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TransOcean 2 Rivals is a control simulation where you pay for shipping services from the harbor port as a shipowner. TransOcean is not a commercial simulation in which you will cruise the oceans with the password buy cheap, sell expensive. You are only the owner of the ship here and you are expensive to pay for the transport of goods.
The international competition
Noting that the delivery deadlines are respected, and ships are regularly maintained and fueled. There are three types: tankers, container ships and bulk cargo ships. As the difference between them would not be purely cosmetic, the authors of the game decided that the tankers are collecting the largest amount of money, while the bulk carriers carry the most so-called regional points.

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Namely, the map of the world is divided into a dozen regions and transport of goods, besides monetary compensation, you get regional points. When you collect a certain number of points, you get the opportunity to earn more money by establishing a daughter company in the region by buying a building.
shipping line to global success
If you have purchased a refinery in Northern Europe, the percentage of any refueling in this region will lie on your account, while you will receive a discount on that operation. The remaining container vessels represent the golden mean among the previous two types. In addition to the usual sandbox mode, there is now a six-screen campaign, as well as a Competition mod.

Each scenario unlocks a new element of the gamble so you will only have the opportunity to play the game at full speed. When the fleet rises to five or six ships, it all comes down to boring cliches, with the feeling of playing some kind of management. You can automate the routes and thus save the click.
expand your fleet and establish subsidiaries
Virtual captains are not able to take the boat dry while repairing, so you must take care of this personally. Penalties for breaking delivery deadlines are small, especially in the case of express loads that bring huge sums of money, so it’s always worth paying for them, although there is no way to arrive on time.

The mechanics in the online multiplayer are quite different and are much more dynamic and arcaded than what the one-player version offers. The game is divided into four rounds, and you win points by performing tasks that change from round to round.
three types of ships - Tankers, Container Ships and Bulk Carriers
The success criterion can be the tonnage of transported loads, the number of ports you have visited, the amount of money on the account, the number of established affiliates, and the luck factor often plays an important role in deciding the winner because tasks in all rounds are not known at the beginning of the game.

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