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SUPERHOT is the most innovative FPS that has appeared over the last ten years, and is based on a fantastic simple idea, the time in the game runs only when your character moves. Although this is a first-person shooter, each level of this game presents a more tactical-logical challenge than a test of your reflexes.

Most high-end titles can boast of interesting surroundings, an appealing design, a deep story, or fascinating characters, but what happens when you throw the game to the core, when only the basic idea and rudimentary mechanics are found in front of you? SUPERHOT is a hit which is rarely happening, you have never seen anything like this before, you will be pleased at first glance.
FPS in which time moves only when you move
The time in the game runs only when your character moves, in fact, it runs steadily, but at a very slow pace, enough to avoid bullets, and to look around at each moment, to see the environment and analyze the situation. When one of the opponents sends a shot to you, you have a few seconds to avoid the bullet and position yourself in the shelter, either in the position to shoot yourself, shoot or throw an object on the enemy.

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It should be borne in mind that hitting, taking weapons and objects is also a move and never to be static, as this leads to a quick elimination. In addition, the weapon behaves according to the flow of time. Slow-motion time is not the only bright spot in SUPERHOT, but this aspect has been successfully put into focus. The atmosphere is complemented by a story inspired by the Matrix that unwinds in a strange but effective way.
maneuver through a hurricane of slow-motion
Through the interface you are being contacted by someone, offering you to try an interesting game they have recently found. After you download and run superhot.exe, you have been transferred to the intriguing world of this game, in which the level is leveled from several rooms in which you have to eliminate all opponents before they eliminate you. You resume chatting with your mysterious friend every few levels, gaining access to new challenges and slowly getting drawn into the story of freedom and control.

Each level of this game presents a more tactical-logical challenge than a test of your reflexes. The environments you are in are white, the objects you can use are black, and the opponents are red. As if they were made of animated glass, the enemies would be scattered after only one stroke or shot with a bullet, with yellow and orange tones spreading from the wounds you apply indicating the inner heat that disappears.
fluidity of gameplay and cinematic beauty
Until eventually the enemies become more resilient, your character remains bound by this limitation all the time, that is, if someone hooks you up, you’re done. Each level is reduced to finding an ideal sequence of movement, learning from where all the enemies can appear, which objects to use in what order, and, most importantly, where to find weapons.

While at moments some levels may seem too difficult or unsolvable, they actually teach you the new possibilities and way of thinking that raises all the time the scale of the challenges posed before you. After each passing level, you get a replay, real-time view of the way you crossed the level.
Take on SUPERHOT with your bare hands
In addition to all the delight, SUPERHOT is, unfortunately, a very short game. After you pass through the scripted levels, you remain endless challenges in which you can endlessly try to outdo yourself as you face the constant waves of an opponent.

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