Turmoil Download for PC, Mac, APK

download it for pc, mac or android

download it for pc, mac or android
Turmoil gameplay puts us in the role of an enthusiast explorer who, at the end of the nineteenth century, drew a few thousand dollars in his pocket to test happiness in search of oil in some remote US city. If you may have thought that this was an introduction to some hardcore business simulation, you were mistakenly mistaken.
19th century in North America
Most of the time you will spend on a single screen, which is almost invisibly scrolled down in the course of the game, revealing a growing space for research. The first step is the sending of specialists of armed robbery to a leased parcel, in order to roughly determine the position of oil reserves. This is followed by the construction of a well and placement of pipes, in order to get this energy out to the surface, and then hire a horse rack for transportation to one of two purchase points.

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The price of oil will vary arbitrarily throughout the level, so you are forced to continuously juggling between two companies, and if your current price is too low, you can postpone sales until the market recovers. Bores also require bulkheading, at least until you develop a conveyor belt, as the accumulation of crude oil will cause increased pressure and uncontrolled surface spillage with fines at the end of the level.
earn your way to become a successful
Levels are time-limited, and if you manage to extract all of the oil before the expiration of the time limit, you will be expecting a bonus. The country around the town is divided into four regions that you progressively unlock, and each introduces one new detail while playing. The desert landscape will honor you with rocky formations, demanding that you equip wells with reinforced drills, as well as precious diamonds you collect using specially trained moles.

Prerija introduces another resource – natural gas. You can not sell it directly, but by connecting a gas deposit with one of the two companies, you will significantly increase the purchase price of oil. Another option is to increase the performance of some of your wells for a short time, but be prepared to accept an additional amount of oil that will expel the gas pressure to the surface.
make money digging up and selling oil
The last in the snow is covered by a mountainous landscape, where the possibility opens that by enclosing gas pockets by pipeline, you increase the volume of gas, and hence the potential level of profit. There are several facilities in the town, and of course the most important town hall where the lot is leased is by direct competition with other players.

In the half of the campaign, the mayor will begin to sell his share in the offshore business through auctions. The acquisition of a job is in fact the main goal of the campaign, and the winner is a player who ultimately owns at least 51% of the shares. There are also workshops for the purchase of better equipment, one of the mandatory investments is to purchase a scanner with which you accurately locate the oil reserves.
Build a rig, create an efficient pipe network
The expert level of difficulty is in terms of profit-draining, even investing in the improvement of equipment, but nevertheless they are not a particular challenge. A minimalist design with distinctive western iconography, using a limited color palette, simply exudes simplicity, while persuading players that the game offers exactly what it needs – drinking and easy fun without any obligation.

The Way Game Download (PC, Mac)

download it here no steam

download it here no steam
The Way is indie game can be compared to legendary titles such as Another World, Flashback etc. The game mechanics shine unexpectedly in a way that is rarely seen in today’s games, strongly evoking the best titles Amiga’s scene could offer. The Way is a beautiful diamond of the indie scene and is a real refreshment and a compulsory lecture for nostalgics and older players.
story about a member of explorers
The plot starts in the near future, and puts you in the role of an astronaut-scientist who is pinching over the grave of an unhappily lost wife, and also colleagues from the research institute in which they worked together. After a bit of bizarre blasting of the mound and theft of the body, the mission of the protagonist will be to revive his dragon at any cost by going on a planet where traces of ancient alien civilization have been found.

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There are no audio logs, long synths or characters that spill the walls of the text. All you need to know is discreetly embroidering on the go, short and effective descriptions as you pass along the essential objects or elements of the scene, with the possibility to look directly at some of them and continue on.
search of the meaning of life itself
A quality element of the set atmosphere will also include a few flashbacks inputs that are represented by shorter vignettes from the lives of an unhappy couple, as well as aging and physically changing the protagonist as the game moves, which further enhances the emotional state through which the hero passes.

The Way also unexpectedly shines, in a way that is very rarely seen in today’s games, strongly evoking some of the time spent doing the best that the Amiga scene could offer. The Way is focused on the adventurous problem solving, with the array of logical challenges that all work perfectly well and harmoniously as a whole.
Inspired by Éric Chahi's masterpieces
An initial level that takes place in a cosmodrome base, in which you need to figure out how to prepare and steal the space shuttle, make a smile on the face of every fan of the game. In addition to visiting the foreign world, and the beast that will hurl you in one part of the game, Flashback’s impact is visible through the visual character of the game, shorter animations and inserts, certain abilities to use.

You can activate individual switches and buttons when you are close to them, an energy shield with a limited duration to defend and deflect laser beams and fire by security drones and robots, a teleport that returns you to a predefined location, and the ability to tele-kinetically manipulate and move individual elements of the scene in order to achieve a certain goal.

Duskers Download PC Game

pc game download

pc game download
Duskers is a roguelle combination of real-time strategy, schematic tactical planning and survival horror is something you have never seen or played before. Gameplay is presented as a stylized MS-DOS industrial simulation that exists in retro futuristic movies like the Eight Traveler.
pilot drones into derelict spaceships
The best Alien game that has nothing to do with the Alien movie series, begins with your awakening from hibernation on a deserted space ship. It surrounds you the perfect silence that interrupts only the blinks on the map of the galaxy that testify about ships and cells that are not dead and dead floating in space.

Duskers PC game, download it here

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Since nobody answers your calls, the minimum of resources you have available makes you desperate: you fly from wrecks to wrecks, search for fuel and other supplies, and try to determine why what happened. Intrusions on massive spaceships will be undertaken remotely, sending drones to investigate for you, carrying everything that can be useful and occasionally suffering from unidentified enemies.
you may need to think of a clever way
Duskers is a game whose charm roots lie in a visual identity and control system that supports exclusively commanding the keyboard. You can route the drones in two basic ways: directly / individually, using the cursor keys, and indirectly, by typing the commands by consulting the chart of the ship on which you are starting. For example, if you type navigate 1 2 r13, you load drones no. 1 and 2 to automatically move to room no. 13, which will do if the path to it is open.

By typing the command collect all while a dron that has a shrinkage module is selected, you will collect scrap in the environment and the like. Each wreck is procedurally generated in addition to useful things: fuel, scrap, caught drones, etc. There is a biological and technological horror there, it’s enemies that will try to destroy the thugs if they show an opportunity.
upgrades, drones, and even ship upgrades
Hides and piles of locked doors, ventilation openings, interface interfaces, pumping stations, defensive torsion systems, unstable decks and other elements that are in charge of absolute uncertainty. Each of your dron has three modules for the modules that depend on the role in the team: the generator serves to power the ship sections, tow for pulling the caught drones, motion is a sensor that detects movement in adjacent rooms, a turret is a ballistic turela that can protect you from minor dangers , the worm is a bait for evil enemy enemies, a pry is a hydraulic pajer for the sealing of sealed doors…

You will never have an arsenal of equipment that is sufficient for all potential situations, but you will have to constantly decide what your equipment is the priority, improvise and make mental breaks between risk and reward, trying to survive in impossible conditions. You will use the collected scrap to repair drones between missions, turret ammunition supplement and other consumable modules, fabricate new drones and accessories for them, and trade with automated stations that exist in some systems.
when you die you lose everything
Death is coming lightly and in the form of stylized red icons that only hint at you and never explicitly show what your throats are attacking. The end is sometimes slow, for example when you are left without fuel for navigating the system and without the cells for a hyperspace jump into another star system. The place will often smack you in the form of a single drone that has useless modules, and you do not have the resources to create another dron or install useful accessories.

The ultimate point of the game is the collection of digital logs that testify to a global catastrophe and assembling the mosaic of the story into a meaningful whole. Duskers is a game for which the bravest players will reflexively defecate. We recommend playing only at night – then it’s the best.

Let’s Play Duskers Introduction

The East New World Download (PC, APK)

apk, pc game download

apk, pc game download
The East New World confirms the unwritten rule that the Chinese are masters of borrowing other ideas and repackaging in a nuisance of different packaging. Experienced eye players with decades of experience will immediately notice that this is a clone of the Wonderboy series, specifically Monsterland and Dragon’s Trap.
high quality pixel art style
The player is in the role of a hero to save the world, the main hero’s development path to a powerful armor hero, through basic RPG elements and collecting coins. As you swung the sword that is five times higher than you and fight for freedom, during this platform adventure you will meet various characters like the floating furry creature named Pudding, some of which will permanently settle in the initial village, after which for financial compensation offer new pieces of equipment and various tasks.

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The gameplay is full of hidden passages and secret chambers, and some of them are hiding souvenirs by which they edit the interior of their house. Sooner or later you will not be able to clean a share or a boss, there is a possibility of free return to the previous levels where you can collect exp points to the will of the will.
multiple paths and secret areas
The desire for the best equipment can make it addictive and makes the player go further. However, in the end it all comes down to a few minutes of adventure, the absorption of the slap and another in a series of humiliations, the return to the city and the purchase of a stronger milker, then again attempting to eliminate a stronger opponent, and so on until the day after, so it quickly turns into monotony.

The East New World plays content to offer something, the graphic display works well on the small screens of the phone, but the stretched out on the monitor looks ugly and uninspirational, with an unbearably low eclipse fading. Level design also suffers from lack of imagination.
collectibles and achievements, boss fights
Defined to manage the keyboard or gamepad, you will still need to reach for the mouse while walking through menus and talking with the characters. It is certain that the game is not exactly refined and its origin from mobile devices is noticeable on every corner. Several layers of paint would give her a higher grade, but nevertheless a decent occupation for funny couples.

Shardlight Game Download

pc game no steam

pc game no steam
Shardlight is placed in the world after the apocalypse, where the ruling Aristocracy subtly terrorized the masses. A heroine, Amy Wellard, suffers from the deadly illness of green lung and has to work for Aristocracy to get the chance to participate in the lottery for the vaccine. Soon he comes into contact with the resistance movement, and then begins a ride after which things will never be the same again….
on the day the bombs fell
Shardlight is primarily a short story, while the puzzles are light and serve to drag players into the world of gameplay, filled with lots of interesting details and ideas. The unnamed city in which the game takes place represents a mixture of cultures and epochs: the dominant shadow of the fifties, modern technology, decadent aristocracy, Victorian-style cultures.

Full PC version, download it here

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Atmosphere also contributes to audio-visual characteristics, re-rendering a brown-yellow post-apocalypse, but the world is otherwise visually well built. Events get gurgled, numerous characters get new roles and show that they are not just talking to them once, the topics are crystallized and it becomes clear that almost every part of the story is well integrated into a meaningful whole.
oligarchy that controls all resources
Amy is a lovely heroine, we lock her in a city where she spent her entire life. Her history, clear, benevolent motives, and relationships with friends make you lose the real person, which is backed up by good acting. The problem is the dialogues, not only because they are uninterestingly written, but also because the characters have nothing special, clever, lucid or witty to say.

The motives of the main villain are superficial and unconvincingly presented, and the most interesting mystery of the game, who are red-eyed redheads that follow Amy and how they relate to the cult of Reaper, is at the same time the biggest disappointment. In the global, it seems that the author tried the story, but failed to raise it above the level of a solid pulp. However, since in the world of games we rarely see really good stories, and solid pulp is a beautiful sight.
qualify for the vaccine lottery
To make his next game, Unavowed, Wayet Eye uses Unity instead of a weak AGS engine that runs almost all of their previous games, including this one. As more and better quality monitors become standard, their low-resolution adventures are getting worse and poorer in the full screen, and it was high time we started getting them in HD.

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March of the Living Game Download

pc game download
March of the Living is a zombie apocalypse trained in FTL mechanics, starting from the genre assumption that only the one who is moving constantly has the chance of survival in a zombie world, and puts you in the role of a character crossing from end to end of the state in search of an ex-wife and a minor child.
Rogue Stormers combines modern art style
March of the Living is conceived as a FTL, moving from one to the other resting place, making choices in situational dilemmas, searching for supplies and fighting zombies. At the beginning you are alone, you have a revolver, twenty bullets, food for several days. On the map, you will select the closest road node and run automatically to the destination.

Full PC game, download it here

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You will pass miles, the days will shift the nights that will give way to the days, and the hunger and fatigue scales will begin to lightly inflate and require rest in a safe location or in the middle of the road, with the risk of awakening the sounds of the zombies that attack you. At the end of each stage, one situation dilemma awaits you: The choice between options a, b, c, for which you must meet the requirements or have the necessary item in the inventory, may have a good, bad or neutral consequence.
stronger with each new raid
In urban areas, you will search for supplies, calculating the time for salvaging with the risk of hitting zombies. Food and ammunition will be worth more than gold: a few days of skipping meals will diminish your health bar to an unintentional death, and if you do not have ammunition, you will have to zombies to darken with sharp or dumb objects and risk an infection.

Sometimes you will have the opportunity to recruit escorts, choosing between easier fighting in society and higher consumption of valuable food. March of the Living is tougher than FTL because it is more random and less predictable. This is one of those games where every thirty-odd party ends with success. These are similar Rogue-lite games that you can download here.

SpeedRunners Download (PC, Xbox, PS4)

activation cd key for pc, xbox or ps4

activation cd key for pc, xbox or ps4
SpeedRunners is delighted with minimalism, both in the field of technical characteristics and in the sphere of the gameplay itself. In the unusual New Rush City there are so many super-heroes that there are not enough criminals for everything, so unusual races are being organized that winners get the right to love offenders. The action is quick and crazy and it’s just as long to keep you on the edge of the chair.

Here you get SpeedRunners CD Key. With which you’ll activate the game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC. Below I will explain in details the entire procedure step by step. You are at the right place.

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Video – step by step instruction

The right to compel the first next offender will be the super hero who wins in an unusual race. They take place at various locations in the city, they are circular in character and they involve four superheroes at the same time. Paths are full of natural obstacles and objects, so the heroes must be careful not to hit their pillars, not to clutter for scattered boxes, not to fall into the openings for maintenance of the installation, and so on.
Welcome to SpeedRunners
The obstacles can be skipped, narrow passes to overcome by sliding in the crochet position, and there is also a hook with a rope that at any moment can be clamped to a ceiling or platform. For specific situations, a turbo running mode is used which consumes energy, which can, again, be restored by crossing over specially marked regions.

The players can throw a cursed rocket towards their opponent, they can snoop the prefabricated box behind them, and so the plot of the unfortunate ones that encounter it can use the rays that lay everything on their way, and there is also the possibility of firing huge glowing balls, activating paralyzing waves, using a grip on a rope to attract an opponent, and more.
Run, jump, swing around, fire rockets
You do not need to be too quick to win, because the rounds play out – when the edge of the screen gets to be eliminated, and the process is repeated until there is only one left on the battlefield. In order to eliminate endless parties, the screen decreases after a while, and thus also reduces the terminal space that needs to be made between the two heroes.

The first player to win three victories is declared the overall winner and for this he gets experience points that open his way as new shares, more destructive weapons and powers, or new heroes. At this moment, there are as many as 24 superheroes and 17 arena. A campaign has been implemented to improve the skills and accumulate a sufficient number of experience points.
2 players on a couch against 2 other players
Thus, for example, official online matches can not be played until you reach the fifth level of experience, but that does not mean that until now you will not have anything to do. On the contrary! You can play flax nets against your buddy, and even set things up so that online players or bots can participate in batches.

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Hyper Light Drifter Sale (PS4, PC, Xbox One, Mac)

sale activation code

sale activation code
Hyper Light Drifter is an indie RPG, it’s not much behind the Dark Souls series. Vivid colors and sophisticated landscape will be the first stop where you will fall in love with this little masterpiece. The retro style design will perfectly embed you into this post-apocalyptic world.

Here you get Hyper Light Drifter Activation Key. With which you’ll activate the game for PS4, PC, Xbox One, Mac. Below I will explain in details the entire procedure step by step. You are at the right place.

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Video – step by step instruction

The player is in the role of drifter, one of many who travel around the world looking for forgotten knowledge and lost secrets of the world. It will not be clear to you what to do at a given moment, but everything will somehow pass without much trouble. In a mystical world, you will encounter various obstacles in the form of adventure-platform puzzles, but also very heavy dungeons and sections where everything is solved by direct physical aggression.
violent past resonate throughout a savage land
Gameplay is infectious and only after a few hours in the game you will be training your reflexes to the level of members of special units. In addition to classical motion along the plane, there’s also a hanging that will serve you as a jump between the two platforms, but also as a major way to avoid missiles of various enemies.

You carry a faithful sword with you, and during the first five minutes you will find a rifle. Since you have covered and melee and ranged the option, there are no excuses for losing life in front of the hordes of various enemies. In order to supplement life energy, spend the health pack, which can be saved in the heat of a fight, and can be clean failures. Since their consumption requires that you be static for a second or two, it makes you vulnerable.
modernized mechanics and designs
Hyper Light Drifter will put you in a research that no Elder Scrolls title can match. Hidden rooms and remote parts that hide the mystical currency used in the game to improve equipment and health packs will cause silly enthusiasm when you manage to reach them.

Platform-logical challenges that will obstruct you as if you are playing one of the newest Tomb Raider titles. Fighting is generally overwhelming, but you will forget about any injustice in the run of the adrenaline and, like a real samurai, go all in front of you. Even when you need more attempts to cross a section, the sense of victory that occurs with each success will be enough to make you happy day.
traveling further into the lands
Vivid colors combined with a beautiful minimalist animation are proof that 16-bit graphics and how to find anything in the 21st century. A visual identity will remind you of the ancient World War. The accompanying sound effects are sometimes so consistent with backing music that at the moment they seem to be an integral part of the minimalist compositions.

Apart from the great difficulty of the challenges, there is also a beautiful world that simply cries out to be explored, and the diversity of enemies and platform-adventurous elements only contribute to the general infection. If you think that you are skilled and that Genghis Khan is a distant ancestor, you gamble into the hands and drift until dawn!

Subterrain Download PC

pc game download

pc game download
Subterrain is a phenomenal and complicated survival simulation game, a unique game that will capture you even if it’s Dark Souls III. Unlike most similar titles that aim to navigate and survive under conditions of isolation and permanent hazards, Subterrain does not at all endeavor to hinder you from the slight escalation of gamble and mechanical challenges, but from the very first moment it is inserted into the struggle for survival.
you fill the shoes of Dr. West
The basic setting is as follows: you are Dr. West, a discredited and sentenced prisoner who rotates in a prison on the edge of the Mars colony. Cherishing behind the metal door, you hear quivering, hustle and screams and you hear calls to evacuate, but the noise quickly dies, and the door remains locked.

Full PC version, download it here

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Use a sudden power failure to escape from the prison. Except for corpses at different stages of decay, the prison seems empty. Soon you realize that you are not alone when a corrupted body hits you. During the unsuccessful evacuation of the station, electricity, heating and ventilation are largely switched off. In addition to avoiding eating, freezing or dying, you must take care not to starve, thirst, tiredness, infection, breakage of your hands, legs, or other body trauma that you have not healed.
an underground city on Mars
The base of your operations will be the Colony Operational Center, which contains the hub of automated public transport, the central reactor and the redistribution terminal in the segments of the colony. Ignoring and extinguishing certain sections depending on needs is a basic prerequisite for going to this part of the settlement. If there are currents, there are also conditions for oxygen and heating, which require the replacement of filters and thermoregulators that were damaged during stress shocks during evacuation.

To replace the destroyed parts, you need to create yourself yourself using a 3D printer located in the engineering section of the database, and in order to be able to make them, you need to analyze the featured samples in the research lab, located in a separate wing of the base. Running all over the place, recycling components, growing your own food, calculating air and electricity, the need for a break and a lot of manual repetition of operations on a daily basis makes survival perfectly realistic.
fight hunger and thirst, mend your wounds
The whole process is complex and quite authentically complicated. Control of the machine for 3D printing, food biosynthesis, extraction and refining of ore and other necessary hardware requires knowledge of internal resource relationships and legality. For 3D laser gun printing, you will need a special crystal that you can get by mining and purification of ore or by going to a shopping center, breaking into a jewelry shop and recycling jewelry.

For making first aid supplies, you will also need compounds that exist in vegetables or rare industrial chemicals, so you will be in dilemma to cultivate tomatoes or go to a warehouse full of zombies. As the days pass, the ecosystem will evolve, the number of mutants that will wait outside of the base will grow, more advanced examples will attack you.
Every decision you make is critical
You can reduce the number of mutated zombies in two ways: hunting, which will not be too effective, and the establishment of heating and atmosphere in all segments of the colony, which does not favor zombies and their reproduction. Subterrain is a unique game that will win you after five minutes of playing.

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Gremlins, Inc. Activation CD Key

steam cd key download

steam cd key download
Gremlins, Inc. board game it’s one of the kind of titles that seem very simple at first glance, when you start to learn the rules everything seems incredibly complicated, and when you play it all seems to work more easily. The board is very clear, it is squeezed into fields with different symbols that indicate what is there for you and arrows that show directions in which movement is allowed.

You are at the right place. Here you can download Gremlins, Inc. Activation CD Key, with which you’ll activate the game. Below I will explain in details the entire procedure step by step.

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Step by step instruction

Your goal is to collect gears, and they will come in many ways so that you can try a different approach each time. At each moment in your hand you have exactly six cards that are the basis of everything you will be doing. Each card has a number that indicates how much of a field you will move if you play it, but also a field symbol that activates a bonus if you do not use it for moving, but you play when you arrive at that location.
steampunk world of corrupt capitalist gremlins
Each card has a strategic importance, so you will be in doubt – whether you will immediately spend the card or keep it to take advantage of its specialty. Almost all the cards are unique and have very few duplicates in the virtual deck so the number of combinations is huge. Complications bring special fields on the map: it may have a specific motion modifier, some plug-in after you play it, you may have to pay to play it as an action, and you may want to avoid holding it too long in your hand.

you have to be careful that certain bad cards do not stay long in your hand because, if a player sees them, you go straight to a prison where you lose your moves. U Gremlins, Inc. there is no room for friendship and unconditional trust, beware!
for up to 6 players, in multiplayer
In addition to the gears, you will also collect the money that is required for a large number of actions and playing the most valuable cards. Chesa will never have enough, because a large number of fields require you to pay bribes, to the police or other players. You can spend it and increase your reputation and potentially become a governor when you have benefits like the failure to pay bribes in special fields or the police.

If, however, you turn to your own peculiar side, you will accumulate malicious points that increase the value of the bribe you are paying and it is generally not good to have them, however vague it may be for a second player. The presentation is great for one game with a lot of static screens. Everything is hand-drawn and the maps and interface have an excellent steampunk style, and in the menus you will be waiting for an indescribably addictive electro-swing theme.
make decisions at every round!
Gremlins, Inc. It’s totally turned on solo and online gaming, if you lose your internet connection for a moment, the game is thrown out of the game. If you are a fan of online gaming and social games, we recommend that you digrate Gremlins, Inc.