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We Are the Dwarves is tactical RPG a refreshing story, an authentic atmosphere, an impressive visual design of the environment, creatures and characters, and hints of a solid system of struggle and character development. The store is located in a fantastic stone universe where there is no cosmic vacuum space, but the pockets of life are found in huge caves in the wall of space proportions.
race at the edge of extinction
During the millennium, the dwarves developed their impressive civilization in the three caves in which the stars are located. The small holes and disputes between the three dwarf kingdoms stop when scientists discover that all three stars gradually, but unstoppably, run out. The only salvation lies in finding a new active star, or a new home for all dwarfs.

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Representatives of all three kingdoms are sitting in a special spaceship – a drill capable of piercing the cosmic wall and finding new stars giving life. During this mission, on which the fate of all dwarfs depends, a mysterious force stops the ship, and crew members are separated. It is up to you to help them survive in this new, strange environment, to train their ship and continue their research mission.
ancient monsters from the deep space
The game looks beautiful, with dwarfs in mechanized scaffolds, their strange opponents, and a convincing sound and music background that completes a truly high-quality unrealistic experience. Although you are looking at them in a continuous semicircle, each of the three dwarfs is clearly defined.

Since each originates from the second dwarf kingdom, each has unique abilities, appearance, and even accent. Therefore, each has its own weaknesses and advantages. The fight is based on the effective positioning of characters and the use of their skills. Indeed, the necessity of using the ground during combat often turns battles into mini logical puzzles.
Dwarves is an action-based tactical adventure
By default, everything is in real time, with the possibility of pausing. This was supposed to be a moving game with a more careful level design and an opponent’s schedule. In reality, this is the title where you spend most of your time waiting, analyzing the environment, clicking on each opponent individually to scan for more detailed information about him, and then learning his movement and radius.

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