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Table Top Racing: World Tour is a simulation of racing cars to remote control with a few interesting ideas. There are at your disposal a dozen remote control cars divided into three groups, including Imprece, R34 Skyline, Beetle and Mini Morris, and a well-known vanquishing van with a nice name called Braking’s Bad.

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Each of these cars adorns special features that are enhanced by the subsequent installation of new parts. In addition to the standard items related to speed and stability, you can also install several types of special wheels on your car, the most beneficial golden ones being a bonus for earned money.
8 Player PvP multiplayer
Apgrejd is an imperative because your opponents progress alongside you and you will not get far from the stock car. In addition to regular races with rivals or time and drifting, the most interesting are combat and elimination regimes, as they involve the collection of defensive, or murderous powerboats scattered along the track. In addition to the turbocharged, there are rockets, ice cubes that instantly immobilize the target, acid bars and an electric shock for disabling the battery in the opponent’s vehicle.

During the race involving opponents on the track you always start at the back. In the name of revenge, after winning the championship, you will attend ceremonial throwing of the opponent’s cars into the garbage. Roads where you will cross the tires are car-scrap where your life is aggravated by accumulators and bottles with a lightweight, attic of unknown geckos cluttered with transistors, billiard spheres, models and toys; then, the archaeological site covered with brushes and books, and there is also the Holy Grail, as well as the hat and whip of a certain adventurer; garage with scattered tools, spark plugs and canisters with antifreeze.
6 Unique gameplay modes
Cars on the track behave like half a ton, not a dozen grams. You can freely guide them while in the air. AI does not provide any challenge, especially when you find shortcuts. Once you get to the forehead of the column, provided you are dignifiedly gathering powerups, no one can stop you and the game quickly falls into the abyss of repetition and boredom.

Dropping dust in the dust far behind also eliminates the need to throw money on the armor, because computer rivals simply do not have the chance to hurt you. It is illusory to expect the race of miniatures on a huge surface, but this title simply cries for more tracks that are not short and do not learn by half in half, and more powerful motivation than a mere apricot and so few cars is needed because it does not require skill, for only a couple of hours.
strategic, Power-Up Weapons

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