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The Flame in the Flood is a rogue-like game that you have not seen before, an educational game that children and adults can play. The basic characteristic of the survival system is a realistic system of physical needs, the impact of injury on the general state of the organism. The Flame in the Flood is set in the context of a world that is on the verge of collapse due to global warming and a devastated eco-system that is the most guilty man.

Gameplay takes you to the American South, a flood-wasting wasteland that has flooded rivers literally burn down cities and villages, leaving a somewhat dry fragment of the former world. The girl and her dog get caught up with this extravagant stitch and take a downstream course to rumors of evacuation, trusting only in a miscarriage and a series of skills that lie between promises of life and the cruel death of hunger, extravagance, contagion and wildlife.
journey through the backwaters
Our heroine will try to reach his goal, which is far and minimal of the initial means to withstand the road to him, which means the passing of the basic point. Gameplay is divided into two segments: navigation and land. The first comes down to navigating the river, navigating in rapids and avoiding waste that is deadly, the other is based on resource gathering, game hunting and looking for a warm and dry place to rest.

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The player has four basic scales that should be kept in the plus: siteness, hydration, body temperature and sleepiness. The first two are easy to satisfy because food items rarely are missing, and water is everywhere. The general rule is that thermally untreated meat and most plants are not good for eating because, besides nutrients, you will be filled with parasites.
post-societal America
In the non-hygienic conditions of postapocalypse, even a regular cut is easily infected, causing a sepsis of which it is easy to die, and the tears and fractures that you received after clearing with wild boar and wolf even more securely lead to death. Treat infections with penicillin (which you make from waking branches in the open flame), broken stomach and bite snake with teaspoon tea, cuts with curls or aloe I cream etc.

The body temperature falls if you are constantly wet and have inadequate clothing, a resting scale that you sleep with near an open fire or in abandoned objects. The crafting system in the game is ideally balanced between the real and the fun, and the number of resources is so large that it creates tactical torments with a limited inventory.
scrounge for resources
An absolute priority should be the construction of rudders and raft engines that will dramatically improve the possibility of maneuvering in rapids. Other survival techniques are reduced to a combination of common sense and minimal reflex. You can turn the game against one another, for example, a wolf who is caught on the heels of a poisonous snake or a sleepy boar.

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