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Subterrain is a phenomenal and complicated survival simulation game, a unique game that will capture you even if it’s Dark Souls III. Unlike most similar titles that aim to navigate and survive under conditions of isolation and permanent hazards, Subterrain does not at all endeavor to hinder you from the slight escalation of gamble and mechanical challenges, but from the very first moment it is inserted into the struggle for survival.
you fill the shoes of Dr. West
The basic setting is as follows: you are Dr. West, a discredited and sentenced prisoner who rotates in a prison on the edge of the Mars colony. Cherishing behind the metal door, you hear quivering, hustle and screams and you hear calls to evacuate, but the noise quickly dies, and the door remains locked.

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Use a sudden power failure to escape from the prison. Except for corpses at different stages of decay, the prison seems empty. Soon you realize that you are not alone when a corrupted body hits you. During the unsuccessful evacuation of the station, electricity, heating and ventilation are largely switched off. In addition to avoiding eating, freezing or dying, you must take care not to starve, thirst, tiredness, infection, breakage of your hands, legs, or other body trauma that you have not healed.
an underground city on Mars
The base of your operations will be the Colony Operational Center, which contains the hub of automated public transport, the central reactor and the redistribution terminal in the segments of the colony. Ignoring and extinguishing certain sections depending on needs is a basic prerequisite for going to this part of the settlement. If there are currents, there are also conditions for oxygen and heating, which require the replacement of filters and thermoregulators that were damaged during stress shocks during evacuation.

To replace the destroyed parts, you need to create yourself yourself using a 3D printer located in the engineering section of the database, and in order to be able to make them, you need to analyze the featured samples in the research lab, located in a separate wing of the base. Running all over the place, recycling components, growing your own food, calculating air and electricity, the need for a break and a lot of manual repetition of operations on a daily basis makes survival perfectly realistic.
fight hunger and thirst, mend your wounds
The whole process is complex and quite authentically complicated. Control of the machine for 3D printing, food biosynthesis, extraction and refining of ore and other necessary hardware requires knowledge of internal resource relationships and legality. For 3D laser gun printing, you will need a special crystal that you can get by mining and purification of ore or by going to a shopping center, breaking into a jewelry shop and recycling jewelry.

For making first aid supplies, you will also need compounds that exist in vegetables or rare industrial chemicals, so you will be in dilemma to cultivate tomatoes or go to a warehouse full of zombies. As the days pass, the ecosystem will evolve, the number of mutants that will wait outside of the base will grow, more advanced examples will attack you.
Every decision you make is critical
You can reduce the number of mutated zombies in two ways: hunting, which will not be too effective, and the establishment of heating and atmosphere in all segments of the colony, which does not favor zombies and their reproduction. Subterrain is a unique game that will win you after five minutes of playing.

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