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The Quest is a classic grid-based RPG, made for pocket PC and Palm OS mobile platforms where it has come in many extensions. This is a fantasy tirade about an intrepid hero who is the only able to win an unidentified evil. Take the role of a hero and bring back the lost hope to all who believe in you.
grid-based movement and turn based combat
In the gameplay you will be offered a male or female character, five sasses and six classes. Movement is done in four directions, field by field, but each transition from one field to another. All houses and all doors look the same, so quests are turned into looking for a needle in a haystack.

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Expect immediate death as you step out of the starting village because even the weakest opponent can easily kill you. From the opponents meet standard goblins, goblins, orcs, thieves and etc. How much everything in the game is infiltrated and unconnected is the testimony of the moment when I entered my city with a toil in one and a knife in the other hand, with which the guard greeted me with a comment – It is nice to see so good and honest people, come in freely!
character and cast dazzling spells
If we ignore a few shortcomings and medium graphics, The Quest can provide you with a dozen hours of good fun. Take the role of the main hero and go on a journey that will guide you through: forests, mountains, deserts of caves where you will face the most diverse enemies. If you just want to have a good time, we recommend this title.

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