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Hyper Light Drifter is an indie RPG, it’s not much behind the Dark Souls series. Vivid colors and sophisticated landscape will be the first stop where you will fall in love with this little masterpiece. The retro style design will perfectly embed you into this post-apocalyptic world.

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The player is in the role of drifter, one of many who travel around the world looking for forgotten knowledge and lost secrets of the world. It will not be clear to you what to do at a given moment, but everything will somehow pass without much trouble. In a mystical world, you will encounter various obstacles in the form of adventure-platform puzzles, but also very heavy dungeons and sections where everything is solved by direct physical aggression.
violent past resonate throughout a savage land
Gameplay is infectious and only after a few hours in the game you will be training your reflexes to the level of members of special units. In addition to classical motion along the plane, there’s also a hanging that will serve you as a jump between the two platforms, but also as a major way to avoid missiles of various enemies.

You carry a faithful sword with you, and during the first five minutes you will find a rifle. Since you have covered and melee and ranged the option, there are no excuses for losing life in front of the hordes of various enemies. In order to supplement life energy, spend the health pack, which can be saved in the heat of a fight, and can be clean failures. Since their consumption requires that you be static for a second or two, it makes you vulnerable.
modernized mechanics and designs
Hyper Light Drifter will put you in a research that no Elder Scrolls title can match. Hidden rooms and remote parts that hide the mystical currency used in the game to improve equipment and health packs will cause silly enthusiasm when you manage to reach them.

Platform-logical challenges that will obstruct you as if you are playing one of the newest Tomb Raider titles. Fighting is generally overwhelming, but you will forget about any injustice in the run of the adrenaline and, like a real samurai, go all in front of you. Even when you need more attempts to cross a section, the sense of victory that occurs with each success will be enough to make you happy day.
traveling further into the lands
Vivid colors combined with a beautiful minimalist animation are proof that 16-bit graphics and how to find anything in the 21st century. A visual identity will remind you of the ancient World War. The accompanying sound effects are sometimes so consistent with backing music that at the moment they seem to be an integral part of the minimalist compositions.

Apart from the great difficulty of the challenges, there is also a beautiful world that simply cries out to be explored, and the diversity of enemies and platform-adventurous elements only contribute to the general infection. If you think that you are skilled and that Genghis Khan is a distant ancestor, you gamble into the hands and drift until dawn!

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