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Unravel is a platform with logical challenges, charming design, photorealistic graphics, with a magnificent visual component, the second stone is the cornerstone of the atmosphere of this game is top music. Unravel is an artwork that brings with you so much fun and emotions that you just can not miss it.

Complete narration is done without dialogue, there are only a few words of the text and plenty of old pictures and incredible scenes during the level. The gameplay starts with an image of an old woman looking at the photos of children at her desk. The old woman goes upstairs to rest, but not without her basket with a fracture that has obviously been her best friend for some time.
character made from a thread
A cup of red wool comes out of the basket and takes on the form of a small humanoid creature. It’s Yarny, Hero Unravel who will walk through the old grandma’s memories and refresh her memories of her family. The central haven ruined the grandma’s house that Yarny explored. There is an old scrapbook with faded text and cracked pictures on her desk.

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As you explore the house, you encounter framed photographs that you can dive into beautiful landscapes that fit the whole of the scrapbook. Progress through the areas is linear, even though you have mastered the Yarny platform management techniques that allow you to reach your photos for advanced zones, the entrance to them will not open until you finish the earlier parts in the order designers have imagined it.
nature's beauty as well as the dangers
The basis of Unravel is overcoming platform and logical challenges. The hollow wool that makes the Yarny body is the central part of the game mechanics. As long as he moves, Yarny is gradually unwinding and leaves a trail of wool behind him. Also, he can throw a free end of a ball-like lace and grab the specially marked holes scattered around the world.

There is also the possibility to split the wool between the hubs, and thus make jumps from yourself or a ramp to transport objects that you push or pull. All this, in a word, wastes the wool, until the moment when the man is completely stripped and weak. To be able to explore every corner of the gaming world, you need to discover a small balloon scattered at levels that simultaneously complement the wool and serve as points for positioning the position.
interact with the environment to accomplish complex puzzles
Walking between punctures is not possible, so when you discover a new swordfish, the only way to go back to the previous section is to start the whole zone back. The management was done perfectly, it did not matter if you used jojped or a keyboard, the commands were brought to perfection.

There are five more basic actions available: jump, lashes, wool, pulling for unwashed wool or pulling objects that you encounter. Part of the charm of this title and the reasons for excitement while playing it lies in a series of small surprises, as it is possible that behind such simple mechanics and control there are so many possibilities for imaginative riddles and challenges.
re-connecting the memories of a long lost family
For example, how to reach the hidden button in the water? How to bypass the crabs that run to red and want to cut your wool? How to open a heavy door when there are no obvious auxiliary nodes in the environment? Unravel raises the scale of the challenges quite gradually so that you will never suddenly hit the unsolvable problem.

However, he constantly asks you to be careful and concentrated because something that is easily conceived is often required by a series of precisely performed moves. Top music raises the atmosphere and adjusts to the environment, on the screen. Unravel is a little piece of art that brings with you so much fun and emotions that you just can not miss it.

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