Shadow of the Beast PlayStation 4

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Shadow of the Beast is a 2D combination of the platform and the struggle wrapped by occasional lightweight spatial puzzles. Gameplay very elegantly escalates the level of challenges, both in the form of fighting and in the form of spatial navigation, gradually introducing you one by one new element.

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Shadow of the Beast has very little to do with the archaic original that is attached to the remake and adapted for playing in 1080p. Shadow of the Beast follows a short but ultrathin episode in which the titular humanoid beast Aarbron confronts its magical torturers who kidnapped her as a human baby and mutated into a supernatural fury that sows terror.
Shadow of the Beast ps4
Instead of a continual adventure, the game is divided into zonal and thematic levels that make up closed units and represent fragments of the story of falling, stagnation and cruel revenge. The basic elements of the gamble are the 2D landscape navigation and the battle with hand blades with opponents that massively pop up in predefined places.

Regardless of the differences in architecture, each level is conceived in a similar way and it comes down to the left-to-right punch and the final boss with the boss. Levels still have something to do with the original, but the opponent’s bestiarium is largely designed and designed from scratch. In the original, you had one shot with a hand that solved everything, but now you have the ability to fight combinatorics and special moves that you will use depending on the number and type of opponents you are facing.
Take control of the beast Aarbron
In the end, you will also receive firearms that use a shared resource (blood) that drinks and special moves. Field riddles are relatively simple, but in the end they require you to bite your little head and jump into what is expected of you. The last level is different from all that you have survived and comes in the form of a shooter that has long been no longer a real one, it was a real refreshment.

Shadow of the Beast is also designed to achieve the best possible result, which you can compare with other players, because it forces you to rank the ranks and evaluates you medals. At the end of each level, the earned score converts you into a mismanagement point that serves as a currency for the promotion of character and shopping.
search of the evil mage Maletoth
In addition to upgrading Aarbron’s health, combat strokes and other active and passive disciplines and features, you can buy the original Shadow of the Beast, soundtrack and concept art for you. Shadow of the Beast is exciting, explosive, highly infectious and objectively better than the original.

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