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Tharsis is a turn-based strategy, gameplay takes place in space, using dice and cannibalism! The first human crew was sent to examine the mysterious signal originating from Mars. Shortly before entering the Mars orbit, the ship was hit by meteorites, which destroyed most of the food supplies and kills two crew members.

The four survivors of the cosmonaut have no alternative but to extend to the goal, hoping that the ship will remain in one piece and will find enough food using alternative methods. Ten weeks before entering the orbit of Mars, there are ten moves that the crew and the ship must survive.
turn-based strategy
Happiness in throwing dice … The beginning of every move is brought by the so-called. event phase, in which several ship modules suffer a random damage, indicated by the numerical intensity and type of consequences for the ship, stock or cosmonaut.

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Errors in the navigation computer, a fuel tank failure, the bursting of radioactive liquid pipes, maintenance failures and other problems require engaging a crew member to enter the damaged module and to throw the dice to repair the malfunction.
entering the Mars orbit
Each crew member has a scale of health, a scale of mental stability, and a number of dice that can be dropped in one stroke. If you send a member (with three dice) to solve the intensity problem 28, he can theoretically correct it for 18 points, provided he casts three sixths, so another module member will have to enter the damaged module in order to repair the module .

So the two crew members to the end of the current round will not be able to do anything else. Entering the damaged module often results in a fall in the health line of a member sent to repair it. Depending on the severity of the defect (represented by the numerical value), certain throw results may have one of the three (or two, or all three) consequences: void, stasis or injury.
four survivors of the crew
Void means that the cube is being nullified, stasis freezing on the winning number, and the injury wounded by the cosmonaut for the value obtained on the cube. Imagine now a situation in which a cosmonaut with a lot of HP points, (with five available dice) sent to repair a motor that was hit by a meteor, and in which the throke, fifth, and sixth throws involve immediate injury.

Of the five dice cast, there will always be one that does not need, and if the cosmonaut has only one segment of the HP line, it will die before it does anything. Does the game have any tactics or is it all diced? There are, but in minimal doses. Each cosmonaut has one specialty that he can activate if he gets a fifth or sixth in his modulus repair.
ship was hit by meteorites
The mechanic, therefore, can repair one segment of the ship’s HP, the specialist has the option of one additional reroll cube, the captain can provide one additional dice for all the cosmonauts who found themselves in one module, the doctor curing himself a segment of the HP- and other members.

Dice that is surplus and for some reason can not be used for the “trigger” special abilities, you can put in a special repository research to get random bonuses. You can feed the crew to the remains of a fallen crew member, this will permanently reduce HP, but will allow them to survive the next move.

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