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Tenshu General is a simple, elegant strategy game that combines elements of classic strategy and social games like Risk. It combines elements of classic strategy and board games, provides a certain amount of challenge from the opponent. Gameplay is located in medieval Japan during the Edo period, which lasted from 1603 to 1868.

It is the time of the rule of the city of Edo, that is, the Tokugawa shogunate who established the famous Tokugawa Tenshu. In the role of the general, and under the command of his shogun, your goal is to spread the boundaries of your territory and defeat the enemies that surround you. The main campaign consists of three helpful tutorials with which you can learn the basics of the gameplay, and six main missions, which is extremely small, this is in some way a pity because the mission could have been more.
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However, besides the campaign there is a skirmish mode with an additional set of maps. The central element in the game is your castle in which you create your own army and with the help of conquering the provinces, demolish the rebels and destroy the enemy army. You need to determine the seat of your castle, after which you move to the invading march. To create your army, you need rice that is presented as the main resource.

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You get rice from the conquered provinces, and you can improve its production with the aid of farmers and their tools. Farmers with tools are efficient because they increase the quality of crops and thus contribute to a slight increase in total production.
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Rice also requires a lot of water, so proper irrigation is vital for creating high yields of rice, and cattle additionally makes it easier for locals to handle crops. Your army consists of cavalry, infantry and shooters, each with specific characteristics.

Mountains, forests or rivers have a direct impact on your units and can directly help or deflect them during combat. Infantry can use the trees as a shelter, which represents the perfect tactics during the battle. The same battle is done automatically by pressing the Result button.
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In addition to conquering the territory, it is also necessary to defend your castle from enemy attacks by building additional walls. Unfortunately, such a defense does not function for provinces in your area that you can only defend with the help of the army.

During these battles, losses are fairly common, which in the later stages of the game can be very frustrating because the army is very expensive, and the need for good province organization is emphasized. Tenshu General comes with a map editor where you can create your own folders and share them with other players.

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