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Stygian Software has made a hard-core post-apocalyptic RPG, a massive RPG in the style of the first Fallout! The authors of UnderRail inspiration were drawn from the Metro 2033 / Last Light of the World, primarily in terms of an environment in which the remains of humanity found shelter after cataclysm.

Tunnels and subway stations form the foundation of a new civilization, which, in addition to internal conflicts and political turmoil, is threatened by the mysterious cult of the Faceless, which legend says that they come from the unexplored depths of the underground world and never leave their dead on the battlefield.
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As an anonymous newcomer to one of the smaller independent cells / policies, you will have to prove yourself to your hosts in solving their accumulated problems, during which you will find yourself on the tracks of wider conspiracy that threatens to endanger the fragile balance of the rest of the civilization.

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UnderRail is based on a complex RPG system that is systemically almost identical to S.P.E.C.I.A.L.’s that existed in Fallout. Here we have primary characteristics, a table of skills with numerical value and their common derivatives through the system of feats.
In the initial linear phase that lasts for about ten hours, the gameplay is heavy, especially when your world does not open a little, so I’m sure you’ll restart it at least once when you figure out you’re wrong.
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Fighting in the game is moving and based on the cooldown system, grenades and special attacks, and depending on individual affinities, you can carry out fire and cold weapons, with the addition of incomparably more efficient PSI attacks. At the beginning of the game you have an extremely interesting choice: you can opt for a normal inflow of XP through quest and killing opponents, and you can also choose the so-called. A “oddity” system through which you advance by finding interesting artifacts.

The other system is interesting because it deepens the gameplay and somewhat performs the function of literary and audio logs. Artifacts vary from the “ancient communication device”, through fragments of old encyclopaedias, to parts of the body of mutated animals from which our hero extrapolates the experience with the outside world.
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The first ten hours of the gameplay serve as a kind of exercise room for horrors that await you below and a test of patience. If you successfully solve the quest in the starting station and the Junkyard settlement, you will have the opportunity to explore, without limitations, the oiled and dangerous world of the underworld. The game has a number of big problems, complete weight imbalances and an extremely clumsy interface.

UnderRail is a game in which you will spend more time digging in inventory than walking around the world, typing in small objects icons, crafting materials, grenades, first aid injection, and everything else you may need in and out of combat. An endless inventory punch with hundreds of objects is something you will need to get used to unconditionally.

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