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Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 has more advantages than tired warriors, but the most important is the absolute diversity of the fighting classes. Garden Warfare 2 has a surprisingly complex shooting mechanics that is rich in content.

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Garden Warfare 2 has the potential to become something really special and has invested a lot of effort and time. Garden Warfare 2 players place in the middle of a massive, non-linear environment in which you can move freely, take quest, hurry and kill zombies or plants, depending on the chosen side.
jump into co-op or multiplayer action
Zomburbia city perfectly performs the function of an open playground connecting the base of plants and the zombie base, which are positioned at opposite ends. The bases are hubs where you can initiate multiplayer matches or co-operative missions, customize your plants and zombies, buy booster packages with combat supplies and cosmetic add-ons, activate daily quests, etc.

Unlike the previous game, there are two single-player campaigns that serve as an expanded tutorial and a competing or cooperative multiplayer. In addition to the individual and team deathmatch, with an optional version of the confirmed confirmed fashion that resembles that of the new Call of Duty games, we also have variants of Battlefield Rush and CoD Domination.
edit your character’s abilities
Maps are, without exception, the absolute first league, both in terms of visual and tactical design, maps on the Moon, for example, have a lower gravity that allows for much more impressive jumps. Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 has more advantages than tired warriors, but the most important is the absolute diversity of the fighting classes.

Seven plants and seven zombies differ in the type and range of weapons, the way they attack, the amount of HP, the specs and apps, to the extent that everyone requires an almost completely different approach to playing. Each plant and zombie collect XP and level, successfully killing the opposite side and completing the matches gives you a certain amount of money to buy a booster package.
Choose from six online multiplayer game modes
Class diversity is the brightest side of the gameplay, the leveling of each class is done separately. Each plant or zombie has 50 levels, and to reach the limit at least in one image, you have to invest dozens of hours of playing. Plants VS Zombies is an extremely interesting game and we strongly recommend it.

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