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Pang Adventures is not an ordinary remake, but a whole new game that relies heavily on the famous original title. Earth is again threatened by invading alien possessed balloons by murderers. After being defeated last time and sent back to their home planet, aliens have worked hard to design new, even more lethal balloons.

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The Invasion went from Bora to Bora spread to the whole world, so our heroes jumped into their fighting plane and started to clean the elephants. In the campaign, you travel from place to place only with one goal: to free mankind from the presence of an ally balloon. After successful missions, move to a new location when you are in the ambush waiting for the head of the area that needs to be eliminated.
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Each site consists of 15 levels, and it is interesting that they are almost unrelated to one another. Only one life is available to you, and the score you get is not transferred to the next level. In practice, this means that the levels at which you sang can be repeated to the slightest will, without any fear that this will affect further progress or result.

The basic weapon for balloon drilling is a pistol that fires an iron bullet for a rope. If the balloon is hit directly or by any part touches the rope, it will fade into two parts, and the player is to repeat the procedure until the balloons can no longer be reduced. We see that the smallest version of the balloon looks gigantic compared to the original complement.
brings new features and gameplay
As far as the additional weapons are concerned, Pang Adventures has implemented many goodies that generally have a limited shelf life. There is, for example, an improved version of a pistol that can drop two iron arrows, then a kind of mini-gun, a colt, a flame thrower, a laser, a hurricane, and so on.

The enemies have also experienced aggression, and now there are balloons that send lightning to the ground, they are filled with some kind of gas that serves as a smoke bomb etc. When you complete the Tour mode, the option of playing the Score Attack mode will actually open, which actually brings the true Pang experience.
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Three lives are available, in the game you can enjoy two players simultaneously, and you can team up both locally and online. Finally, you can get out of the wheelbase by launching the Panic mode, which represents a huge, endless level in which the balloons continue to hunt towards you as long as you have a live account.

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