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The Descendant: Episode One is an adventure, promising challenging riddles, a dramatic story and convincing characters in a post-apocalyptic environment. Gameplay is located in a world devastated by an ecological / nuclear disaster where humankind is reduced to a handful of selecters who have been saved in the cryo-snows.
end of the world is only the start
The player leads two characters: Donnie, whose action is played at the present, sent to investigate the Ark-01, which did not open automatically at a given time, and Mia, one of the two people who maintained the Ark in the past who worked right in the Ark -01.

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The most difficult puzzle in the game is actually a puzzle with pipes, no inventory, no research, there are only point & click systems that could be replaced by some other type of control. Character interaction is borrowed from Telltale games. The Logical Challenge of the Descendant makes the recent Dreamfall Chapters act as Myst.
climate change wrecked the planet
Donnie in the company of a former senator explores Akr-01. Gameplay manages to interest you to find out what happened in Ark 01? The interlacing of timeline was done very well, although in some situations it is obvious when a leap will occur.

The design of the world is in Lukas’s prequel trilogy of Star Wars. Archaic computers in Ark, electrical devices that after centuries of non-use still work. The graphic aspect of the game should be acknowledged that some freshness was introduced into the cell shaded more adventure.
cryogenically suspended in underground bunkers known as Arks
Most of the gameplay will be played by bringing your characters to the desired location. And in the end, to summarize, The Descendant Episode One is an average adventure, which does not offer anything that has not been seen before. If you love point & click adventures, we recommend that you play The Descendant Episode One.

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