manipulate and move individual elements of the scene in order to achieve a certain goal.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Download for PC

download it for pc

download it for pc
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has been brought to perfection when you start to make a move, breast fights are brought to perfection. You are in the city of Glass, which is completely open to exploring, jumping over the terraces. The display of a sterile future with no spirit and will for life, in which the elite alone has a real right to something, while all the others live like sheep, the authors have been brazenly successful.
fight your way to freedom
From dirty streets to the tops of buildings and terraces in the rich part of the city, everything is a clear allegory to the state of society. All of your skills are now improving, you will enjoy the use of a remote hook and some other aids that will allow you to pass through a section.

Full PC version, download it here

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Breastbust fight is brought to a level in which it is perfectly fun and just so challenging that it makes you a little bit. Opponents come in several variants, and for each one there is a certain combo that fastens their lives. Avoidance of shots is your main weapon because it puts you in a tactically better position.
Explore every inch of a vast city
You can push them off and escape them quickly to some hiding place, the feeling of fighting this time is brought to the level of the perfect perfect, and you will really want to rifle and carefully choose the strategy for them. An excellent audio section in combat comes to the fore when you hear how the necks are firing and how your enemies are beautifully kicking you.

The mechanical unit, of course, completes a dizzying run over the vastness of the glass city and, together with the struggle, makes an ultrashort activity. On the contrary, the sense of dynamics in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has been brought to perfection. Faith Connors is a giant as a grasshopper and, if necessary, strong as a leopard. A smile on your face will not disturb you any constant concern about whether you will or will not survive the next jump.
leaps from rooftop to rooftop
Like seven years ago, Mirror’s Edge enters your world with your uber-dynamic mechanics and you will not want to leave it at any time. Unlike the first part, here you will have more characters that are almost always there with you through communication networks.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst graphics presentation of the game is – divine. lighting and the whole atmosphere are enchanted at the level we would like to watch animated films. Music is a paradise for the ears and, although there is no hit as the previous game, it will get you under your skin.

The East New World Download (PC, APK)

apk, pc game download

apk, pc game download
The East New World confirms the unwritten rule that the Chinese are masters of borrowing other ideas and repackaging in a nuisance of different packaging. Experienced eye players with decades of experience will immediately notice that this is a clone of the Wonderboy series, specifically Monsterland and Dragon’s Trap.
high quality pixel art style
The player is in the role of a hero to save the world, the main hero’s development path to a powerful armor hero, through basic RPG elements and collecting coins. As you swung the sword that is five times higher than you and fight for freedom, during this platform adventure you will meet various characters like the floating furry creature named Pudding, some of which will permanently settle in the initial village, after which for financial compensation offer new pieces of equipment and various tasks.

Full PC or APK version, download it here

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The gameplay is full of hidden passages and secret chambers, and some of them are hiding souvenirs by which they edit the interior of their house. Sooner or later you will not be able to clean a share or a boss, there is a possibility of free return to the previous levels where you can collect exp points to the will of the will.
multiple paths and secret areas
The desire for the best equipment can make it addictive and makes the player go further. However, in the end it all comes down to a few minutes of adventure, the absorption of the slap and another in a series of humiliations, the return to the city and the purchase of a stronger milker, then again attempting to eliminate a stronger opponent, and so on until the day after, so it quickly turns into monotony.

The East New World plays content to offer something, the graphic display works well on the small screens of the phone, but the stretched out on the monitor looks ugly and uninspirational, with an unbearably low eclipse fading. Level design also suffers from lack of imagination.
collectibles and achievements, boss fights
Defined to manage the keyboard or gamepad, you will still need to reach for the mouse while walking through menus and talking with the characters. It is certain that the game is not exactly refined and its origin from mobile devices is noticeable on every corner. Several layers of paint would give her a higher grade, but nevertheless a decent occupation for funny couples.

Shardlight Game Download

pc game no steam

pc game no steam
Shardlight is placed in the world after the apocalypse, where the ruling Aristocracy subtly terrorized the masses. A heroine, Amy Wellard, suffers from the deadly illness of green lung and has to work for Aristocracy to get the chance to participate in the lottery for the vaccine. Soon he comes into contact with the resistance movement, and then begins a ride after which things will never be the same again….
on the day the bombs fell
Shardlight is primarily a short story, while the puzzles are light and serve to drag players into the world of gameplay, filled with lots of interesting details and ideas. The unnamed city in which the game takes place represents a mixture of cultures and epochs: the dominant shadow of the fifties, modern technology, decadent aristocracy, Victorian-style cultures.

Full PC version, download it here

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Atmosphere also contributes to audio-visual characteristics, re-rendering a brown-yellow post-apocalypse, but the world is otherwise visually well built. Events get gurgled, numerous characters get new roles and show that they are not just talking to them once, the topics are crystallized and it becomes clear that almost every part of the story is well integrated into a meaningful whole.
oligarchy that controls all resources
Amy is a lovely heroine, we lock her in a city where she spent her entire life. Her history, clear, benevolent motives, and relationships with friends make you lose the real person, which is backed up by good acting. The problem is the dialogues, not only because they are uninterestingly written, but also because the characters have nothing special, clever, lucid or witty to say.

The motives of the main villain are superficial and unconvincingly presented, and the most interesting mystery of the game, who are red-eyed redheads that follow Amy and how they relate to the cult of Reaper, is at the same time the biggest disappointment. In the global, it seems that the author tried the story, but failed to raise it above the level of a solid pulp. However, since in the world of games we rarely see really good stories, and solid pulp is a beautiful sight.
qualify for the vaccine lottery
To make his next game, Unavowed, Wayet Eye uses Unity instead of a weak AGS engine that runs almost all of their previous games, including this one. As more and better quality monitors become standard, their low-resolution adventures are getting worse and poorer in the full screen, and it was high time we started getting them in HD.

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P•O•L•L•E•N Game Download (no steam)

pc, mac game download

pc, mac game download
Pollen gameplay is placed in an alternative past in which computers have never moved into everyone’s home, but the privilege of short-sighted scientists in laboratories has remained. Furious in November 1963, John Kennedy survived the assassination attempt in Dallas, which resulted in the removal of obstacles to co-operation between the US and the Soviet Union, especially on the question of space exploration.
exploration game set on Saturn’s moon
Shortly thereafter, a joint US-US mission successfully lands on the Moon, which encourages four companies united under the name RAMA to expand the operation on other planets in the solar system. Half the eighties of RAMs are coming up with major discoveries in the field of anti-gravity technology that made it possible to build a base on Jupiter’s satellite Europe, but things go wrong and there’s an accident where two hundred scientists lose their lives except one that manages to deliver research results back to Earth.

Full PC game, download it here

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Instead of losing hardships, RAMA decides to use these findings and launch another mission, this time to Titan. Of course, with the devil of the pumpkin seed, scientists disappear, so in 1995, every contact with the base M on Titan is lost, and RAMA sends you.
The backbone of the event makes a walk through the present and the past, before everything has gone downstream, then solving simple physical puzzles, the M-event events unwind the soundtracks left behind by engineer Karen Kovalski.
futuristic world is an incredibly detailed
The phenomenal music, coupled with almost perfect sound effects, keeps tensioning while playing. The actress who gave voice to Kovalsky did her job maestrally, and by listening to the audio tape Karen left behind she clearly noticed a gradual and inevitable fall in depression and hopelessness.

It is possible to interact with all the objects that you encounter, a huge percentage does not serve anything. It’s hard to give up the impression that Pollen is just a tech presentation designed to demonstrate the benefits of VR sets, as evidenced by the voyage option that opens after completing the game and allows a re-passive experience of the final scene.

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Uncharted IV A Thief’s End PS4 Download CD Key

activation key download here

activation key download here
Uncharted IV: A Thief’s has 22 chapters that Nathan Drake and his family lead from one beautiful location to the other. If A Thief’s End was accidentally filmed, it would be one of the most colorful adventurous titles ever to see the light of the day.

Here you get Uncharted IV A Thief’s End Activation Key. With which you’ll activate the game for Play Station 4. Below I will explain in details the entire procedure step by step. You are at the right place.

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The game is literally like a movie that unwinds at the furious pace before the player’s eyes. The player expects the order of the pentra, and the order of nailing / hacking with the enemies, so the order of the search of the locations, the order of solving the puzzles, and the order of the row. And here you are an active participant who moves from vehicle to vehicle.
left the world of fortune
All the elements of the gameplay are spinning and may be that before us after a long time there is a game that we can say is close to perfection. Just when you think that the middlemen are starting to bore, there is an unexpected turning point! You do not have to fight with your enemies from the shelter and from a safe distance.

You can cling to them and jump from the high grass as a cobra and kill those who are caught. Pistols, shotguns, automatic rifles and bombs will be more than enough to provide you with advancement. Nathan will use hooks hooked on a rope, slip through narrow passages and collapsed caves, slide through the mud, and look for the most incredible alternative ways to bypass the hinged door or ruined corridors.
Sam and Drake set off to find Libertalia
Due to the many pentagrams of buildings and walls, you will occasionally have the feeling that you are in Assassin’s Creed. The puzzles you are encountering are inventive and interesting and the only problem is that there are no more, this time the emphasis is placed on the action scenes. A large part of the gameplay is going to solve complements related to the path of movement, the platform to reach or, simply, the times that should be crossed with the jeep.

Uncharted IV A Thief’s End is the highlight of Full HD play, the ultimate design range that any of the popular gaming platforms can offer. Divine graphics, surrounded by phenomenal sound effects, and their symbiosis makes you feel – like you are there. And Thief’s End is a flawless balance of opposing characters, a title that has at the same time been a play and an interactive movie.
globe-trotting journey in pursuit
If you do not get out of the screen, you can finish the A Thief’s End in two days, you simply will not be able to leave the steering wheel out of your hand. Manipulating the camera, implementing graphic filters, adding frames, and even ejecting characters from the frame are things you can play and creations. Uncharted IV is a masterpiece, a title that appears once in ten years.

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The Descendant Episode One Download

download pc game

download pc game
The Descendant: Episode One is an adventure, promising challenging riddles, a dramatic story and convincing characters in a post-apocalyptic environment. Gameplay is located in a world devastated by an ecological / nuclear disaster where humankind is reduced to a handful of selecters who have been saved in the cryo-snows.
end of the world is only the start
The player leads two characters: Donnie, whose action is played at the present, sent to investigate the Ark-01, which did not open automatically at a given time, and Mia, one of the two people who maintained the Ark in the past who worked right in the Ark -01.

PC version, download it here

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The most difficult puzzle in the game is actually a puzzle with pipes, no inventory, no research, there are only point & click systems that could be replaced by some other type of control. Character interaction is borrowed from Telltale games. The Logical Challenge of the Descendant makes the recent Dreamfall Chapters act as Myst.
climate change wrecked the planet
Donnie in the company of a former senator explores Akr-01. Gameplay manages to interest you to find out what happened in Ark 01? The interlacing of timeline was done very well, although in some situations it is obvious when a leap will occur.

The design of the world is in Lukas’s prequel trilogy of Star Wars. Archaic computers in Ark, electrical devices that after centuries of non-use still work. The graphic aspect of the game should be acknowledged that some freshness was introduced into the cell shaded more adventure.
cryogenically suspended in underground bunkers known as Arks
Most of the gameplay will be played by bringing your characters to the desired location. And in the end, to summarize, The Descendant Episode One is an average adventure, which does not offer anything that has not been seen before. If you love point & click adventures, we recommend that you play The Descendant Episode One.

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Firewatch Download (PC, Mac)

PC or Mac download

PC or Mac download
Firewatch belongs to a specific sub-genre of adventure that has been unwittingly acquired the name of simulators of walking. The dialogues between our lonely protagonist Henry and the voice on the other side of the wolf-toki, Dilayla, are the main reason why this accomplishment is worth playing. We are grateful to the graphic virtuosos in charge of the visual identity of the game and the decision that the environment must have a cartoon-like cartoon.

Firewatch at first resembles something that is not, a gameplay that will take place in the open world, with a million standard tasks. In an attempt to distance himself from a hopeless and almost tragic family situation in order to sort out his thoughts and possibly find a way to reconcile with the present state of affairs, our protagonist Henri is reported as a volunteer firefighter in the part of the Jeloustoun Park in northwest Wyoming.
A stunningly beautiful wilderness
Three months of lonely life in a wooden observation post, with careful monitoring of smoke gestures and other signs of possible fires, but to escape from reality, while the effects of shock and pain do not stand out, and the man does not reconcile with fate, they look like an ideal solution.

If you love adventure, you can download it here

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The year is 1989, so instead of a laptop, Henry’s company will make the most common typing machine. Henry’s only relationship with the world of people is the walkie-talkie with whom he communicates with Dilail. The voice from the void, the last link that Henry binds to civilization and the thread that keeps him on the edge, prevents her from staying in the ardor of self-pity.
Secrets and discoveries to be made over every hill
Henry also has a camera with which all these magnificent landscapes can be photographed, and sent in 4K resolution to Firewatch servers and ordered images of 15 x 10 cm. You can always walk in the magnificent Jellyston spaces, unrelated to the current task and the place to go.

The only reward that the world of Firewatch will honor you is the pleasure of seeing meadows, cliffs and forests. Whether or not the Dileail will remain only the voice in the air, or will be at the end of Henry’s game, it remains up to you to find out, after three or four hours, how much the game lasts.
A thrilling story and script by Sean Vanaman and Jake Rodkin
To Henry’s pragmatism, or his sensibility or sense of romance, you will be able to influence some of the choices in the dialogue logs, which are the heart of the story and the cornerstone of the gameplay. Do not expect drastic branching, the only thing that can change is your relationship with the voice from the ether.

However, it was much more difficult to devise dialogues that would shift the emphasis from that obvious, outward aspect of the game, and transfer it to the inner world, which is defined by the suspicion of the correctness of one’s own actions, unrest, uncertainty, and constant introspection of the main heroes.

Unravel Download (PC)

download it for pc

download it for pc
Unravel is a platform with logical challenges, charming design, photorealistic graphics, with a magnificent visual component, the second stone is the cornerstone of the atmosphere of this game is top music. Unravel is an artwork that brings with you so much fun and emotions that you just can not miss it.

Complete narration is done without dialogue, there are only a few words of the text and plenty of old pictures and incredible scenes during the level. The gameplay starts with an image of an old woman looking at the photos of children at her desk. The old woman goes upstairs to rest, but not without her basket with a fracture that has obviously been her best friend for some time.
character made from a thread
A cup of red wool comes out of the basket and takes on the form of a small humanoid creature. It’s Yarny, Hero Unravel who will walk through the old grandma’s memories and refresh her memories of her family. The central haven ruined the grandma’s house that Yarny explored. There is an old scrapbook with faded text and cracked pictures on her desk.

download button

As you explore the house, you encounter framed photographs that you can dive into beautiful landscapes that fit the whole of the scrapbook. Progress through the areas is linear, even though you have mastered the Yarny platform management techniques that allow you to reach your photos for advanced zones, the entrance to them will not open until you finish the earlier parts in the order designers have imagined it.
nature's beauty as well as the dangers
The basis of Unravel is overcoming platform and logical challenges. The hollow wool that makes the Yarny body is the central part of the game mechanics. As long as he moves, Yarny is gradually unwinding and leaves a trail of wool behind him. Also, he can throw a free end of a ball-like lace and grab the specially marked holes scattered around the world.

There is also the possibility to split the wool between the hubs, and thus make jumps from yourself or a ramp to transport objects that you push or pull. All this, in a word, wastes the wool, until the moment when the man is completely stripped and weak. To be able to explore every corner of the gaming world, you need to discover a small balloon scattered at levels that simultaneously complement the wool and serve as points for positioning the position.
interact with the environment to accomplish complex puzzles
Walking between punctures is not possible, so when you discover a new swordfish, the only way to go back to the previous section is to start the whole zone back. The management was done perfectly, it did not matter if you used jojped or a keyboard, the commands were brought to perfection.

There are five more basic actions available: jump, lashes, wool, pulling for unwashed wool or pulling objects that you encounter. Part of the charm of this title and the reasons for excitement while playing it lies in a series of small surprises, as it is possible that behind such simple mechanics and control there are so many possibilities for imaginative riddles and challenges.
re-connecting the memories of a long lost family
For example, how to reach the hidden button in the water? How to bypass the crabs that run to red and want to cut your wool? How to open a heavy door when there are no obvious auxiliary nodes in the environment? Unravel raises the scale of the challenges quite gradually so that you will never suddenly hit the unsolvable problem.

However, he constantly asks you to be careful and concentrated because something that is easily conceived is often required by a series of precisely performed moves. Top music raises the atmosphere and adjusts to the environment, on the screen. Unravel is a little piece of art that brings with you so much fun and emotions that you just can not miss it.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Download (PC, Xbox 360)

game pc, xbox 360 download

game pc, xbox 360 download
Rise of the Tomb Raider is a high-impact action-exploring game, a great achievement worth paying attention to. Lara is leading the way of the myth of the immortal prophet and the messiah who led his persecuted people from the heat of Syria to the cold Siberia, where they built the ancient city of Kites, which in some way hides the mysterious artifact of incredible power.

The Byzantine Empire, the abandoned remnants of the communist era and Orthodox milieu and iconography are intertwined in the game, creating an excellent final atmosphere. This time, the whole story has a strong personal character, because the particular legend is for some reason responsible for the suicide of Lara’s father!
uncovers an ancient mystery
Lara will have to find out what kind of relationship she is with her family friend Anne, as well as a mercenary organization called Trinity. You are going through the Soviet military base and the mining complex, several churches and monasteries where you discover the bundles of audio-recordings, messages and records from several time periods, reflecting events, personalities and procedures related to the region around the mentioned base and the ancient city of Kitesh.

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The design and mechanics of the game remained the same, exploring and wandering around the caves and wilderness of Siberia, exploring two larger and one smaller hub areas, exploring only a dozen temples and tombs that are based on solving certain mechanical puzzles.
treacherous conditions and unstable landscapes
The aforementioned huts are practically wider polygons, which are mainly designed to link the minor, minor levels to which you will be guided by the story, and above all be squeezed with a bunch of bonuses, objects, side challenges and tasks. Hunting of animals for meat and skin, as well as the accumulation of scattered resources are activities that are only for providing materials for the improvement of equipment.

The skill tree now more intensely exudes advancements that are mostly focused on combat, direct or indirect ways of eliminating the enemy. The temples and tombs whose solution rests on the initiation of certain mechanisms or the proper use of surrounding elements and logical thinking are well designed, though generally small in size and easy to solve.
dive underwater to avoid or takedown enemies
The camera focuses and positions each time so that it can point you in which direction you need to move. The graphic layout of the game is much better than the predecessor, with a lot of well-designed and implemented visual effects. The Risea world is extremely detailed and almost photorealistic for moments, especially with regard to the exterior lighting and the unreally beautiful spill of sunshine on certain surfaces of the game.

Frequent sinematics with the faces of protagonists in the foreground are also worth admiration. Rise of the Tomb Raider is an excellent achievement worth the attention it receives.