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Battlezone 98 Redux is not a complete remake of the original, but it represents its weighty and graphically flush edition that is compatible with today’s computers and operating systems. An alternative future in which the Cold War escalated into the interplanetary conflict between the Russians and the Americans in search of newly discovered bio-metal has led mankind to the brink of ruin.

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As if this is not enough, the story includes a mysterious alien civilization. Fantastic voice play, which especially comes to light during major battles, along with combat calls and cursing opponents, is a good part of the cult status. The game mechanics are very complex. As this is a FPS-style strategy, the command issuing system is unique and not like what most RTS players are accustomed to.
greatest strategy of all time
Therefore, training and memorizing keyboard combinations and shortcuts on the keyboard are absolute imperatives. Battlezone is cruel and does not blame errors, if you have a bad nook, say hello to a rocket that ordinary scout will destroy in a matter of seconds. Fighting is known to be intense, especially when attacking the bases, due to the specificity of the performance, the number of units is effectively limited.

The micro-management unit is an important part of the tactics, both during combat and in periods between two battles, when a player will have to take care of whether all units have been repaired and supplied with ammunition! There are only a few types of combat units, floating tanks, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.
HD with completely remodelled vehicles
The player will have to get used to them and according to how to plan tactics, but also to choose which ones to manage. The good side of such a concept is that during the mission it will be able to change more tanks and what if, if its tanks are destroyed, they will have the opportunity to exit after catapulting and return to the base.

Building a base requires the existence of energy sources to supply buildings, while the construction of units requires the collection of bio-metals that is scattered all over the map, and remains behind the destroyed tanks. Its collection is performed by automated drones that are necessary to protect against the enemy.
for crucial bio-metal, deploy powerful defenses
Defense of the base is also an important factor for each mission and consists of several defensive buildings or semi-movable defense units that can change the location. Textures and models of 18 years ago, designed for a resolution of 640 x 480 and 14-inch monitors, would not look the same on today’s diagonals and resolutions, no matter how someone was nostalgic. The remainder is not changed, including sometimes a cramped pathfinding, which is still present.

Battlezone 98 Redux took the title of the game of the month and got a score of 90. Now, however, the remake of an even older classics has swept the title, but the score still deserves. The development team was completely successful in making time planes and deserved all praise.

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