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SpeedRunners is delighted with minimalism, both in the field of technical characteristics and in the sphere of the gameplay itself. In the unusual New Rush City there are so many super-heroes that there are not enough criminals for everything, so unusual races are being organized that winners get the right to love offenders. The action is quick and crazy and it’s just as long to keep you on the edge of the chair.

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The right to compel the first next offender will be the super hero who wins in an unusual race. They take place at various locations in the city, they are circular in character and they involve four superheroes at the same time. Paths are full of natural obstacles and objects, so the heroes must be careful not to hit their pillars, not to clutter for scattered boxes, not to fall into the openings for maintenance of the installation, and so on.
Welcome to SpeedRunners
The obstacles can be skipped, narrow passes to overcome by sliding in the crochet position, and there is also a hook with a rope that at any moment can be clamped to a ceiling or platform. For specific situations, a turbo running mode is used which consumes energy, which can, again, be restored by crossing over specially marked regions.

The players can throw a cursed rocket towards their opponent, they can snoop the prefabricated box behind them, and so the plot of the unfortunate ones that encounter it can use the rays that lay everything on their way, and there is also the possibility of firing huge glowing balls, activating paralyzing waves, using a grip on a rope to attract an opponent, and more.
Run, jump, swing around, fire rockets
You do not need to be too quick to win, because the rounds play out – when the edge of the screen gets to be eliminated, and the process is repeated until there is only one left on the battlefield. In order to eliminate endless parties, the screen decreases after a while, and thus also reduces the terminal space that needs to be made between the two heroes.

The first player to win three victories is declared the overall winner and for this he gets experience points that open his way as new shares, more destructive weapons and powers, or new heroes. At this moment, there are as many as 24 superheroes and 17 arena. A campaign has been implemented to improve the skills and accumulate a sufficient number of experience points.
2 players on a couch against 2 other players
Thus, for example, official online matches can not be played until you reach the fifth level of experience, but that does not mean that until now you will not have anything to do. On the contrary! You can play flax nets against your buddy, and even set things up so that online players or bots can participate in batches.

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