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Elite Dangerous: Horizons is a stand-alone expansion for last year’s Elite reboot, Horizons does not require you to have a basic game (25% is cheaper if you have one) and to provide one-year free DLC packages that give the add-on full potential.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons Pass Code, you are at the right place. Here you can download season key with which you’ll activate the game. Below I will explain in details the entire procedure step by step.

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Step by step instruction

The basic novelty brought by Horizons is the ability to land on planets and months that have no atmosphere, mining, fighting, solving some quest and surface research. Suborbital flight and landing on celestial bodies with atmosphere have not been implemented so far.
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To make the landing on the planets technically feasible and make sense, you need to equip the ship with two additives, of which the first, planetary approach suite should be magically automatically materialized in the inventory of anyone who purchased the expansion. The other part is a hangar for rovers that you can install in any better equipped station, sacrificing a medium sized slot.

You bought a hangar, picked a naked moon at some remote corner of the galaxy, shaken the Frame Shift Drive, flew into the orbital mode, rode over the surface for a few minutes, found a flat crater, landed in it and unloaded the rover to the surface. And what now? If you have not downloaded a specific quest that has to do with the delivery of goods to a superficial base or outpost, you can only drive lifeless dynamos in search of ore fragments.
buy turret gun
Theoretically, jumping over the surface of celestial bodies as a point may have a search for wrecks of space ships and research, although the fruits of such curiosity are quite rare. However, the recent invention of extraterrestrial artifacts on the surface of the planet Merope 5C has temporarily burst out the community’s research impulse and initiated a massive search for other anomalies of the same type.

Frontier Developments has long promised that aliens will be an integral part of the game. The Rover is equipped with two light cans, so you can use it to attack the surface installations. In the next year, Horizons should be filled with additional content.
fighting in the universe
The development team promised crafting ship components, which should give the wind in the back of mining and cheering for rare metals and components, cooperative flying in ships for more crew members, a larger class of ships with their own hunters, the ability to fine-tune your avatar.

Like the basic game, and Elite Dangerous: Horizons finishes using the fact that virtually no competition in the world of modern space trade-fighting simulations. As things stand, the Frontier Developments team will not be too frustrated to play the game full of content that hungry fans are loudly demanding.
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