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The Banner Saga 2 is a role-playing game that continues its emotional journey through a breaking world, the award-winning adventure. The caravan composed of people and giants Varlov, is one of the unique scenes in the toy world. Through the whole saga, as a clan leader, you will take care of a large number of people whose fates depend on your decisions.

Peasants, warriors, warriors, the heroes you manage, and those who just go into the story line of the story, are sweating, cursing their fate or glorifying you as a leader, depending on your commandments that affect their wishes, most often unfulfilled for the benefit of the whole clan. The Banner Saga 2 is a game in which decisions are really difficult and will not only burden the players with the empathy of the executioners.
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It’s not easy to see how the number of people in the caravan is diminishing because of hunger due to your poor food supply, while defending your authority from the scorching heads that lurk every mistake to replace you as a leader. The Banner Saga 2 returns old tactical strategy games with a square division of the battlefield. The rule of the game that we liked is that the strength of the fighters is at the same time the strength by which the blows are given, but also the life energy.

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The wounded opponent often becomes a minor threat and it is smarter to point his sword over to other enemies. The mechanics are much more complex than this case and Stoic Studios has released a special tactical spinoff, Banner Saga: Factions. Different ways of developing the qualities of your heroes, different races and occupations, give you great creativity to approaching skirmishes.
tactics are vital to ensure your clans
Banner The Saga is not so simple and your every decision has consequences, and your closest friends will become traitors or be killed on sleep if you have badly assessed who you are in the wagon. Dialogue selection has a direct impact on, in general, the linear development of the story, in the sense that a pre-set path will be a drastically different experience for players of different temperaments.

Although you will encounter supernatural beings and occurrences in the game, much of it is a low fantasy atmosphere, intertwined with human intrigues and weaknesses. Banner Saga 2 does not differ much from its predecessor at first glance. The story continues to accompany people and Varleys and their cleverness with strange creatures, armored Dredges, they will turn out to be a common retreat to an unknown opponent and often unhypocritical nature that they must overcome on that occasion.
The epic Viking saga, beautifully 2D
Fighting does not always lead to the liquidation of your opponent, but it’s sometimes some more specific tasks you have to do in combat mechanics. When almost every unit in the field has other features, the game becomes a tactical paradise only for lovers of micromanagement and those who have a little more free time. The Banner Saga 2 is a very nice, epic game that will prepare you for making difficult decisions in life.

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