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Overwatch is FPS and can boast of having twenty one characters whose gameplay gives an absolutely unique feeling. In only a week, the game was bought by about seven million people, and after less than a month, the number of active Overwatch players exceeded ten million. Overwatch exudes the freshness and dynamism of the authentic hit, whose basics are easy to learn, but to fully master the game requires a great dedication, a lot of time and an engaging team game.

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Overwatch technically, it represents a science fiction, but it does not work as a gritty spejs opera such as Starcraft, but about a brighter, cheerful environment, sensibly closer to the future of the Earth. The game abounds with the Blizzard level of clichés and references to pop culture in the best possible sense. This is a shootout in which there are no classes than heroes!
Battle over objectives
Overwatch can boast of the fact that there are twenty heroic games in the game, divided into four categories: hard-armored, support, attackers and defense. Each of them has a specific relationship of offensive and defensive characteristics and skills that directly defines how the hero is ideally used during the battle and synergy with other characters, the most influential of which is performance in any clash.

You do not have to spend hours exercising every hero before you engage in serious fights. It’s enough to understand the basics of one or two heroes in each of the four categories and you are quite ready for a team game. You can change the heroes during the match, which will speed up the tryout of the hero and the quest for the one that suits you most. Knowing as many characters as possible is important in moments when your team is not doing the best and need to take another hero, or as a direct counter to a particular opponent’s hero.

The battles of two teams of six players take place on twelve maps, or three for each of the four modes. Assault is a mode in which you need to win two checkpoints. If the attackers win the first point, their clutch changes, the timer is extended and the attack begins to the final point. The official name of Overwatch’s payload mode is Escort.

One team pushes the wheelchair with their presence, that is, the carts go slowly back to the last convoy, unless there is one of the attackers in their vicinity. A hybrid between these two modes is called an assault / escort and it is first necessary to win a payload like a punctuation in the assault, and then flip it to the goal as in the escort. Control is the last mode added and it’s about the mode of capture and hold mode. It is played in two rounds, and in each round, teams compete over the dominance over one point that must be won.

Overwatch has no progression that would give you any measurable advantage on the battlefield or make one of your heroes stronger. While playing Overwatch, you practice your favorite heroes, gaining experience by which you slowly raise the levels of your task. Levels do not make your heroes stronger, but give you other advantages. The high level next to your name tells your teammates how much time you spent with Overwatch, but that a high level does not mean it’s not noob.

For each level you receive a reward package with four cosmetic items. These can be opponents, winning or intro poses, spray templates that tag walls into folders, new audio replicas and skins for characters. The packages you receive contain randomly generated objects, each level brings with it uncertainty whether this time you will be lucky to get some of the skins you want for your favorite characters.

Some of these cosmetic supplements can be unlocked with achievements. Farming cosmetics is just a small additional motivator, not the main reason for playing. High-acceleration action rewards itself and an unstoppable generator of the desire to return to playing. Overwatch has an eye-catching cartoon-like design and almost universal accessibility to players of the widest profile.

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