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ZHEROS is trying to present itself as a beat’em up new generation, and in fact represents a rather impoverished version of classic and certainly better representatives of this genre. The title ZHEROS is the title of a special two-member squad consisting of a competent, smart and slim Captain Dorian and the Mike Bohm who can not apply any of the adjectives mentioned.

The goal of this brave couple is to travel galaxies and fight injustice and crime wherever they discover. When their old acquaintance, evil doctor Vendet, launches a fatal plan to transform all living beings into the universe into their foolish subjects, ZHEROS moves into action.
smashing hordes of enemies
Although you have two characters available, all the differences between them are purely cosmetic. Both have at their disposal an identical arsenal of moves, abilities and weapons. There are one quick, weak and one slow, and a strong blow. Both have long-range weapons whose energy is slowly recovering, indicating that blows are still the primary form of communication with the monotonous waves of the opponents you are encountering.

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In the end, there is a situational (or scripted) possibility to get into the mechanized combat suit. The only meaningful reason why there are two characters at all is the possibility of a cooperative fight for two players.
journey through distant and unknown galaxies
The fight itself in ZHEROS is monotonous and it is mainly reduced to spamming a quick attack to increase the scoring multiplier. There is no need to find special combo moves because everything is solved by basic attacks.

It seems that the idea is that an opponent, and even rare mini-bosses such as Space Cow, could give you any challenge abandoned very early during this game. Things are gradually, but insufficiently, corrected by the time when between missions you enhance the capabilities of your characters.
Mike and Captain Dorian
ZHEROS has several redeeming features. The first is its beautiful look, caricature design and humor that draws attention to rudimentary mechanics. Followed by solid music that closely monitors the situation on the screen. In the end, there is also the fact that at a price of nine euros on Steam this is a relatively favorable title.

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