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The Bug Butcher is an arcade of an old poem whose weight is further complicated by the fact that the direct inspiration is the original Pang. The main character is the tiny Harry, a cosmic bugger who is tasked with decontamination of an infected scientific plant on the planet Zoit.

If you have played Pang once, you will find it on the home court. Your character moves exclusively horizontally, shooting from the gun is possible but only vertically. The goal of each level is the complete destruction of the enemy within a certain timeframe, as well as the defense of scientists who are there because it is endangered by monsters.
decontamination of an infected plant
Level switching is facilitated by two types of powerups – manually activated (freezing opponents, inactivity, accelerated shooting and movement) and automatically related to firepower (laser air, rocket launcher, gatling gun and related toys).

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The transition of individual levels is simple and easy because they are too wide and leave plenty of room for maneuvering, while the rest, just like the Pang, are placed on one, fixed screen that makes them much harder. Problems arise when the game involves energy barriers that are activated randomly and prevent passage, flames of flames at the edges of the level that even narrow down the maneuver field and similar obstacles.
inspiration is the original Pang
The graphic style and animation of the sprites remind us of a quality cartoon, one of the objections is the level of indestructibility, the part of the charm of the Pang lay in a journey around the world. The Bug Butcher is wrapped in sarcastic humor and arcade sequences that require reflexes of a well-trained ninja.

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